Mizoram Holidays List 2024

After repeating monotonous work each and every day, holidays are a way of taking break from them. If a holiday lasts for three or four days, people also start making plans for trips and vacations. When in Mizoram, there are a number of places to visit on a holiday. Having prior knowledge about the holidays can help people plan it it a better manner. Below presented is Mizoram Holidays List 2024 which consists of all the major holidays of the state and their respective dates and days.

List of Government Holidays in Mizoram 2024

Around 25 holidays have been mentioned by the Government as public holidays that is to be observed by every public office. Other than this, there are certain restricted holidays as well that is allowed to each employee (maximum 2 restricted holidays) of his/ her choice. Many private offices, banks and schools also observe most of these holidays as per their own rules and regulations. A list of Government holidays in Mizoram has been presented below that comprise of every public holiday that will be observed in the year 2024. Their dates and corresponding days have also been mentioned.

Festival Date Day
New Year’s Day1 January 2024 & 2 January 2024Monday & Tuesday
Missionary Day11 January 2024Thursday
Republic Day26 January 2024Friday
State Day20 February 2024Tuesday
Chapchar Kut1 March 2024Friday
Holi25 March 2024Monday
Good Friday29 March 2024Friday
Eid-al-Fitr11 April 2024Thursday
Mahavir Jayanti21 April 2024Sunday
Buddha Purnima23 May 2024Thursday
YMA Day15 June 2024Saturday
Bakrid/ Eid-al-Adha17 June 2024Monday
Remna Ni30 June 2024Sunday
MHIP Day6 July 2024Saturday
Muharram17 July 2024Wednesday
Independence Day15 August 2024Thursday
Eid-e-Milad/ Milad-un-Nabi16 September 2024Monday
Gandhi Jayanti2 October 2024Wednesday
Vijaya Dashami12 October 2024Saturday
Diwali31 October 2024Thursday
Christmas Eve24 December 2024Tuesday
Christmas25 December 2024 & 26 December 2024Wednesday & Thursday
New Year’s Eve31 December 2024Tuesday

Mizoram Bank Holidays 2024 List

Bank holidays are those holidays that are observed specifically in banks. Apart from observing many of the holidays mentioned above, banks also remain close on Sundays and every second and fourth Saturdays. A list of all second and fourth Saturdays observed by the banks in the year 2024 is provided below.

January 2024

  • 13th January: Second Saturday
  • 27th January: Fourth Saturday

February 2024

  • 10th February: Second Saturday
  • 24th February: Fourth Saturday

March 2024

  • 9th March: Second Saturday
  • 23rd March: Fourth Saturday

April 2024

  • 13th April: Second Saturday
  • 27th April: Fourth Saturday

May 2024

  • 11th May: Second Saturday
  • 25th May: Fourth Saturday

June 2024

  • 8th June: Second Saturday
  • 22nd June: Fourth Saturday

July 2024

  • 13th July: Second Saturday
  • 27th July: Fourth Saturday

August 2024

  • 10th August: Second Saturday
  • 24th August: Fourth Saturday

September 2024

  • 14th September: Second Saturday
  • 28th September: Fourth Saturday

October 2024

  • 12th October: Second Saturday
  • 26th October: Fourth Saturday

November 2024

  • 9th November: Second Saturday
  • 23rd November: Fourth Saturday

December 2024

  • 14th December: Second Saturday
  • 28th December: Fourth Saturday

Schools Holidays in Mizoram 2024 List

Most schools remain close on the above-listed Government holidays. Other than this, schools are closed also on every Sundays. Some schools provide day-off on Saturdays whereas other don’t. Days like annual function day, teachers’ day, children’s day, etc are also provided as holidays in some schools. Those who are interested in knowing about the details of the school holidays in Mizoram can find the same from the calendar of the respective schools. School calendar is published in its prospectus or official website.

Places to Visit in Mizoram On Holidays

Generally when the holidays are one to two days long, people prefer spending their times at home. However, in case the holiday expands, most people plan on going out on a trip. When in Mizoram, here are some places you can visit on holidays.

  1. Vantawng Falls- Vantawng Falls is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in Mizoram with height of the fall recorded as 750ft. It is named after Vantawnga, who is said to be an excellent swimmer. Since due to forested hills it is difficult to get close to it, a tower has been constructed to enjoy the scenic view of this waterfall.
  2. Hmuifang– Hmuifang is a beautiful hill station in Mizoram which is covered with virgin forests and with an elevation of 1619 metres provides a stupendous view of its surroundings.
  3. Dampa Tiger Reserve– Dampa Tiger Reserve is a home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. A number of vulnerable species of animals and birds like Indian leopard, wild boar, sloth bear, gaur, barking deer, great barbet, Indian paradise-flycatcher, etc is present in this reserve.
  4. Tam Lake– Ṭam Dil, meaning lake of the mustard, is a beautiful lake located 64 kms from Aizawl surrounded by hills on every side. A new species of frog called Leptolalax tamdil was found in this lake in the year 2010.
  5. Phawngpui Peak– Phawngpui Peak is the highest mountain peak in the Mizo Hills that is also known as Blue Mountain. The mountain has been included in the protected area with name Phawngpui National Park and a variety of flora and fauna is present here too.

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