Sports Quiz 2021: 150 Sports GK Questions and Answers

(126) Who was the first Indian ever to win a World Athletics Championship Medal?

[A] P.T. Usha

[B] Hima Das

[C] Anju Bobby Goerge

[D] Dutee Chand

Answer: B (Anju Bobby Goerge)

(127) The 36th Indian National Games in the year 2020 will be held in which state?

[A] Jharkhand

[B] Madhya Pradesh

[C] Kerala

[D] Goa

Answer: D (Goa)

(128) Which Team won 28th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019 that was held in Ipoh, Malaysia?

[A] Canada

[B] India

[C] Japan

[D] South Korea

Answer: D (South Korea)

(129) Next Asian Games i.e. ASIAD 2022 will be held in which city

[A] Incheon, South Korea

[B] Colombo, Sri Lanka

[C] Hangzhou, China

[D] Seoul South Korea

Answer: C (Hangzhou, China)

(130) Which city is going to host the Olympics 2024?

[A] Tokyo, Japan

[B] Beijing, China

[C] London, England

[D] Paris, France

Answer: D (Paris, France)

(131) What are the mascots for Tokyo Olympics 2020

[A] Miraitowa & Someity

[B] Soohorang

[C] Athena and Phevos


Answer: A (Miraitowa & Someity)

(132) How many gold medals did P.T. Usha win in the 1986 Asian Games held at Seoul South Korea?

[A] 1

[B] 2

[C] 3

[D] 4

Answer: D (4)

(133) Who among the following is a former national level Volleyball player and 1st female amputee to scale Mount Everest and Mount Vinson?

[A] Santosh Yadav

[B] Bachendri Pal

[C] Arunima Sinha

[D] Premlata Agarwal

Answer: C (Arunima Sinha)

(134) Who holds the record of being the 1st Indian in history to win an Asian Gold medal in Javelin Throw (Men’s Event)?

[A] Shivpal Singh

[B] Neeraj Chopra

[C] Davinder Singh Kang

[D] Gurtej Singh

Answer: B (Neeraj Chopra)

(135) Who holds the records of being the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for Olympics?

[A] Aruna Reddy

[B] Rucha Divekar

[C] Deepika Kumari

[D] Dipa Karmakar

Answer: D (Dipa Karmakar)

(136) Which among the following cricketers has not won “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna” Award?

[A] Sachin Tendulkar

[B] Kapil Dev

[C] Virat Kohli

[D] M.S. Dhoni

Answer: B (Kapil Dev)

(137) In which year did India won its first hockey world cup?

[A] 1971

[B] 1975

[C] 1979

[D] 1980

Answer: B (1975)

(138) Which city in India hosted the 1st Afro-Asian games?

[A] Allahabad

[B] Lucknow

[C] Hyderabad

[D] Chennai

Answer: C (Hyderabad)

(139) Who is the first India to take an International hat trick in a Test Match?

[A] Kapil Dev

[B] Chetan Sharma

[C] Irfan Pathan

[D] Harbhajan Singh

Answer: D (Harbhajan Singh)

(140) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports commonly known as National Institute of Sports (NIS) is located at_______?

[A] Delhi


[C] Patiala

[D] Pune

Answer: C (Patiala)

(141) How many numbers of rings are present in the Olympic flag?

[A] 4

[B] 5

[C] 6

[D] 7

Answer: B (5 – Representing 5 continents)

(142) The sport name “Jallikattua” is related to which state?

[A] Kerala

[B] Orissa

[C] Both a and B

[D] Tamil Nadu

Answer- D (Tamil Nadu)

(143) “Mallakhamb” is declared as the state sport of which state?

[A] Maharashtra

[B] Madhya Pradesh

[C] Uttar Pradesh

[D] Bihar

Answer:  B (Madhya Pradesh)

(144) Famous Tennis player Stefan Edberg belongs to

[A] U.K.

[B] Norway

[C] Sweden

[D] Italy

Answer: C (Sweden)

(145) Indonesia National game is?

[A] Badminton

[B] Table Tennis

[C] Archery

[D] Pole Vault

Answer: A (Badminton)

(146) Total number of gold medal won by Indian Hockey Team in Olympics

[A] 8

[B] 12

[C] 6

[D] 9

Answer: A (8)

(147) How many players are there on each side in a baseball match?

[A] 5

[B] 7

[C] 9

[D] 11

Answer: A (5)


(148) Who won 2018 FIFA world Cup?

[A] Brazil

[B] Argentina

[C] France

[D] Germany

Answer: C (France)

(149) Name the city in which “Wankhede” Stadium is located.

[A] New Delhi

[B] Chennai

[C] Kolkata

[D] Mumbai

Answer: D (Mumbai)

(150) How many nations participated in 2016 Rio Olympics?

[A] 196

[B] 202

[C] 206

[D] 192

Answer: C (206)

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