GK Questions on the Magadha Empire

Magadha also known as Kingdom of Magadha or the Magadha Empire was an ancient Indian empire and kingdom located in southern Bihar in the eastern Ganges Plain, in Ancient India (now west-central Bihar state in northeastern India). It is known as the second period of urbanization in India.

It was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas, that served as the foundation for many bigger kingdoms or empires. The Magadha Empire is estimated to be existed from 684 BCE to 320 BCE. The Magadha Empire was ruled by three dynasties over time i.e., the Haryanka Dynasty, the Shishunaga Dynasty, and the Nanda Dynasty.

During the time of the Mauryas, Magadha became a pan-Indian kingdom, covering a large area of the Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan. If you are preparing for the IAS Exam, this article is for you as it provides GK Questions on Magadha Empire. It will help you to prepare for the Ancient History section for the UPSC Civil services exam.

GK Questions and Answers on Magadha Empire

Question 1: What is the timeline of the Magadha Empire?

Answer: 684 BCE to 320 BCE.

Question 2: Which dynasties ruled on Magadha Empire?

The Magadha Empire was ruled by three dynasties, the Haryanka Dynasty, the Shishunaga Dynasty, and the Nanda Dynasty.

Question 3: Where was Magadha located?

Magadha is based in modern-day Bihar.

Question 4: When did Shaishunaga dynasty rule over the Magadha Empire?

Answer: 413–345 BCE.

Question -5: When did Satavahanas of Deccan defeat the Magadha Empire?

Answer: In 28 BC.

Question 6: Which religions were risen during the Magadha Empire?

Answer: Jainism and Buddhism.

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Question 7: Which were the four greatest empires of Northern India?

Answer: Nanda Empire, Maurya Empire, Shunga Empire, and Gupta Empire.

Question 8: How did the Pithipatis of Bodh Gaya refer to themselves?

Answer: Magadhādipati

Question 9: Who was Bimbisara?

Answer: He was the ruler of the Haryanka dynasty.

Question -10: What was the name of Bimbisara’s father?

Answer: Bhattiya

Question 11: Which was the first important Dynasty in Magadha?

Answer: Haryanka Dynasty.

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Question 12: What was the ruling period of Bimbisara?

Answer: 52 years (544 BCE – 492 BCE).

Question 13: What was the religious belief of Bimbisara?

Answer: It is said that Bimbisara was a follower of Buddha.

Question 14: What was Magadha’s capital during the Bimbisara reigned?

Answer: Girivraja/Rajagriha (Rajgir).

Question 15: Who was the founder of Buddhism?

Answer: Gautama Buddha.

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Question -16: Where was the first Buddhist council held?

Answer: Rajgriha.

Question -17:  How many wives did Bimbisara have?

Answer: He had three wives: Kosaladevi (King of Kosala’s daughter and the sister of Prasenjit), Chellana (daughter of the Lichchavi chief of Vaisali), and Khema (daughter of the king of Madra, Punjab).

Question 18: Who was Ajatasatru?

Answer: Son of Bimbisara and Chellana.

Question 19: Who killed Bimbisara?

Answer: Ajatasatru, son of Bimbisara

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Question 20: Who was Udayabhadra/Udayin?

Answer: Son of Ajatasatru.

Question 21: Who became the Magadha king after the death of Bimbisara?

Answer: Ajatasatru.

Question 22: To whom Ajatasatru was married?

Answer: Married to the daughter of Prasenjit, the king of Kosala.

Question 23: What was the new capital of Magadha during Udayin’s reign?

Answer: Pataliputra (Patna).

Question 24: Who was the last ruler of the Haryanka dynasty?

Answer: Nagadashaka.

Question 25: Who killed Udayabhadra/Udayin?

Answer: Palaka, the king of Avanti.

Question 26: What was the ruling period of Ajatasatru over Magadha?

Answer: 492 BC – 460 BC.

Question 27: How many years did Sisunaga dynasty last?

Answer: 413 BCE to 345 BCE.

Question 28: When did the Haryanka Dynasty come to an end?

Answer: In 413 BC.

Question 29: Which was the capital of Avanti during the Sisunaga dynasty?

Answer: Ujjain.

Question 30: Who was the first king of the Sisunaga dynasty?

Answer: Sisunaga, former viceroy of Kasi.

Question 31: What was the capital of the Magadha during Sisunaga dynasty?

Answer: Girivaraja, later shifted to Vaishali.

Question 32: Who is Kalasoka?

Answer: He was the son of Kalasoka.

Question 33: Who shifted the capital of Magadha from Vaishali to Pataliputra?

Answer: Kalasoka also known as Kakavarna.

Question 34: Who conducted the second Buddhist council at Vaishali?

Answer: Kalasoka

Question 35: Who was the last ruler of the Shishunaga dynasty?

Answer: Mahanandin.

Question 36: Who was the first and last Nanda from “Nine Nandas”?

Answer: Mahapadma Nanda- The First of Nine Nanda & Dhana Nanda, the last of Nine Nanda.

Question 37: Who killed the last ruler of the Shishunaga dynasty?

Answer: Mahapadma Nanda.

Question 38: Which was the first non-kshatriya dynasty?

Answer: Nanda Dynasty.

Question 39: How many years did the Nanda dynasty last?

Answer: 345 BCE to 321 BCE.

Question 40: Who was the first ruler of the Nanda dynasty?

Answer: Mahapadma Nanda.

Question 41: Who was the ruler of Magadh when Alexander invaded India?

Answer: Dhana Nanda, the last Nanda ruler.

Question 42: Who defeated the Dhana Nanda?

Answer: Chandragupta Maurya along with Chanakya, overthrown Dhana Nanda.

Question 43: What was the currency used at the time of the Magadha Empire?

Answer: Panas.

Question 44: Give some names of important people from the ancient region of Magadha?

Answer: Śāriputra, Maudgalyāyana, Mahavira, Maitripada.

Question 45: How many years has Dhana Nanda ruled over Magadha?

Answer: 330–322 BCE.

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Question 46: What were the common languages spoken at the time of Magadha Empire?

Answer: Sanskrit, Magadhi Prakrit, Ardhamagadhi Prakri

Question 47: What were the major geographical factors that caused the rise of Magadha?

Answer: It was located in the upper and lower parts of the Gangetic valley between west and east India. The area had fertile soil.

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