Largest and Smallest State/ UT in India

Largest and Smallest State in India: Our country India has a federal form of government. It is a union of 28 states and 8 union territories. Some states/ union territories are small in size while others are big. Similarly, a few states are densely populated than others. Various questions in different competitive exams are asked about Largest and Smallest States/ Union Territories of India. We classify the largest and Smallest States/ UT in India on the basis of their areas and population. Go through this post to check the list of largest and smallest states/ UT in India in 2023 on the basis of both Area and Population.

Area wise Largest and Smallest States in India in 2023

States and Capitals of India 2023

If we talk about the area, Rajasthan is the largest state in India and Ladakh is the smallest state in India. On the other hand, Goa is the smallest state and Lakshadweep is the smallest Union Territory in India. The complete list of states and UT on the basis of their area is given below.

Rajasthan (Largest State in India - In Area)
Source – Rajasthan Government (
RankState/ Union TerritoryArea in KM sq. National share in percentage
1Rajasthan342,239 Km sq.10.41
2Madhya Pradesh308,252 Km sq.9.38
3Maharashtra307,713 Km sq.9.36
4Uttar Pradesh240,928 Km sq.7.33
5Gujarat196,024 Km sq.5.96
6Karnataka191,791 Km sq.5.83
7Andhra Pradesh160,205 Km sq.4.87
8Odisha155,707 Km sq.4.74
9Chhattisgarh135,191 Km sq.4.11
10Tamil Nadu130,058 Km sq.3.96
11Telangana112,077 Km sq.3.41
12Bihar94,163 Km sq.2.86
13West Bengal88,752 Km sq.2.70
14Arunachal Pradesh83,743 Km sq.2.55
15Jharkhand79,714 Km sq.2.42
16Assam78,438 Km sq.2.39
17Ladakh (Largest Union Territory by Area)59,146 Km sq.1.80
18Himachal Pradesh55,673 Km sq.1.70
19Uttarakhand53,483 Km sq.1.63
20Punjab50,362 Km sq.1.53
21Haryana44,212 Km sq.1.34
22Jammu and Kashmir42,241 Km sq.1.28
23Kerala38,863 Km sq.1.18
24Meghalaya22,429 Km sq.0.682
25Manipur22,327 Km sq.0.679
26Mizoram21,081 Km sq.0.641
27Nagaland16,579 Km sq.0.504
28Tripura10,486 Km sq.0.319
29Andaman and Nicobar Islands8,249 Km sq.0.251
30Sikkim7,096 Km sq.0.216
31Goa3,702 Km sq.0.113
32Delhi1,483 Km sq.0.045
33Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu603 Km sq.0.018
34Puducherry479 Km sq.0.015
35Chandigarh114 Km sq.0.003
36Lakshadweep32 Km sq.0.001

Population-wise Largest and Smallest States and Union Territories in India in 2023

Uttar Pradesh is the Largest State in India on the basis of the population. Sikkim is the smallest state in India in terms of population. Talking about Union Territories, NCT of Delhi is the largest Union Territory in India and Lakshadweep is the smallest. The Ranks of each state and UT are given in the following table.

Lakshadweep - Smallest UT in India
Source – Lakshadweep Government (

Note: The data has been updated according to the 2011 Census report of India.

RankState/ Union TerritoryPopulation National share in percentage
1Uttar Pradesh199,812,34116.51%
4West Bengal91,276,1157.54%
5Madhya Pradesh72,626,8096%
6Tamil Nadu72,147,0305.96%
10Andhra Pradesh49,577,1034.1%
19NCT of Delhi (Most populous Union Territory in India)16,787,9411.39%
20Jammu and Kashmir12,267,0321.01%
22Himachal Pradesh6,864,6020.57%
28Arunachal Pradesh1,383,7270.11%
31Chandigarh1,055,450 (estimated)0.09%
32Sikkim610,577 (estimated)0.05%
33Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu585,7640.05%
34Andaman and Nicobar Islands380,5810.03%

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the largest state in India by Area?

Rajasthan (342,239 Km2) is the largest state in India by area.

Which is the most populous state in India in 2023?

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India.

Which is the largest Union Territory in India by Area?

Ladakh is the largest Union Territory in India by Area

Which is the smallest state in India by Area?

Goa (3702 Km sq.) is the smallest state in India by Area.

Which is the least populous state in India?

Sikkim is the least populous state in India.

Is Delhi a state or a union territory?

It is a Union Territory.

Which union territory has the smallest area?


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