BGMI 1.5 Update Download APK Here (Banned in India), Check Size, Features, Patch Notes

Since the date of its release last month, Battleground Mobile India is smashing all records of popularity. The players and fans of this game were eagerly waiting for the game’s latest update i.e. 1.5 update. If you were also waiting for this update then we have good news for you. Your wait is finally over because Krafton (manufacturer of BGMI) has officially released BGMI 1.5 update on 13th July 2021.

The update has added many new existing features and functions to the game. Plus, all the major glitches and bugs are removed. So, finally, players in India can update BGMI using the APK download links we are providing in this post.

Latest: Government of India has banned Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Battleground Mobile India Update 1.5 – Highlights

Name of the game Battleground Mobile India – BGMI
Type of the game Mobile game
Platform Android and iOS
Genre Combat – First person shooting (FPS)
Update name Update 1.5
Size of the file Normal file size – 1 GB

Compressed file – 687 MB

Format of the file APK
Download Link Available in this post below
Date of the update release 13th July 2021

New Features in BGMI 1.5 Update

The major updates available through the latest BGMI Patch update are as follows.

New Guns

  • To make the game more exciting, two new guns are added to BGMI with this patch update.
  • MG3 (LMG) and the ASM – Abakan (AR) are the two latest guns going the BGMI arsenal.
  • Please note that MG3 (LMG) gun that uses 7.62 mm rounds can be found in airdrops only. A player will have the availability to choose from different fire rates provided for this gun i.e either 660 rounds per minute or 990 rounds per minute.
  • Another fact about the MG3 (LMG) gun is that it has a high recoil that you can manage using the bi-pod, a default attachment, that will deploy automatically as soon as the player goes prone.
  • The second gun is ASM – Abakan. This gun is added in the regular mode and it will be available in Erangel as well. Talking about the specification, it uses 5.56 ammo and has all firing modes including Full-Auto, Burst & Single-Shot.
  • Another update is that the M249 LMG is removed from the Air Drops. Now, this gun is available in the BGMI as regular loot.

New Glass Windows

  • Now, the building in Erangel and Miramar will have glass windows. Don’t worry you will not be traped in the building. You can easily break the glass windows by simply jumping through them or by firing melee attacks or bullets.
  • The sound of glass breaking will not only make the game more exciting but also make you aware of the enemies nearby.

Ranked Season Updates

  • As you might know, there are ranked batches for each tier in the game.
  • Now, the Ace tier is further classified into the following three tiers.
    • Ace
    • Ace Master
    • Ace Dominator
  • In addition to this, starting from the next season, the season will be combined to make a new single cycle. The abbreviations going to be used for that are C1S1, C1S2, C1S3 (Cycle 1 Season 1, Cycle 1 Season 2, Cycle 1 Season 3).

How to download and install BGMI 1.5 update Apk?

You can simply follow the steps mentioned below to update BGMI to the 1.5 version.

  • Firstly, you need to open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • Search “Battleground Mobile India” in the search box. Alternatively, you may open the following link to the open the Game page on the play store –
  • If you haven’t installed BGMI on your phone yet then you should click on the “Install” button. This will begin the downloading process.
  • Those who have already installed BGMI on their phones need to tap on the “Update” option.
  • Once the update/ installation process gets over, users may simply open the Battleground Mobile India game on their phone and Enjoy it.

Do you like the new BGMI 1.5 update? What’s good and bad about the latest patch update? Let us know through the comment section.

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