Indian Constitution GK Quiz – Questions and Answers

Indian Constitution is a major topic for the candidates preparing for the competitive exams conducted by the UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI, etc. The candidates are therefore suggested to practice as many questions as they can from the subject of Indian Constitution. In this article, they can find many good GK questions related to Indian Constitution, along with their correct answers. With the time, new questions will keep adding in this post to provide you the latest update related to this topic.

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Indian Constitution GK Quiz

[1] According to Dr. Ambedkar, which Article is the soul of Indian Constitution?

  1. A) 32
  2. B) 31
  3. C) 29
  4. D) 352

Answer: A) 32

[2] How long a person should have practiced in a High Court to be eligible to be appointed as a Judge of Supreme Court of India?

  1. A) 10 Years
  2. B) 12 Years
  3. C) 15 Years
  4. D) 20 Years

Answer: A) 10 Years

[3] Which of the following is a part of the Electoral College for the Election of the President but does not participate in the proceedings for his/her impeachment?

  1. A) Lok Sabha
  2. B) State Legislative Assemblies
  3. C) Rajya Sabha
  4. D) State Legislative Councils

Answer: B) State Legislative Assemblies

[4] What is the main difference between Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of state policy?

  1. A) Political Protection
  2. B) Moral Protection
  3. C) Judicial Protection
  4. D) Constitutional Protection

Answer: C) Judicial Protection

[5] In which year the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?

  1. A) 1935
  2. B) 1944
  3. C) 1946
  4. D) 1952

Answer: C) 1946

[6] In the following which is not an emergency provisions?

  1. A) 352
  2. B) 356
  3. C) 360
  4. D) 364

Answer: D) 364

[7] In which session Congress split into two groups?

  1. A) Madras Session
  2. B) Calcutta Session
  3. C) Allahabad Session
  4. D) Surat Session

Answer: D) Surat Session

[8] Who has the right to transfer a Judge from one high court to Another High court?

  1. A) President
  2. B) Prime Minister
  3. C) Law Minister of India
  4. D) Chief Justice of India

Answer: A) President

[9] British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act on?

  1. A) 14th August 1947
  2. B) 15th August 1947
  3. C) 18th July 1946
  4. D) 18th July 1947

Answer: D) 18th July 1947

[10] The Speaker of Lok Sabha can be removed by a resolution passed by:

  1. A) Two-thirds majority of the total members of the Lok Sabha
  2. B) A majority of the then members of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  3. C) A majority of all the then members of Lok Sabha
  4. D) Two-thirds majority of the Lok Sabha members present and voting

Answer: C) A majority of all the then members of Lok Sabha

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