Sports Quiz 2022: 200 Sports GK Questions and Answers

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(101) The modern Olympic Games were started in the year?

[A] 1898

[B] 1896

[C] 1892

[D] 1888

Answer: B (1896)

(102) Who among the following was the first Indian bowler to take 600 wickets in Test Match Cricket?

[A] Kapil Dev

[B] Harbhajan Singh

[C] Javagal Srinath

[D] Anil Kumble

Answer: D (Anil Kumble)

(103) Euro Cup is related to which of the following sports?

[A] Football

[B] Table Tennis

[C] Hockey

[D] Badminton

Answer: A (Football)

(104) Velodrome is an arena for which of the following sporting events?

[A] Ice Hockey

[B] Lawn Tennis

[C] Formula 1 racing

[D] Track Cycling

Answer: D (Track Cycling)

(105) What is the national sport of the United States of America (USA)?

[A] Bowling

[B] Rugby

[C] Baseball

[D] Table Tennis

Answer: C (Baseball)

(106) The famous football player Maradona belongs to which of the following countries?

[A] Argentina

[B] Chile

[C] Spain

[D] Brazil

Answer: A (Argentina)

(107) “Sandy Strom” is the name of the autobiography of which famous cricket?

[A] Sandeep Patil

[B] Roger Binny

[C] Dilip Vengsarkar

[D] Mohinder Amarnath

Answer: A (Sandeep Patil)

(108) The Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, it means “Faster, Higher, _______”.

[A] Sharper

[B] Stronger

[C] Smoother

[D] Leader

Answer: B (Stronger)

(109) Who become the 1st sportsperson to win Padma Vibhushan second highest civilian award given in India?

[A] Sachin Tendulkar

[B] Kapil Dev

[C] Prakash Padukone

[D] Viswanathan Anand

Answer: D (Viswanathan Anand)

(110) Geet Sethi is related to which among the following sports?

[A] Shooting

[B] Golf

[C] Billiards

[D] Archery

Answer: C (Billiards)

(111) Which is the only country to have the cricket world cup of 60 overs, 50 overs and 20 overs?

[A] Pakistan

[B] Australia

[C] West Indies

[D] India

Answer: D (India)

(112) Which among the following is the oldest Existing Football Club in India?

[A] Mohun Bagan Athletic Club

[B] Churchill Brothers SC

[C] East Bengal Club

[D] Mohammedan Sporting Club

Answer: A (Mohun Bagan Athletic Club)

(113) Name the 1st Indian woman athlete to win a gold medal at Asian games.

[A] Anju Bobby George

[B] P.T. Usha

[C] Kamaljeet Sandhu

[D] Shiny Abraham

Answer: C (Kamaljeet Sandhu)

(114) Who was the 1st one day international cricket captain of India?

[A] Bishen Singh Bedi

[B] Nawab Pataudi

[C] Ajit Wadekar

[D] Vinoo Mankad

Answer: C (Ajit Wadekar)

(115) India reached the final of the Davis Cup for the first time in the year________?

[A] 1966

[B] 1964

[C] 1962

[D] 1970

Answer: A (1966)

(116) In which among the following Indian states did the game of Polo originated?

[A] Rajasthan

[B] Karnataka

[C] Meghalaya

[D] Manipur

Answer: D (Manipur)

(117) Jeev Milkha Singh is associated with __________?

[A] Athletics

[B] Hockey

[C] Volleyball

[D] Golf

Answer: D (Golf)

(118) A team of kabaddi has ____ players?

[A] 9

[B] 7

[C] 11

[D] 5

Answer: 7 players

(119) Who is the captain of England cricket team who won ICC cricket World Cup 2019?

[A] Ben Stokes

[B] Jofra Archer

[C] Eoin Morgan

[D] Joe Root

Answer: C (Eoin Morgan)

(120) The term uppercut is associated with which among the following sport?

[A] Baseball

[B] Swimming

[C] Golf

[D] Boxing

Answer: D (Boxing)

(121) Which of the following Football won “Golden Ball” award in FIFA world Cup 2018?

[A] Harry Kane

[B] Thomas Muller

[C] Luka Modric

[D] Christiano Ronaldo

Answer: C (Luka Modric)

(122) Who hold India’s current national record in 100m sprint running at 10.30 seconds?

[A] Bahadur Prasad

[B] Milkha Singh

[C] Anil Kumar Prakash

[D] KM Binu

Answer: C (Anil Kumar Prakash)

(123) Who was the first President of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), when when it was formed in December 1928?

[A] JC Mukherjee

[B] Anthony De Mello

[C] RE Grant Grovan

[D] None of the above

Answer: D (none of the above)

(124) Which animal represent as the mascot in New Delhi Asian Games, 1982?

[A] Tiger

[B] Lion

[C] Elephant

[D] Panda

Answer: C (Elephant)

(125) Who is the present chairman of International Olympic Committee (IOC)?

[A] Thomas Bach

[B] Ugur Erdener

[C] Denis Oswald

[D] Yu Zaiqing

Answer: A (Thomas Bach)

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