2024 Calendar with Holidays – Check out the dates of all holidays in 2024

The year 2024 is approaching fast. It is never too early to plan your holidays. If you are looking to take a long vacation or just a few days of work, you should go through the 2024 calendar with holidays in it. This will help you plan your time off in a much better way.

With easy to read and clear calendar, you will be able to see which days are holidays in India and which are not. Our country India is often called the land of holidays. Still, there are limited public holidays in the country. In today’s post, we will provide you with an India-centric 2024 Calendar with all the holidays.

National Holidays in India in 2024

National holidays are those that are recognized and celebrated in the entire country. These holidays are generally based on historical events, cultural traditions, religious observances etc. Examples of national holidays include Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc.

DateDayNational Holiday
26th January 2024FridayRepublic Day
8th March 2024FridayMaha Shivaratri
25th March 2024MondayHoli (National Holiday except for KA, KL, LD, MN, PY, TN, & WB)
29th March 2024FridayGood Friday (National except for HR & JK)
10th April 2024WednesdayId-ul-Fitr
14th April 2024SundayDr. Ambedkar Jayanti (National except for AN, AR, AS, CH, DN, DD, DL, LD, MN, ML, MZ, NL & TR)
17th April 2024WednesdayRam Navami (National except AR, AS, GA, JH, KA, KL, LD, MN, ML, MZ, NL, PY, TN, TR & WB)
17th June 2024MondayBakrid / Eid al Adha (National except AR, CH, DN, DD & SK)
17th July 2024WednesdayMuharram (National except for AR, AS, CH, DN, DD, GA, HR, KL, MN, ML, NL, PY, PB, SK, UK & WB)
15th August 2024ThursdayIndependence Day
26th August 2024MondayJanmashtami (National except for AR, AS, GA, KA, KL, LD, MH, MZ, PY & WB)
16th September 2024MondayEid e Milad (National holiday except for AN, AR, AS, BR, GA, HR, HP, ML, PB, SK, & WB)
2nd October 2024WednesdayGandhi Jayanti
13th October 2024SundayVijaya Dashami (National holiday except for CH, DN, MN, & PY)
1st November 2024FridayDiwali (National holiday except for AP, GA, KA, KL, PY, TN, & TG)
15th November 2024FridayGuru Nanak Jayanti (National holiday except for AP, BR, DN, DD, GA, KA, KL, MN, ML, OR, PY, SK, TN & TR)
25th December 2024WednesdayChristmas Day

Holiday Calendar in India 2024 with All Holidays

1st January 2024MondayNew Year’s DayAR, ML, MN, MZ, NL, PY, RJ, SK, TG & TN
2nd January 2024TuesdayNew Year HolidayMZ
2nd January 2024TuesdayMannam JayantiKL
11th January 2024ThursdayMissionary DayMZ
12th January 2024FridaySwami Vivekananda JayantiWB
15 January 2024MondayMagh BihuAS
15 January 2024MondayMakara SankrantiGJ, KA, SK & TG
15 January 2024MondayPongalAP, AR, PY & TN
16 January 2024TuesdayKanuma PandugaAP
16 January 2024TuesdayThiruvalluvar DayTN
17 January 2024WednesdayGuru Gobind Singh JayantiCH, HR, JK, OR, PB &
17 January 2024WednesdayUzhavar ThirunalPY & TN
23 January 2024TuesdayNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose JayantiJH, OR, TR & WB
23 January 2024TuesdayGaan-NgaiMN
25 January 2024ThursdayHazrat Ali JayantiUP
25 January 2024ThursdayState DayHP
10 February 2024SaturdayLosarSK
10 February 2024SaturdaySonam LosarSK
14 February 2024WednesdayVasant PanchamiHR, OR, TR & WB
15 February 2024ThursdayLui-Ngai-NiMN
19 February 2024MondayChhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj JayantiMH
20 February 2024TuesdayState DayAR & MZ
24 February 2024SaturdayGuru Ravidas JayantiHP, HR, MP & PB
5 March 2024TuesdayPanchayati raj DivasOR
22 March 2024FridayBihar DayBR
23 March 2024SaturdayS. Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom DayHR
25 March 2024MondayDoljatraWB
25 March 2024MondayYaosangMN
26 March 2024TuesdayYaosang 2nd DayMN
30 March 2024SaturdayEaster SaturdayNL
31 March 2024SundayEaster SundayKL & NL
1 April 2024MondayOdisha DayOR
5 April 2024FridayBabu Jagjivan Ram JayantiAP & TG
5 April 2024FridayJumat-ul-WidaJK
7 April 2024SundayShab-i-QadrJK
9 April 2024TuesdayGudi PadwaMH & MP
9 April 2024TuesdayTelugu New YearTN
9 April 2024TuesdayUgadiAP, DD, DN, GA, GJ, JK, KA, RJ & TG
11 April 2024ThursdayIdul Fitr HolidayTG
11 April 2024ThursdaySarhulJH
13 April 2024SaturdayBohag Bihu HolidayAS
13 April 2024SaturdayMaha Vishuba SankrantiOR
13 April 2024SaturdayVaisakhJK & PB
14 April 2024SundayBengali New YearTR & WB
14 April 2024SundayBohag BihuAR & AS
14 April 2024SundayCheiraobaMN
14 April 2024SundayTamil New YearTN
14 April 2024SundayVishuKL
15 April 2024MondayHimachal DayHP
1 May 2024WednesdayMaharashtra DayMH
1 May 2024WednesdayMay DayAS, BR, GA, KA, KL, MN,
8 May 2024WednesdayGuru Rabindranath JayantiTR & WB
10 May 2024FridayBasava JayantiKA
10 May 2024FridayMaharshi Parasuram JayantiGJ, HP, HR, MP, PB & RJ
16 May 2024ThursdayState DaySK
23 May 2024ThursdayBuddha PurnimaAN, AR, AS, CG, CH, DL, HP, JH, JK, MH, MP, MZ, OR, TR, UK, UP & WB
24 May 2024FridayKazi Nazrul Islam JayantiTR
9 June 2024SundayMaharana Pratap JayantiHP, HR & RJ
10 June 2024MondaySri Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s Martyrdom DayPB
14 June 2024FridayPahili RajaOR
15 June 2024SaturdayRaja SankrantiOR
15 June 2024SaturdayYMA DayMZ
18 June 2024TuesdayBakrid / Eid al Adha HolidayJK
22 June 2024SaturdaySant Guru Kabir JayantiCG, HP, HR & PB
30 June 2024SundayRemna NiMZ
5 July 2024FridayGuru Hargobind Ji’s BirthdayJK
6 July 2024SaturdayMHIP DayMZ
7 July 2024SundayRatha YatraOR
8 July 2024MondayBehdeinkhlam FestivalML
13 July 2024SaturdayBhanu JayantiSK
13 July 2024SaturdayMartyrs’ DayJK
17 July 2024WednesdayU Tirot Sing DayML
31 July 2024WednesdayBonaluTG
31 July 2024WednesdayShaheed Udham Singh’s Martyrdom DayHR
7 August 2024WednesdayHaryali TeejHR
8 August 2024ThursdayTendong Lho Rum FaatSK
13 August 2024TuesdayPatriots DayMN
15 August 2024ThursdayParsi New YearDD, DN, GJ & MH
16 August 2024FridayDe Jure Transfer DayPY
19 August 2024MondayRaksha BandhanCG, DD, GJ, HR, MP, RJ, UK & UP
19 August 2024MondayJhulan PurnimaOR
5 August 2024ThursdayHartalika TeejCG & SK
5 August 2024ThursdayTithi of Srimanta ShankardevAS
7 August 2024SaturdayGanesh ChaturthiAP, DD, DN, GA, GJ, KA, MH, PY, TG & TN
8 August 2024SundayGanesh Chaturthi HolidayGA
8 August 2024SundayNuakhaiOR
13 August 2024FridayRamdev JayantiRJ
13 August 2024FridayTeja DashmiRJ
14 August 2024SaturdayFirst OnamKL
15 September 2024SundayThiruvonamKL
17 September 2024TuesdayIndra JatraSK
18 September 2024WednesdaySree Narayana Guru JayantiKL
20 September 2024FridayFriday Following Eid e MiladJK
21 September 2024SaturdaySree Narayana Guru SamadhiKL
23 September 2024MondayHeroes’ Martyrdom DayHR
2 October 2024WednesdayMahalaya AmavasyeKA, OR, TR & WB
3 October 2024ThursdayFirst Day of BathukammaTG
3 October 2024ThursdayGhatasthapanaRJ
3 October 2024ThursdayMaharaja Agrasen JayantiHR
10 October 2024ThursdayMaha SaptamiML, OR, SK, TR & WB
11 October 2024FridayMaha AshtamiAP, AR, JH, ML, MN, OR, RJ, SK, TG, TR & WB
12 October 2024SaturdayMaha NavamiAS, BR, JH, KA, KL, ML, NL, OR, PY, SK, TN, TR, UP & WB 
13 October 2024SundayJanmostav of Srimanta ShankardevAS
17 October 2024ThursdayLakshmi PujaOR, TR & WB
17 October 2024ThursdayMaharishi Valmiki JayantiHP, HR, KA, MP & PB
17 October 2024ThursdayKati BihuAS
31 October 2024ThursdayDeepavaliAP, GA, KA, KL, PY, TG & TN
31 October 2024ThursdaySardar Vallabhbhai Patel JayantiGJ
1 November 2024FridayHaryana DayHR
1 November 2024FridayKannada RajyothsavaKA
1 November 2024FridayKutMN
1 November 2024FridayPuducherry Liberation DayPY
2 November 2024SaturdayDeepavali HolidayDD, HR, KA, RJ, UK & UP
2 November 2024SaturdayVikram Samvat New YearGJ
3 November 2024SundayBhai DoojGJ, RJ, SK, UK & UP
7 November 2024ThursdayChhath PujaAS, BR, CG & JH
15 November 2024FridayKarthika PurnimaOR & TG
18 November 2024MondayKanakadasa JayantiKA
22 November 2024FridayLhabab DuchenSK
23 November 2024SaturdaySeng Kut SnemML
1 December 2024SundayIndigenous Faith DayAR
3 December 2024TuesdayFeast of St Francis XavierGA
5 December 2024ThursdaySheikh Muhammad Abdullah JayantiJK
6 December 2024FridaySri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji’s Martyrdom DayPB
12 December 2024ThursdayPa Togan Nengminza SangmaML
18 December 2024WednesdayDeath Anniversary of U SoSo ThamML
18 December 2024WednesdayGuru Ghasidas JayantiCG
19 December 2024ThursdayLiberation DayDD & GA
24 December 2024TuesdayChristmas HolidayML & MZ
26 December 2024ThursdayChristmas HolidayML & TG
26 December 2024ThursdayShaheed Udham Singh JayantiHR
30 December 2024MondayTamu LosarSK
30 December 2024MondayU Kiang NangbahML
31 December 2024TuesdayNew Year’s EveMN & MZ

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – 1: What are the regional holidays in India in 2024?

Answer: The regional holidays in 2024 in India vary by state and region. Some of the regional holidays include Pongal, Holi, Ugadi, Bihu, Onam, etc.

Question – 2: When is Diwali in 2024?

Answer:  Friday, 1st November 2024.

Question – 3: When is Holi in 2024?

Answer: Monday, 25th March 2024.

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