Games and Sports Quiz 2020- Sports GK Questions and Answers

(75) Arjuna Award was introduced in which year?

[A] 1951

[B] 1961

[C] 1968

[D] 1984

Answer: B (1961)

(76) Who was the first cricketer to get awarded with Arjuna Award?

[A] Kapil Dev

[B] Vinoo Mankad

[C]  Lala Amarnath

[D] Salim Durrani

Answer: D (Salim Durrani)

(77) The terms “Ashes” is associated with which of the following sports?

[A] Football

[B] Cricket

[C] Basketball

[D] Hockey

Answer: B (Cricket)

(78) The famous woman athlete Marian Jones belongs to which country?

[A] Canada


[C] Mexico

[D] Argentina

Answer: B (USA)

(79) Who was the 1st recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

[A] Sachin Tendulkar

[B] Yogeshwar Dutt

[C] Viswanathan Anand

[D] Aparna Ghosh

Answer: C (Viswanathan Anand)

(80) When did India participate in the commonwealth games for the 1st time?

[A] 1930 – Hamilton, Canada

[B] 1934 – London, England

[C] 1938 – Sydney, Australia

[D] 1950 –Auckland, New Zealand

Answer: B (1934 – London, England)

 (81) What is the national sport of Bangladesh?

[A] Kabaddi

[B] Cricket

[C] Kho kho

[D] Archery

Answer: A (Kabaddi)

(82) India took part in the Olympics for the 1st time in the Year?

[A] 1932

[B] 1936

[C] 1928

[D] 1924

Answer: C (1928)

(83) Who was the 1st Women recipient of the Arjuna Award for Athletics?

[A] Meena Shah

[B] Krishna Das

[C] Stephie D’Souza

[D] Anjali Desai

Answer: Stephie D’Souza

(84) “Lady Rattan Tata Trophy” is associated with?

[A] Badminton

[B] Hockey

[C] Football

[D] Table Tennis

Answer: B (Hockey)

(85) The popular “Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium” in Delhi is related to which sport?

[A] Cricket

[B] Hockey

[C] Athletics

[D] Lawn Tennis

Answer: C (Athletics)

(86) Which of these trophies is not related to Cricket?

[A] Irani Trophy

[B] Vijay Merchant Trophy

[C] Wills Trophy

[D] Sahni Trophy

Answer: D (Sahni Trophy)

(87) Where are the headquarters of International Hockey Federation (FIH)?

[A] Barcelona (Spain)

[B] Amstelveen, Netherland

[C] Lausanne, Switzerland

[D] London, England

Answer: C (Lausanne, Switzerland)

(88) Who was the first player to win five consecutive Wimbledon tennis titles?

[A] Bjorn Borg

[B] Roger Federer

[C] Rafael Nadal

[D] Novak Djokovic

Answer: A (Björn Borg)

(89) Who won the most number of grand slam title in men’s tennis?

[A] Rafael Nadal

[B] Novak Djokovic

[C] Roger Federer

[D] Pete Sampras

Answer: C (Roger Federer)

(90) “Tiger Woods” is famous for which sport?

[A] Shooting

[B] Badminton

[C] Golf

[D] Football

Answer: C (Golf)

(91) Which of the following is not correctly matched?

[A] Ravindra jadeja – Cricket

[B] Gagan Narang – Football

[C] Saina Nehwal – Badminton

[D] Somdev Devvarman – Tennis

Answer: B (Gagan Narang is related to Shooting)

(92) Who was the 1st Indian to win an Individual medal in Olympics?

[A] KD Jadhav

[B] Abhinav Bindra

[C] Leander Paes

[D] Sushil Kumar

Answer: A (KD Jadhav)

(93) Which of the following games were formerly known as ‘British Empire Games’?

[A] East Asian Games

[B] Southeast Asian Games

[C] Commonwealth Games

[D] Olympic Games

Answer: C (Commonwealth Games)

(94) Which team won the 1st Football World Cup?

[A] Italy

[B] Uruguay

[C] Brazil

[D] France

Answer: B (Uruguay)

(95) 1st Women to win an Olympic Medal for India is?

[A] Mary Kom

[B] P.V. Sindhu

[C] Saina Nehwal

[D] Karnam Malleswari

Answer: D (Karnam Malleswari)

(96) Identify which of the following is not correctly matched

[A] Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai – Cricket

[B] Shivaji Stadium, New Delhi – Hockey

[C] Dr. Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi  – Cricket

[D] Dhyan Chand Stadium, Lucknow – Hockey

Answer: C (Dr. Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi. It is a football stadium)

(97) Which country hosted 2018 commonwealth Games?

[A] India

[B] Australia

[C] England

[D] New Zealand

Answer: B (Australia)

(98) Which city will be hosting the 2020 commonwealth Games?

[A] Birmingham, England

[B] New Delhi, India

[C] Durban, South Africa

[D] Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Answer: A (Birmingham, England)

(99) Which among the following games was formerly known as Mintonette?

[A] Basketball

[B] Volleyball

[C] Golf

[D] Handball

Answer: B (Volleyball)

(100) What is the name of the autography of Major Dhyanchand?

[A] Hockey – My Life

[B] Me & My Hockey

[C] Goal

[D] Hockey Days

Answer: C (Goal)

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