Boss’s Day 2023: Celebration & Appreciation of Bosses All Over the Nation

Boss’s Day is celebrated all over the United States on October 16 to appreciate the employers and their hard work. This special day provides employees an opportunity to thank their bosses for being kind and fair at the workplace.

Normally celebrated on the 16th of October, if the day falls on a weekend, people celebrate it on any other day of the week as per their convenience.

Boss’s Day 2023 Overview

EventBoss’s Day (people also call it Bosses Day, Boss’ Day)
DateOctober 16, 2023
Observed byUnited States
Purpose of celebrationTo thank and appreciate the bosses for being kind and fair at the workplace.

Boss’s Day 2023 Date

You may check the date of celebration of Boss day:

Boss’s Day 2023October 16, 2023Monday
Boss’s Day 2024October 16, 2024Wednesday
Boss’s Day 2025October 16, 2025Thursday
Boss’s Day 2026October 16, 2026Friday
Boss’s Day 2027October 16, 2027Saturday

Significance of Boss’s Day

The main purpose of celebrating Boss’s Day is to show appreciation to the bosses and make an attempt to improve intra-office relationships between managers and employees. It is not very easy being a boss even if it may sound so.

Being a boss is not just about giving orders to the employees but a boss is also responsible for the smooth operation of the business.

Working under a fair and supportive boss increases the morale of employees and they feel motivated to work.

To thank the bosses all over the nation for their support and fairness, Boss’s Day is observed every year on October 16. In light of the growing popularity of Boss’ Day in the US, other countries have started its observation too.

Criticism of Celebrating Boss’s Day

Although many people support the celebration of Boss’s Day, there are others who are in opposition to the celebration. Many people consider this to be an unnecessary burden on the employees to please their bosses.

Their belief is that gift-giving at the workplace should be from bosses to the employees for their performance and not the other way around.

Celebration of Boss’s Day may put an obligation on the employees to bring gifts for their superiors who are earning more than the employees themselves.

History of Boss’s Day Celebration

The celebration of Boss’s Day was initiated by Patricia Bays Haroski who registered it under the name “National Boss’ Day” with the US Chamber of Commerce in 1958.

Patricia was a secretary for the State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois for her father and started the day in his honor. October 16 was selected as the day of observation to mark the birthday of his father. Haroski started the celebration of Boss’s Day so that the employees would understand the hard work and dedication of their supervisors.

The day was officially proclaimed by the Illinois Governor four years later in 1962. Since then, it has been observed nationally every year on October 16.

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Boss Day 2023 Celebration

On the occasion of Boss’s Day, most employees bring some gifts for their bosses to show their appreciation. The idea is not to bring something fancy or expensive gift for the bosses but to show gratitude in a very simple and subtle manner.

Some general ideas for gifts include cards, flowers, gift certificates, desk plants, etc. You can also bake some cookies for your boss or treat him/ her to a group dinner with the whole office.

If you and your boss are a bit friendly with each other or you know their likes and dislikes, you can get them a more personalized gift such as their favorite books.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Boss’s Day celebrated?

October 16 every year

Who started National Boss Day?

Patricia Bays Haroski

Is there any theme to celebrate Boss’s Day?

People at the workplace can decide their own theme if they want to celebrate Boss’ Day. However, there is no official theme.

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