Games and Sports Quiz 2020- Sports GK Questions and Answers

(51) What is the national Game of Japan?

[A] Tennis

[B] Baseball

[C] Ice Hockey

[D] Sumo wrestling

Answer: D (Sumo wrestling)

(52) Subroto cup is associated with which sport?

[A] Football

[B] Hockey

[C] Chess

[D] Cricket

Answer: A (Football)

 (53) Which of these international tennis events is played on a grass court?

[A] Wimbledon

[B] Australian Open

[C] US Open

[D] French Open

Answer: A (Wimbledon)

(54) Which of the following countries has never hosted Asian games?

[A] Iran

[B] Indonesia

[C] Pakistan

[D] China

Answer: C (Pakistan)

(55) India won its last Hockey Olympic Gold Medal in the year?

[A] 1972, Munich Olympic

[B] 1980, Moscow Olympic

[C] 1996, Atlanta Olympic

[D] 2000, Sydney Olympic

Answer: B (Moscow Olympic)

(56) Dhanraj Pillay is related to which sport?

[A] Golf

[B] Football

[C] Hockey

[D] Cricket

Answer: C (Hockey)

(57) How many numbers of players are there in a team of Kho kho?

[A] 5

[B] 7

[C] 9

[D] 11

Answer: C (9)

(58) What is the national sport of China?

[A] Badminton

[B] Volleyball

[C] Martial Arts

[D] Table Tennis

Answer: D (Table Tennis)

(59) The term “Beamer” is associated with which of the following games?

[A] Chess

[B] Tennis

[C] Hockey

[D] Cricket

Answer: D (Cricket)

(60) Which of the following cricketer scored 1st Test century for India?

[A] Lala Amarnath

[B] C.K. Naidu

[C] Sunil Gavaskar

[D] Vinu Mankad

Answer: A (Lala Amarnath)

(61) Which of the following terms is not associated with Football?

[A] Offside

[B] Free Kick

[C] Penalty Kick

[D] Penalty Stroke

Answer: D (Penalty Stroke)

(62) In which of the Asian Games (ASIAD) did India reach the best medals standing?

[A] 1951 at New Delhi

[B] 1982 at New Delhi

[C] 1986 at Seoul

[D] 1962 at Jakarta

Answer: B (1982 at New Delhi)

(63) Jahangir Khan is famous for which sport?

[A] Squash

[B] Boxing

[C] Table Tennis

[D] Chess

Answer: A (Squash)

(64) “Archery” is the national sport of which country?

[A] Bangladesh

[B] Afghanistan

[C] Bhutan

[D] Sri lanka

Answer: C (Bhutan)

(65) The commonwealth game was started in which year?

[A] 1950

[B] 1938

[C] 1934

[D] 1930

Answer: D (1930)

(66) Which country has hosted the Asian Games for the maximum number of times?

[A] Thailand

[B] Indonesia

[C] China

[D] India

Answer: A (Thailand)

 (67) Michael Phelps is associated with which sports?

[A] Football

[B] Ice Hockey

[C] Billiards

[D] Swimming

Answer: D (Swimming)

(68) How many Tennis grand slams are there in a year?

[A] 2

[B] 3

[C] 4

[D] 5

Answer: C (4)

(69) When was the 1st One-day International Cricket Match played?

[A] 1971

[B] 1970

[C] 1961

[D] 1974

Answer: A (1971)

(70) How many players are there in one team in a Polo match?

[A] 4

[B] 6

[C] 9

[D] 7

Answer: A (4)

(71) French Open (one of the Grand slams of Tennis) is played on what type of surface?

[A] Grass

[B] Cement

[C] Clay

[D] Wood

Answer: C (Clay)

(72) Dronacharya Award is given to_______?

[A] Best Sportsman of the year

[B] Player who won the most number of medals in a year

[C] Best team of the year

[D] Person with excellence in sports coaching

Answer: D (Person with excellence in sports coaching)

(73) N Kunjarani Devi is a famous sports personality, associated with which of the following sport?

[A] Archery

[B] Golf

[C] Squash

[D] Weightlifting

Answer: D (Weightlifting)

(74) Name the sports person who has won the most number of gold medals in Olympic Games?

[A] Nikolai Andrianov

[B] Boris Shakhlin

[C] Michael Phelps

[D] Jenny Thompson

Answer: C (Michael Phelps)

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