International Day of World’s Indigenous People 2023: Theme, Aim, Objectives, History, and Ways to Celebrate

International Day of World’s Indigenous People is an annual event celebrated on 9th of August. It is a United Nations-led initiative that aims to recognize the contributions and achievements of Indigenous people in the world. This is also an important day to recognize the challenges that Indigenous people are facing these days such as political & economic marginalization, loss of land, etc.

A large number of activities such as cultural exhibitions, workshops, forums, etc. are organized by different governments and organizations on this day. If you are also concerned and support the rights of Indigenous people then you should celebrate International Day of World’s Indigenous People 2023 and let your voice be heard.

Highlights of International Day of World’s Indigenous People 2023

Name of the eventInternational Day of World’s Indigenous People
Established byUnited Nations
AimRaise awareness of the needs of Indigenous people.
Date9th August 2023

Reasons to Celebrate

  1. Honour the contributions of Indigenous people to society – One of the primary aims to observe International Day of World’s Indigenous People 2023 is recognizing the contribution made by Indigenous people to the world. Many of them have played an instrumental role in the field of art, music, medicine, science, etc.
  2. Raise awareness about indigenous issues – A large number of indigenous people are facing a range of challenges from discrimination to land rights issues. By celebrating the International Day World’s Indigenous People we can draw the attention of the world toward these challenges.
  3. Celebration of diversity – You will find a lot of diversity in the indigenous people. This day gives us a chance to celebrate this diversity. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage and traditions of these indigenous people.   
  4. Promoting environmental awareness – Due to activities like deforestation, our environment is facing a lot of challenges. This is also a big problem for our indigenous people. We should raise awareness about these issues on World’s Indigenous People Day 2023.
  5. Preserving Tradition and Knowledge – Indigenous people have a wealth of traditional knowledge that has been passed down through generations. This knowledge is valuable and should be preserved for future generations.


The idea for the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples came from the first session of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations. This session was held in Geneva in 1982. The group recommended that the UN should create a day to recognize the contributions and struggles of indigenous peoples.

Then, the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution 49/214 on 23 December 1994. This resolution stated that we shall observe the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on the 9th of August every year. Since then, it has become an important occasion for indigenous peoples and their allies to come together to celebrate their cultures and to raise awareness about the issues they face.

Later, UNGA established two International Decades of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The first was 1995 – 2004 (resolution 48/163) and the second was 2005 – 2014 (resolution 59/174).

Ways to Celebrate the Day

Here are a few different ways to celebrate International Day of World’s Indigenous People 2023.

  1. Attend a cultural event – Many Indigenous communities host cultural events on this day. You can consider attending one of these events is a great way to learn more about Indigenous culture. This is a great way to show support for Indigenous people.
  2. Donate to an Indigenous organization – There are multiple NGOs/ other social organizations that support Indigenous communities around the world. You can donate to one of these organizations to help support their important work.
  3. Read a book by an Indigenous author – Reading books by Indigenous authors is a great way to learn more about Indigenous culture and history. It is also a way to support Indigenous writers and their work. This will inspire more indigenous authors to share their stories.
  4. Visit an Indigenous museum/ cultural centre – Many cities have Indigenous museums or cultural centres that showcase Indigenous art, history, and culture. You may show your love for Indigenous people and explore their culture by visiting one of these museums.
  5. Share information on social media (Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram) – Today, the world of social media can have a great impact on people. So, you can use your social media platforms to share information about the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. Consider sharing articles, videos, and stories that highlight the importance of this day.

Some Facts about Indigenous People in the World

Here are some less-known facts about Indigenous people around the globe.

  • 47% of all indigenous peoples in employment have no education. On the other hand, only 17% of all non-indigenous peoples in employment have no education.
  • More than 86% of indigenous peoples around the world work in the informal economy.
  • According to a report, Indigenous peoples are 3 times more likely to live in extreme poverty as compared to non-indigenous people.
  • There are more than estimated 476 million indigenous people in the world.
  • You can find indigenous people in more than 90 countries around the globe.
  • Indigenous people make up less than 5 % of the world’s population.
  • They account for 15% of the poorest people in the world.
  • Indigenous people have around 7,000 languages representing 5000 different cultures.
  • Despite their cultural differences, most indigenous people around the world face problems related to the protection of their rights.

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International Day of The World’s Indigenous People 2023 Theme

The theme for the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 2023 is “Indigenous Youth as Agents of Change for Self-determination”. The aim of this theme is to highlight the crucial role that young indigenous people play in promoting and protecting the rights/ culture of their community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People important?

It is so because it raises awareness about the challenges and issues faced by indigenous people around the world.

When is International Day of World’s Indigenous People?

It is celebrated every year on August 9th.

What are some common challenges faced by World’s Indigenous People?

They face many challenges including discrimination, poverty, lack of access to education/ healthcare, etc.

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