CBSE Class 5 Mathematics Syllabus 2024-25

The mathematics subject in class 5th gets a little bit tougher as compared to the previous classes like class 4th or 3rd. Authorities have designed CBSE Class 5 Mathematics syllabus 2024-25 in such a way that it not only helps the students in clearing annual exam but also in clearing competitive exams like International Mathematics Olympiad, NSTSE, etc. Students should be familiar with the syllabus completely to know which chapters and topics they have to study in the mathematics subject. In this article, we are going to provide you with the latest CBSE Class 5 Mathematics syllabus 2024 in a detailed manner.

CBSE 5th Class Mathematics Syllabus 2024

The Mathematics syllabus of CBSE class 5th comprises of 14 chapters based on various concepts of Mathematics like algebra, geometry, etc.  The syllabus is created in a manner that it helps the students in learning mathematics with many examples from day to day life. Let’s go through all the chapters and important topics that children need to cover in the class 5th.

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  1. The Fish Tale
    1. Calculate the distance travelled by the boat
    2. Learning multiplication rule to calculate Weight of Fishes caught
    3. Calculating the number of money boats make by selling fish and prawns
  2. Shapes and Angles
    1. What is the angle between the arm and hand?
    2. What is the angle between the thigh and abdomen?
    3. How to make equal angles?
    4. Angle made by a clock at 9:10 am
  3. How Many Squares?
    1. Finding rectangle with longest perimeter
    2. How many rectangles can be made from the given dots?
  4. Parts and Wholes
    1. Various shapes including shapes of flags are used for the area models.
    2. Sachin had chocolate. He gave one-third to Sourav, one-fourth of it to Ajay, and one-sixth to Puja. He ate the remaining part. How many pieces of chocolate did each get?
    3. Create patterns by marking some squares in the grids A, B, C, D. What part of the grid did you mark? What part of the grid remained unmarked? Write.
  5. Does it look the same?
    1. Making different types of patterns and comparing them
    2. Understanding the shapes of different patterns
    3. Changing the position of alphabets or figures and comparing them
  6. Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor
    1. Jumping the numbers such as skipping 2 or 3 or more numbers and forming the series of it.
    2. Find out the number divisible by 2, 3, and 4.
    3. Finding the multiples of a number in the sequence
    4. Finding out the smallest common multiples, etc.

 Can You See the Pattern?

  1. Determining various patterns and shapes

 Mapping Your Way

  1. Identifying the shape in the picture and finding out how many sides are there?
  2. Finding out the area of an object if the size of it reduces, in comparison with one another.
  3. What landmark is much closer to the building or river? Find out the distance.
  1. Smart Charts
    1. Questions based on various charts and diagrams in the form of graphs, tables, etc.
  2. Ways to Multiply and Divide
    1. Questions of multiplication and division asked in the form of real-life scenarios.
  3. How Big? How Heavy?
    1. Learning about different units and measurement and weighing.
    2. Questions to find volumes, weight of different objects, etc.

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