Gujarat Day 2023, Celebration of honor, culture, and traditions of the Gujarat state

Every year May 1 is observed as Gujarat Day by the people of the state. The day marks the formation of Gujarat state on the same day in 1960 after it was separated from the former state of Bombay. On the demand of Marathi-speaking people of having a separate state, the Bombay State was carved into two linguistic groups through the Bombay Reorganization Act, 1960. One state with a majority of Marathi-speaking people came to be known as Maharashtra and the other with Gujarati, Konkani, and Kutchi-speaking people became Gujarat. Since then, May 1 is observed as the foundation day in both Gujarat and Maharashtra and is celebrated with several cultural programs, competitions, and seminars. Find more details about Gujarat Day 2023 such as its celebration, significance, history, and more from this article below.

Gujarat Day 2023 Overview

EventGujarat Day 2023
Other namesGujarat Foundation Day
DateMay 1, 2023
Declared byGovernment of India
Observed byGujarat state
Purpose of celebrationTo mark the formation of Gujarat as a new Indian state.

Gujarat Day Upcoming Events

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for Gujarat Day for the upcoming 5 years.

Gujarat Day 2023May 1, 2023Monday
Gujarat Day 2024May 1, 2024Wednesday
Gujarat Day 2025May 1, 2025Thursday
Gujarat Day 2026May 1, 2026Friday
Gujarat Day 2027May 1, 2027Saturday

Significance of Gujarat Day

Gujarat Foundation Day holds a special significance for the people of Gujarat. Prior to 1960, Gujarat was a part of the Bombay State. It became a separate state after a great struggle for a separate identity and cultural heritage. The Gujarat Foundation Day provides an occasion for the people of Gujarat to pay tribute to their forefathers who fought for the formation of the state. The day also celebrates the achievements of the individuals and organizations that have contributed to the development of the state and the country.

History of Gujarat Day

Bombay was formed as a state under the State Recognition Act, 1956, and comprised of people who spoke Marathi, Gujarati, Konkani, and Kutchi languages. The amalgamation of different language-speaking people in the same state was often a cause of conflict and distress in the state. Due to this, the overall sanctity of the state was affected and movements started to erupt in different parts over the separation of the state. Two main movements, the Samyukta Maharashtra Movement and the Mahagujarat movement, started gaining enormous momentum. In light of these movements, the Government of India finally decided to chart out the Bombay Reorganization Act. The act was passed in the Parliament and the Bombay state got bifurcated into two separate states. Thus, the state of  Maharashtra and Gujarat was formed on May 1, 1960, and since then, it is celebrated as foundation day in both these two states.

Celebration of Gujarat Day

The statehood foundation day is celebrated by the people of Gujarat with great zeal and enthusiasm. Gujarat Day is often celebrated across the state with parades and other government-organized events. Police parade, state parade over the Sabarmati Waterfall in Ahmadabad, biker stunts, flag hoisting, cultural programs, and other state-level activities are organized all over the state to mark this day. Other than this, many educational institutions also host their own events such as dance, music, and art festivals to celebrate Gujarat Day. People decorate their homes and workplaces with colorful decorations and treat themselves to traditional Gujarati delicacies. They greet each other with happy wishes and celebrate the culture and tradition of the day together. Kite-flying and fireworks also accompany the celebration of Gujarat Foundation Day.

Interesting Facts about Gujarat

Let’s check out some interesting facts about Gujarat this Gujarat Day.

  1. The British East India Company set its first footsteps in Surat, Gujarat in 1818.
  2. Gujarat has the longest seashore in India.
  3. Gujarat is one of the safest states in India.
  4. The Gir Forest in Gujarat is the last remaining natural habitat of Asiatic lions.
  5. Gujarat is often described as the “Jewel of Western India” and is a hub of business and commerce.
  6. Ahmedabad’s Arvind Mills is the world’s third-largest denim manufacturer.
  7. Forbes listed Ahmedabad as the world’s 3rd fastest-growing city in the world in 2010.
  8. India’s only Liquid Chemical Port Terminal is located in Dahej, Gujarat.
  9. Gujarat is the largest producer of milk in India.
  10. In India, Gujarat holds many records for economic development.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate Gujarat Day?

May 1 every year

Is there any theme to celebrate Gujarat Foundation Day?

Gujarat Foundation Day is observed every year without a theme.

Will there be any holiday on Gujarat Day 2023?

The Government of Gujarat has not declared a public holiday on May 1st, 2023.

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