GK Quiz Questions and Answers on Bhagat Singh

Who doesn’t know Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh? He was born on 27 September 1907 in the Lyallpur district of the Punjab. He is counted among the top freedom fighters of India. Check your knowledge about Bhagat Singh and his 23 years of life.

We have prepared 50+ GK questions on Bhagat Singh- take the quiz now.

Question: Bhagat Singh is regarded as?

Ans: A Socialist

Question: When was Five rupees coin released by RBI?

Ans: Shahid Bhagat Singh’s 100th birth anniversary

Question: Who joined Bhagat Singh in a hunger strike in prison?

Ans: Jatin Das

Question: Which was the first film to be made on the life of Bhagat Singh?

Ans: Shaheed-e-Azad Bhagat Singh

Question: Who was the police officer who attempted to pursue Singh and Rajguru as they fled?

Ans: Chanan Singh

Question: On the 50th death anniversary of Bhagat Singh, a museum was inaugurated in his ancestral village. What is the name of the museum?

Ans: Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum

Question: Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death in which case?

Ans: Lahore conspiracy case

Question: Bhagat Singh was executed at the age of ____

Ans: 23 years

Question: In which year a postal stamp was issued in India commemorating the birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh?

Ans: 1967

Question: When was Bhagat Singh executed?

Ans: 23 March 1931

Question: Bhagat Singh always carried a photo of his mentor in his pocket. Who is his mentor?

Ans: Kartar Singh Sarabha

Question: Bhagat Singh was executed in which of the following case?

Ans: Lahore conspiracy case

Question: When did an 18 Foot tall bronze statue of Bhagat Singh was installed in the Parliament of India?

Ans: 15 August 2008

Question: When was Bhagat Singh born?

Ans: 28 September 1907

Question: From May to September 1928 Bhagat Singh published a series of articles on anarchism in which Punjabi periodical?

Ans: Kirti

Question: Why do we celebrate Shaheed Diwas?

Ans: To pay tribute to revolutionaries

Question: In a case of mistaken identity Bhagat Singh killed John P. Saunders, an Assistant Superintendent of Police instead of?

Ans: James A.Scott

Question: By which name Bhagat Singh is often reffered to?

Ans: Saheed Bhagat Singh

Question: Bhagat Singh’s father Kishan Singh and uncles Ajit Singh and Swaran Singh were members of which party?

Ans: Ghadar Party

Question: What is the birth place of Bhagat Singh?

Ans: Jaranwala Tehsil, Punjab

Question: What is the name of Bhagat Singh’s Mother?

Ans: Vidyavati

Question: Which college did Bhagat Singh attended in 1923?

Ans: National College, Lahore

Question: In his prison cell, Bhagat Singh wrote a pamphlet in response to him being accused of vanity by not accepting God in the face of death. What is the title of that pamphlet?

Ans: Why I am an Atheist

Question: What is Bhagat Singh slogan?

Ans: Inquilab Zindabad

Question: What is Bhagat Singh full name?

Ans: Bhagat Singh Sandhu

Question: What was Bhagat Singh religion?

Ans: Sikh

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