International Dance Day 2023 (April 29): Theme, History, Ways to Celebrate, Message Author

International Dance Day 2023 is on April 29, 2023 (Saturday). This is an annual event celebrated to recognize the art of dance and its cultural importance around the world. On this day, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate the joy of dance and its role in bringing people together.

Dance is an art form that has been around for centuries, and it is one of the most widely practiced forms of physical expression. It is a way to express emotions and tell stories. It can also be used to celebrate culture, tell a story, or simply bring joy to those who participate.

International Dance Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the power of dance and its ability to bring people together. It is a day to recognize the beauty of dance and appreciate its importance in our lives.

International Dance Day Date in 2023 – Check when is International Dance Day?

Every year, International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29th. You should not confuse it with the National Dance Day of the United States which is celebrated every year on the third Saturday in September.

April 29th is chosen for the celebration of this day because it is the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (inventor of modern ballet dance).

2023April 29Saturday
2024April 29Monday
2025April 29Tuesday
2026April 29Wednesday
2027April 29Thursday

History of International Dance Day and Reasons to celebrate

In 1982, the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) designated April 29 as International Dance Day to bring attention to the remarkable variety and talent of dancers worldwide. Also Check other Important Days in April

This holiday was set up by the International Theatre Institute to spread awareness of the importance of dance to people all over the world. Another aim was to give the dance community a chance to show off their work to a wider audience and raise awareness of the value of dance. It is hoped that governments and public figures will support dance in all of its forms as they become more aware of its value and significance.

Additionally, International Dance Day was established to encourage us to simply appreciate dance for what it is and to share our joy with others.

Every year, the ITI chooses a praiseworthy choreographer or artist to compose the official holiday message. The location of their annual gala and other globally advertised events are listed on their website.

Since its discovery 9,000 years ago, dance has developed into a global phenomenon. This holiday urges individuals to learn at least one kind of dance. There are dance styles for individuals of any age and mood abilities; Therefore, you have no excuses to participate in this year’s International Dance Day.

Best Ways to Celebrate International Dance Day

There are many ways to celebrate International Dance Day. Here are some of the top ways to celebrate this day.

  • Watch a dance performance – The first way to celebrate International Dance Day is to attend a live dance performance. Whether it’s a professional dance company or a local community group, attending a live performance is a great way to appreciate the art of dance and the skill of the performers.
  • Attend a dance class – You can also take a dance class or workshop to learn something new and challenge yourself.
  • Watch a dance movie or documentary – There are many great films and documentaries that explore the history of dance, the different styles of dance, and the stories of famous dancers. Watching one of these films is a great way to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the art of dance.
  • Dance your heart out – Whether it’s a solo dance in your living room or a group dance with friends and family, taking the time to move your body and express yourself through dance is a great way to honor the joy of movement

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International Dance Day Timeline

3300 BCFirst Evidence of DanceThe first trance of dance is available in the ancient rocks of Indian Walls and Egyptian tombs.
1832Pointe Shoes on DisplayDuring her ballet performance in “La Sylphide,” Marie Taglioni donned her first pair of pointe shoes.
From 1950s to 1970sDance Became Popular in the US and around the worldThe popularity of dance experienced a surge from the 1950s to the 1970s. This was due to the development of new styles of dance, such as rock and roll, jazz, and disco.
2005The debut of Dancing with the StarsThe popular TV show features celebrities paired with professional dancers competing against each other in a ballroom dance competition.

Message Author of International Dance Day

Each year, the International Theatre Institute selects a notable dancer to serve as the event’s Message Author in order to promote International Dance Day.

This year’s Message Author is “KANG Sue-Jin”. She is the artistic director of the Korean National Ballet. She has been principal dancer and soloist at the Stuttgart Ballet for more than 15 years. Additionally, She was the honorary ambassador for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Sue-Jin uses her fame and talent to teach disabled children how to dance.

List of past Message Authors –

Name of the Message AuthorYear
Friedemann Vogel, Germany2021
Gregory Vuyani Maqoma, South Africa2020
Karima Mansour, Egypt2019
Salia Sanou, Burkina Faso, Georgette Gebara, Lebanon, Willy Tsao, Hong Kong, China, Ohad Naharin, Israel, Marianela Boan, Cuba2018
Trisha Brown, USA2017

Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Dance

Here is a list of some amazing facts about dance that you may not have known.

  1. Dance is often used as a form of therapy. Studies have shown that regular dance classes can reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and even improve overall well-being.
  2. Some experts use dance to help people with disabilities to express themselves and build strength.
  3. Some cultures use dance as a form of religious expression. In some African cultures, for example, dance is used to honor the gods and to bring the community together. In India, many religious ceremonies involve traditional dance forms.
  4. In the 1960s, African American civil rights activists used dance to protest segregation and racial injustice.
  5. There are more than 28 dance forms in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who celebrates International Dance Day?

This day is celebrated by people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

When was the first International Dance Day celebrated?

April 29, 1982

Are World Ballet Day and International Dance Day celebrated on the same day?

No, they are two different days. International Dance Day is on April 29 and World Ballet Day is on November 2.

What is the best dance-themed movie?

There are many dance-themed movies that you may like for example – Chicago, Dance Academy, The Fits, Suspiria, etc.

What is the theme of International Dance Day 2023?

Dance · Future: Developing the Traditions and Expanding the Boundaries

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