GK Quiz Questions for Class 8 Students with Answers

Follow our set of GK questions for class 8 which will be helpful for your children if they are preparing for school level entrance exams or general quizzes. Find below the list of General knowledge questions for class 8 students in English.

This GK questions set is beneficial for students who are 13 years old and above. 

Top 100 Important GK Questions for Class 8

Here is the list of all important gk questions for class 8:

Question: How many players are there in cricket?

Ans: 11 Players

Question: In baseball, how many players are there in one team?

Ans. Nine


Question: How many sides does the Pentagon have?

Ans. Five


Question: When was the camera invented?

Ans. 1816


Question: What is the origin of the Tapi river?

Ans. Satpura Ranges


Question: Which public sector bank is the largest in India?

Ans. State Bank of India


Question: Where is Salim Ali National Park located?

Ans. Jammu & Kashmir


Question: Where is the World Health Organisation situated?

Ans. Geneva, Switzerland


Question: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of which country?

Ans. Malaysia


Question: Where is the pyramid of Khufu present?

Ans. Egypt


Question: Where was freedom fighter Udham Singh born?

Ans. Sangrur, Punjab


Question: Who is known as the Father of Mathematics?

Ans. Archimedes


Question: How many MBs are there in 1 GB?

Ans. 1024 MBs


Question: What does COVID-19 mean?

Ans. Coronavirus Disease 2019


Question: “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” slogan was given by which revolutionary?

Ans. Lal Bahadur Shastri


Question: Which was the first state on the basis of language in India?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh


Question: What does “DC” mean in Washington DC?

Ans. District of Columbia


Question: How many prime and non-prime numbers will be there in between 1 to 100?

Ans. 25 and 73


Question: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is which of Newton’s law of motion?

Ans. Newton’s Third Law


Question: Vitamin E is important for?

Ans. Protecting Cells and vital tissues protection


Question: Which microbe carries malaria?

Ans. Female Anopheles mosquito


Question: What elements are the most common in the human body?

Ans. Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen


Question: What is the chemical symbol of Tungsten?

Ans. W


Question: When the ‘Kargil War’ between Pakistan and India took place?

Ans. Between May and July 1999.


Question: Who received the Richard Dawkins award 2020?

Ans. Javed Akhtar


Question: What is the state of India that records the highest production of tea?

Ans. Assam


Question: Who has been appointed as the new Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in December 2016?

Ans. Viral V Acharya


Question: Who was the first female Indian Astronaut

Ans. Kalpana Chawla


Question: Which game is the oldest sports game in the world?

Ans. Archery


Question: Durand Cup is associated with?

Ans. Football


Question: In baseball, how many players are there in one team?

Ans. Nine


Question: Which brand was the official sponsor of the Indian contingent to the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Ans. Amul


Question: What is the time span of a Test Match?

Ans. 5 days


Question: How many landlocked countries are there in the Whole World which are surrounded by landlocked countries?

Ans. Only Two – Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan


Question: Name the Currency used in Singapore.

Ans. Singapore Dollar


Question: Who was the first woman and first Maharashtrian to become the President of India?

Ans. Pratibha Patil


Question: Name any Maharatna Company in India.

Ans. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)


Question: Which Channel divides the Indian Islands Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal?

Ans. Ten Degree Channel


Question: What is the name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in  India in Mixed Category?

Ans. Kanchenjunga National Park, Sikkim


Question: Kalidasa was one of the nine gems of the court of which king m.

Ans. Vikramaditya of Ujjain


Question: Who has the authority to issue currency in India?

Ans. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


Question: Whose capital is “Abu Dhabi”?

Ans. United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Question: Making India Awesome is authored by whom?

Ans. Chetan Bhagat


Question: Garo tribes are found in which state of India?

Ans. Meghalaya


Question: What should be added in 2300 so that it becomes a perfect square root?

Ans. Four (4)


Question: Name the Currency used in Singapore.

Ans. Singapore Dollar


Question: What is the average gestation period for a domestic dog?

Ans. 61 days


Question: Is Australia in the northern or the southern hemisphere?

Ans. Southern


Question: Of the 118 known elements, how many are metals?

Ans. 91 metals


Question: 500 years earlier than Christopher Columbus’, which Icelandic explorer sailed to the Americas and engaged in trade?

Ans. Leifur Eiríksson (Leif the Lucky)


Question: What is the internet domain TLD for South Korea?

Ans. .kr


Question: Who founded the search engine ” Google”?

Ans. Larry Page & Sergey Brin


Question: What is the height of Kanchenjunga?

Ans. 8,586 meter


Question: What was the ruling period of Razia Sultana?

Ans. 1236AD – 1240AD


Question: When does National Science day celebrate?

Ans. February 28


Question: Which Mughal ruler is associated with Bibi ka Maqbara?

Ans. Aurangzeb


Question: What is the capital of Mexico City?

Ans. Mexico City

GK Questions For Class 8 13 years Old Students

Here are most important GK questions for class 8:

Question: “Mission Mangal” movie was based on which probe launched?

Ans. Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) / Mangalyaan


Question: Where does the Bhil tribe find?

Ans. Rajasthan


Question: Full form of ISRO.

Ans. Indian Space Research Organisation


Question: Which animal never drinks water in its entire life?

Ans. Kangaroo rat


Question: What pH will have in an acidic liquid?

Ans. Low


Question: What are Java, Perl, and Fortran?

Ans. Computer Programming Languages


Question: ISRO Stands for?

Ans. Indian Space Research Organisation


Question: Where did the 37th Good and Service Tax (GST) Council Meeting held?

Ans. Panaji, Goa


Question: Which game is associated with China Cup?

Ans. Gymnastics


Question: In the game of snooker, how many balls are present on the table at the beginning of the game?

Ans. 22


Question: What is the national sport of Tajikistan?

Ans. Wrestling


Question: Which lake is situated at the border of Peru – Bolivia?

Ans. Lake Titicaca


Question: How many and which countries are there in Great Britain?

Ans. Three – England, Wales, and Scotland


Question: What is the name of the State bird and the State animal of Bihar?

Ans. House Sparrow, Gaur


Question: “Matki Dance” which is a variation of Rasa Dance,  is a famous folk dance of which state?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh


Question: Where is Brihadeeswara Temple situated?

Ans. Tamil Nadu, India


Question: Name the city of Pakistan which is World famous for maximum production of Footballs.

Ans. Sialkot


Question: The word metal comes from which Greek word?

Ans. ‘metallon’


Question: Chebika Oasis is located in which country?

Ans. Tunisia


Question: Approximately 2/3 of the mass of the human body is what?

Ans. Oxygen (in the form of water)


Question: What does 4G mean?

Ans. Fourth Generation


Question: Which is said to be the highest region of the earth?

Ans. Tibet – 14,370 feet above sea level.


Question: Name any other search engine besides Google.

Ans. Yahoo


Question: What is the currency of Japan?

Ans. Japanese Yen


Question: For maximum how many years an American President can be elected?

Ans. Eight years (Two times)


Question: Name any one country which is present in both Asia and Europe.

Ans. Turkey


Question: Who is the writer of “The God of Small Things”?

Ans. Arundhati Roy


Question: What Nagpur is famous for?

Ans. Oranges


Question: Which date is written in the preamble of India?

Ans. November 26, 1949


Question: Newtons is the unit of force or energy?

Ans. Force


Question: What is the process by which solid changes to gas without becoming a liquid?

Ans. Sublimation


Question: When & Who build the Taj Mahal in Agra?

Ans. In 1632 by Shah Jahan.


Question: When is earth day observed?

Ans. April 22nd


Question: Which fashion designer has passed away in January 2021?

Ans. Satya Paul


Question: Who is Rafa Nadal?

Ans. Tenis Player


Question: What is the full form of FIFA?

Ans. Federation Internationale de Football Association.


Question: How many scheduled languages are there as per the Constitution of India and how many are written in Indian Currency?

Ans. 22, 17


Question: What is the height of the highest mountain in South America in meters?

Ans. Aconcagua (6,962 m)


Question: What does the 26 atomic number denote?

Ans. Iron (Fe)


Question: What should be subtracted from 19700 so that it becomes a perfect cube root?

Ans. 17


Question: B.C. Raj Trophy is associated with which sport?

Ans. Football


Question: What is the name of India’s longest Highway having a length of 4,112 km?

Ans. NH44


Question: What are the four oldest civilizations?

Ans. Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus valley, and China


Question: Which country has the oldest history?

Ans. China


Question: Mohenjo-Daro Site of Indus Valley Civilization was associated with which river?

Ans. Indus 

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