Hans-Adam II Net Worth and Biography

Hans-Adam II’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 Billion. This article will give you all the information about the career, biography, and net worth of Hans-Adam II.

Hans-Adam II is the most famous reigning prince of Liechtenstein who reigned for over 25 years. He is fluent in English, Italian, French, and german. Hans-Adam II is considered the richest monarch and wealthiest head of state who gained much popularity. He also owns an art collection that is mainly on display at Liechtenstein Museum, and he also bears the titles Duke of Troppau and Count of Rietberg.

In addition, he owns the banking group LGT, and he had a personal fortune of $ 4 billion and a family fortune of $ 7.6 billion in 2013. It made him the wealthiest head of state. His net worth also increases yearly, making him the 380th wealthiest person. Let us discuss about Hans-Adam II’s life and net worth.

Hans-Adam II’s Net worth

As per reports, the net worth of Hans-Adam II is almost $8 Billion. His monthly income is more than $ 40 million, and his salary is more than $ 0.5 billion. The majority of his income comes from his inheritance; he is living a lavish lifestyle nowadays due to his more net worth. Check Richest Presidents and Prime Ministers in the world

Here is the record of Hans-Adam II’s net worth from the 2018 to 2023. such as below.

  Net worth in 2023$8 Billion
  Net worth in 2022  $ 8 billion
  Net worth in 2021  $ 7 billion
  Net worth in 2020  $ 6 billion
  Net worth in 2019  $ 5 billion
  Net worth in 2018  $ 4 billion

Hans-Adam II Biography

  Real Name  Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein
  Nickname  Hans-Adam
  Date of Birth and Place  February 14, 1945, Switzerland
  Nationality  Liechtenstein
  Father’s name  Franz Joseph ll, Prince of Liechtenstein
  Mother’s name  Georgina Von Wilczek
  Spouse  Marie, Princess of Liechtenstein ( 1967)
  Name of children  Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein, Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein, Princess Tatjana  Nora Maria and Prince Constantin Ferdinand Maria
  Source of wealth  The reigning prince of Liechtenstein
  Net worth  $8 Billion

Hans-Adam II’s Early Life

Hans-Adam II was born on February 14, 1945 in Zurich, Switzerland. He is the eldest son of his parents. In 1956, Hans-Adam II entered the Schottengymnasium, and in 1960, he moved to the Lyceum Alpinium Zuoc in Switzerland. Then, Hans-Adam II worked as a bank trainee in England. Check Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth

He completed his study at the university of St. Gallen, where he studied business administration. He legally remained the head of state in 1984 and handled the power of making day to day governmental decisions. After his father’s death, he formally succeeded as the prince of Liechtenstein.

Hans-Adam II career

Hans-Adam II handed the power of making day-to-day governmental decisions to his elder son as a way of starting a dynastic transition to a new generation. He remains the head of state legally, and his father had done similarly in 1984. In addition, Hans-Adam II also owns the banking group LGT. 

In Vienna, Hans-Adam II owned the extensive collection of art that is displayed at the Liechtenstein Museum. Along with this, Hans-Adam II also wrote many books. His books made him the most famous person. So he is a very influential and wealthiest person in this world.

Hans-Adam II’s Personal Life

Hans-Adam II married to Marie, Princess of Liechtenstein in 1967. They have blessed with kids* named Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein, Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein, Princess Tatjana Nora Maria and Prince Constantin Ferdinand Maria. 

Key facts

  • Hans-Adam II is fluent in German, French, Italian, and English.
  • He has written the political treatise “The state in the Third Millennium.”
  • He is the best friend of German anarcho-capitalist economist named Hans Hermann Hoppe.
  • Hans-Adam II also wrote the foreword to the sourcebook on self-administration and self-determination.
  • Hans-Adam II bears the titles Count of Rietberg and Duke of Jagerndorf.

Final words

It can conclude that Hans-Adam II is the most famous prince of Liechtenstein who made his name and fame in less time. He has many followers and properties. He not only lives a luxurious lifestyle but also gains much popularity. His net worth is also rising day after day, which helps him to become a more wealthiest person. Check Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Net worth


How much Hans-Adam II earns monthly?

Hans-Adam II makes more than $ 40 million per month.

How much is the net worth of Hans-Adam II nowadays?

$8 Billion

What is the maximum yearly income of Hans-Adam II?

Hans-Adam II’s annual income is $ 0.5 billion.

What is the current age of Hans-Adam II?

Currently, Hans-Adam II is 77 years old.

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