Indane Gas Booking: How to book Indane Gas cylinder by phone?

In India, LPG gas cylinders are the most used method of cooking food. These days, practically any service may be requested from the comfort of your own home. Logging into the Indane official portal (, sending an SMS from the registered mobile phone, using the IVRS service (Indane Gas), or using your phone’s Indane Gas app are all options for making an Indane Gas reservation.

About Indane Gas

Oil, lubricants, and petrochemicals are the focus of India’s largest commercial organization, Indian Oil Corporation Limited. When Indian Oil first introduced LPG in the 1970s, they made a significant contribution to the spread of clean, safe and efficient fuel in the form of LPG in every Indian household, which was a tremendous achievement.

Because of its reputation for dependability, convenience, and safety, Indane Gas has become a household name. Indane Gas presently serves the needs of more than 5.8 million consumers across India, and every second LPG cooking gas connection in the country is made through Indane Gas. ‘

For the needs of our clients, the Indane Sales network has more than 45 regional offices. Over 1.20 million LPG gas cylinders are delivered every day by Indane distributors, one of the country’s leading LPG gas producers. Indane Gas serves 57.41 households, 27% of whom live in rural or semi-rural areas.

Customers of Indane Gas who like to learn more about Indane Gas Online Booking should continue reading.

Indane Gas Booking Phone Number

Indane Gas Booking

For the convenience of clients, Indane gas booking has launched a single phone number for LPG refill bookings across the country. 7718955555 is the most prevalent booking number for LPG refills. Step-by-step instructions on how to reserve Indane Gas via WhatsApp or phone call.

How to book an Indane Gas Cylinder on WhatsApp?

  • To reserve an Indane Gas Cylinder using WhatsApp, follow these steps:
  • Customers may schedule LPG refills by texting the word “REFILL” to the number 7588888824. However, the new WhatsApp booking feature is only available to register mobile phone numbers. Make sure you follow the instructions in the next section.
  • Keep the phone number 7588888824 in your contact list.
  • Send a message using WhatsApp by opening the app and then the chat window.
  • After the chat box is open, type REFILL in order to make a gas reservation..
  • Finally, press the send button.
  • A gas booking’s status may be tracked by texting STATUS# and the order number to that same phone number.
  • By dialing the Indane Gas booking number, you may order an LPG cylinder.
  • The phone number 7718955555 is the best option to order gas online from Indane. Calling from a registered mobile phone at the supplied number is required for this purpose.

Online Indane Gas Reservations

Indane Gas refills can be scheduled on the company’s website. Online banking, debit cards, and credit cards are all options for paying for petrol reservations. Indane Gas cylinders can be ordered online by following the methods outlined below.

  • Become a registered client to reserve an Indane cylinder online. By entering information such as your consumer number, 17-digit LPG ID number, PAN Number and your ration card number as well as your cellphone number and contact address online, you may register as a consumer.
  • Indane Gas’s online portal may be accessed by logging in with the password and user ID issued to you after registering.
  • Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be able to quickly and conveniently reserve an Indane Gas Cylinder. It’s as simple as filling out the form and pressing the submit button.
  • You will be able to pay directly to the distributor upon delivery of the product. It’s also possible to monitor the progress of a booking online.

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How to Book Indane Gas through Text Message

No access to the internet to make an online reservation for Indane LPG? As long as you have an Indane phone number, you may use the company’s SMS service to order a new LPG cylinder refill. To reserve Indane Gas through SMS, simply follow the simple instructions provided below.

  • Do you know how to register for the SMS service provided by Indane Gas?
  • First time users should text -IOC to the IVRS number for your city to activate the SMS function.
  • Customers in Chennai can send an SMS to the distributor’s phone number of 25022890 with the following message: IOC 044 25022890 AX00867C.
  • Once you’ve made a booking, all you have to do is text “IOC” to the relevant area number.

Order Indane Gas through its mobile app

Using their cellphones, Indane LPG clients may conveniently reserve a cylinder. It is possible to get the Indane Gas Mobile App for Android phones and iPhones from the Google Play Store.

Using the Indane Gas Mobile App, you may submit a request for refill, request a second cylinder, file a complaint, look up the history of refill supplies, and disconnect from the network. In addition, the mobile app allows customers to leave feedback on the distributors.

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It is simple to order a refill cylinder using the Indane Gas Mobile App. The customer only needs to provide their consumer number and distributor information. To ensure that your request gets registered, please be sure to complete all of the required fields.

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