CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2024-25

In this post, you can check CBSE class 12 home science syllabus 2024-25. We have provided the class 12 syllabus by following the latest curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Later, you can download the home science syllabus pdf for future use.

CBSE Class 12 Home Science Syllabus 2024-25

In class XII, the emphasis is on “Work and careers” through the life span. Within the curriculum the significance and scope of each domain (Foods and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, Fabric and Apparel, Resource Management and Communication and Extension), the multiple thrust areas emerging within them have been emphasized. The units spell out the basic concepts, requisite knowledge and skills in each thrust areas and delineate the career avenues and the preparation required for them in order to make informed career choices.

No.UnitsMarksNo. of Periods
1Work, Livelihood and Career0510
2Nutrition, Food Science and Technology2333
3Human Development and Family Studies1024
4Fabric and Apparel1728
5Resource Management1024
6Communication and Extension0507

THEORY: 70 Marks

UNIT I:Work,livelihood and Career

Ch. Work, livelihood and Career

UNIT II: Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

Ch. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Ch. Public Nutrition and Health

Ch. Food Processing and Technology Ch. Food Quality and Food Safety

UNIT III: Human Development and Family Studies

Ch. Early Childhood Care and Education

Ch. Management of Support Services, Institutions and Programmes for Children, Youth and Elderly

UNIT IV: Fabric and Apparel

Ch. Design for Fabric and Apparel

Ch. Fashion Design and Merchandising

Ch. Care and Maintenance of Fabrics in Institutions

UNIT V: Resource management

Ch. Hospitality Management

Ch. Consumer Education and Protection

UNIT VI: Communication and Extension

Ch. Development Communication and Journalism

Prescribed textbook: Human Ecology and Family Sciences(For Class XII): Part I and Part II

List of Practicals for Class XII


  1. Modification of normal diet to soft diet for elderly
  2. Development and preparation of supplementary foods for nutrition programme.
  3. Planning a menu for a school canteen or mid-day meal in school for a
  4. Design, prepare and evaluate a processed food
  5. Qualitative test for food adulteration in: pure ghee, tea leaves, whole black pepper, turmeric powder, milk,


  1. Preparation and use of any one teaching aid to communicate socially relevant messages for children/ adolescents /adults in the


Preparation of any one toy for children (age appropriate) using locally available and indigenous material


  1. Preparation of any one article using applied textile design techniques; tie and dye/batik/block
  2. Remove different types of stains from white cotton cloth –Ball pen, curry, grease, ink, lipstick, tea and


  1. Evaluate any one advertisement for any job
  2. Develop a leaflet/pamphlet for Consumer Education and Protection on any one of the following-
  3. Consumer Protection Act (CPA)
  4. Consumer responsibilities
  5. Consumer organization
  6. Consumer Problem

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