100 Most Beautiful Korean Actress 2024

Song Hye Kyo is considered as the most beautiful Korean actress. Check here the full list of 100 most beautiful Korean actresses 2024.

There is no shortage of talent and beauty when it comes to the world of Korean Entertainment. With their amazing performances and flawless appearances, Korean actresses have captured the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. 

These actresses have not only mesmerized audiences but they are also fashion icons in the industry. For today’s post, we have meticulously curated a list of the 100 most beautiful korean actresses in 2024. All of these Korean Actresses are the epitome of grace and style. So, let’s join us as we through the exceptional journey of exploring the lives of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. 

Top Most Beautiful Korean Actresses in 2024

Check out the details of some of the most stunning Korean actresses as given below. 

  1. Song Hye Kyo
Full NameSong Hye-Kyo
Date of birthNovember 22nd, 1981
Popular TV ShowsAutumn in My Heart, All In, Full House, That Winter, Descendants of the Sun, Encounter
Notable Achievement Ranked 6th in Forbes’ Korea Power Celebrity List in 2018  

Known for her undeniable beauty and acting skills, Song Hye-Kyo rose to international fame with her role in the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun”. She has become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry with her amazing smile and elegant charm. 

  1. Kim Tae Hee
Full NameKim Tae-Hee
Date of birthMarch 29th, 1980
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesStairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard, Iris, My Princess, Yong-pal. 
Notable Achievement Winner of Cosmo Beauty Awards in 2013

Kim Tae-Hee is widely regarded as one of Korea’s most beautiful actresses. Her graceful presence and classic beauty have earned her numerous accolades. She is most famous for her role in Stairway to Heaven. Additionally, she receives a lot of appreciation for her philanthropic work. 

  1. Jun Ji Hyun
Full NameJun Ji-Hyun (Born Wang Ji-Hyun)
Date of birthOctober 30th, 1981
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesMy Sassy Girl, Windstruck, The Thieves, The Berlin File, Assassination
Notable Achievement Winner of Two Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress

Jun Ji-Hyun is also known by her English name Gianna Jun. She is a versatile actress who has made a mark on both the small and big screens. She gained global recognition for her role in the romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl”.

Richest Korean actors

Song Joong-ki Net Worth

  1. Park Shin Hye
Full NamePark Shin-Hye
Date of birthFebruary 18th, 1990
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesYou’re Beautiful, Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven, The Heirs
Notable Achievement Ranked 12th in Forbes’ Korea Power Celebrity List in 2017

Park Shin-Hye is a versatile actress who has successfully portrayed a wide range of characters. Her innocent beauty and genuine acting skills have won the hearts of viewers worldwide.

  1. Han Hyo Joo
Full NameHan Hyo-Joo
Date of birthFebruary 22nd, 1987
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesHeaven & Earth, Brilliant Legacy, Dong Yi, Masquerade. 
Notable Achievement Won Best Actress Award at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards

We can say Han Hyo-Joo is an actress with both beauty and brains. She has showcased her acting talent across different genres including historical dramas, romantic comedies, etc. Her ability to portray difficult roles with ease has made her a highly sought-after actress in the Korean entertainment industry.

  1. Jeon So Min
Full NameJeon So-min
Date of birthApril 7th, 1986
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesPrincess Aurora, Something About 1 Percent, Cross, Birthday Letter
Notable Achievement Best New Actress Award at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards

Jeon So-min is a rising star. She is famous for her fresh and youthful appearance. Her bright smile and expressive eyes light up the screen. As an actress, she has showcased her talent in various dramas and films including Princess Aurora, Birthday Letter, etc. 

  1. Bae Suzy
Full NameBae Su-Ji
Date of birthOctober 10th, 1994
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesDream High, Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, Vagabond, Start-Up
Notable Achievement The first female celebrity to win a rookie award in all 3 fields of music, television, and movies, and the youngest recipient of a Style Icon Asia award

Bae Su-Ji is popularly known as just Suzy. She is a former member of the girl group Miss A. She has transitioned into acting and gained immense popularity. Her fresh look and acting talent have made her a popular actress.  

  1. Shin Min A
Full NameShin Min-a (Born Yang Min-a)
Date of birthApril 5th 1984
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesA Love to Kill, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, Oh My Venus, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
Notable Achievement Winner of Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries in 8th APAN Star Awards

Known for her stunning beauty and versatile acting skills, Shin Min-A has entertained audiences with her performances in popular Korean dramas such as A Love to Kill, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, etc. She is famous in South Korea as well as globally. 

  1. Park Bo Young
Full NamePark Bo-young
Date of birthFebruary 12th 1990
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesScandal Makers, A Werewolf Boy, On Your Wedding Day, Oh My Ghost, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Abyss.
Notable Achievement Winner of Best Actress (Drama) Award at The Seoul Awards in 2017

Park Bo-Young is a talented actress who has gained recognition for her charm and fresh looks. She is famous for her roles in dramas like Scandal Makers, A Werewolf Boy, etc. Her adorable looks and infectious energy have made her quite famous among fans around the world. 

  1. Yoon Eun Hye
Full NameYoon Eun-Hye
Date of birthOctober 3rd 1984
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesPrincess Hours, The Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady, Lie to Me, and Missing You
Notable Achievement Global Best Actress Award at the 18th Huading Awards

Yoon Eun-Hye is a multi-talented Korean actress who earned popularity for her beauty and exceptional versatility on screen. She has portrayed many difficult roles on the screen. Her breakthrough role came in the hit drama “Coffee Prince”. 

  1. Son Ye Jin
Full NameSon Ye-jin (Born – Son Eon-jin)
Date of birthJanuary 11th 1982
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesThe Pirates, My Wife Got Married, The Negotiation, The Truth Beneath
Notable Achievement 6 Baeksang Arts Awards

Son Ye-Jin is a timeless beauty with breathtaking eyes and unmatched acting skills. She has gained international recognition in romantic dramas like “The Classic”, and “Something in the Rain”.

  1. Ha Ji Won
Full NameJeon Hae-rim
Date of birthJune 28th 1978
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesHwang Jini, Empress Ki, The King 2 Hearts, Hospital Ship
Notable Achievement Style Icon Asia Award Winner in 2009 and 2016

Ha Ji-Won has gained a reputation for her fierce and powerful portrayals of strong female characters. With her radiant beauty and unmatched charisma, she has mesmerized audiences in dramas like “Secret Garden” and “Empress Ki” showcasing her versatility as an actress.

  1. Moon Chae Won
Full NameMoon Chae-won
Date of birthNovember 13th, 1986 
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesPainter of the Wind, The Innocent Man, Good Doctor
Notable Achievement Best New Actress at the Grand Bell Awards and the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Moon Chae-Won is widely admired for her delicate features and graceful aura. She has played her role brilliantly in romantic comedies like “The Princess’s Man” and intense thrillers like “The Innocent Man”.

  1. Kim So Hyun
Full NameKim So-Hyun
Date of birthJune 4th, 1999
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesMay Boy, Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight, The Tale of Nokdu, Love Alarm, The Tale of Nokdu
Notable Achievement Youngest South Korean Actress to Have 10 Million Followers on Social Media

Starting her career as a child actress, Kim So-Hyun has grown up to be a stunning young woman with incredible acting skills. Known for her roles in dramas like “Who Are You: School 2015” and “Love Alarm” she has proven her versatility and continues to impress audiences with her charm. 

  1. Kim Yoo Jung
Full NameKim Yoo Jung
Date of birthSeptember 22nd, 1999
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesMay Queen, Moon Embracing the Sun, Angry Mom, Commitment, Thread of Lies, Circle of Atonement
Notable Achievement Youngest to feature in the Top 10 of Forbes Korea Power Celebrity

Starting her career at a young age, Kim Yoo-Jung has grown into a versatile actress, stealing hearts with her incredible acting skills and charming smile. Her notable works include “May Queen”, “Moon Embracing the Sun”, etc. 

  1. IU (Lee Ji Eun)
Full NameLee Ji-eun
Date of birthMay 16th, 1993
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesDream High, You Are the Best!, The Producers, My Mister, Persona, Broker
Notable Achievement Gaon Chart Music Awards, Five Korean Music Award, 8 Golden Disc Awards

IU, also known as Lee Ji-Eun, is not only a phenomenal singer-songwriter but also a stunning actress. Her stunning beauty and natural acting ability have made her a popular choice for leading roles in Korean dramas.

  1. Lee Sung Kyung
Full NameLee Sung-kyung
Date of birthAugust 10th, 1990
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesCheese in the Trap, The Doctors, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Dr. Romantic 2
Notable Achievement Won Best Actress Award in the 2020 Asia Artist Awards

Lee Sung-Kyung is not only a stunning model but also a talented actress. She is famous for her unique beauty and tall stature, she has made a name for herself in the industry. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the popular drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo”.

  1. Lee Min Jung
Full NameLee Min-Jung 
Date of birthFebruary 16th, 1982
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesBoys Over Flowers, Wonderful Radio, Big, Come Back Mister
Notable Achievement Best New Actress award at the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards

Lee Min-Jung’s beauty, along with her natural talent, has made her a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. According to many fans, Lee Min-Jung is becoming more beautiful as she is getting older. 

  1. Park Min Young
Full NamePark Min-young
Date of birthMarch 4th, 1986 
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesCity Hunter, Glory Jane, Dr. Jin, A New Leaf, Healer, Remember
Notable Achievement Best Celebrity Award at Asia Artist Awards

Park Min-young’s ethereal beauty and flawless complexion often leave fans in awe. Her delicate features and beautiful eyes give her a unique presence on-screen. Her impressive filmography includes a variety of genres, highlighting her versatility as an actress.

  1. Lee Da Hae
Full NameLee Da-Hae (Born – Byun Da-hye)
Date of birthApril 19th, 1984
Popular TV Shows/ MoviesMy Girl, Green Rose, The Slave Hunters, Miss Ripley, and Hotel King
Notable Achievement First Korean actress to speak her lines in Mandarin in Chinese Dramas.

Lee Da-Hae is a prominent actress in both the Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. She is the first Korean actress to speak her lines in Mandarin in Chinese Dramas.

Top 100 Most Beautiful Korean Actress 2024 

Here is our list of the most beautiful Korean actresses in 2024. 

RankName Age
1Song Hye Kyo41 Years
2Kim Tae Hee43 Years
3Jun Ji Hyun41 Years
4Park Shin Hye33 Years
Han Hyo Joo36 Years
6Jeon So Min37 Years
7Bae Suzy28 Years
8Shin Min A39 Years
9Park Bo Young33 Years
10Yoon Eun Hye38 Years
11Son Ye Jin41 Years
12Ha Ji Won45 Years
13Moon Chae Won36 Years
14Kim So Hyun24 Years
15Kim Yoo Jung23 Years
16IU (Lee Ji Eun)30 Years
17Lee Sung Kyung32 Years
18Lee Min Jung41 Years
19Park Min Young37 Years
20Lee Da Hae39 Years
21Kim Go Eun32 Years
22Kim Ji Won30 Years
23Kim Ha Neul45 Years
24Han Ji Min40 Years
25Park Hye Soo28 Years
26Jung So Min34 Years
27Kim Seul Gi31 Years
28Kim Hee Sun46 Years
29Lee Young Ae52 Years
30Han Ga In41 Years
31Park So Dam31 Years
32Kim Min Jung40 Years
33Kang Sora33 Years
34Lee Yeon Hee35 Years
35Uhm Hyun kyung36 Years
36Go Ara33 Years
37Gong Hyo Jin43 Years
38Kim Ji Soo50 Years
39 Lee Bo Young44 Years
40Kim So Yeon42 Years
41Lee Si Young41 Years
42Lee Yo Won43 Years
43Han Ye Seul41 Years
44Lee Ji Ah44 Years
45Kim Sun Ah49 Years
46Kim Hye Soo52 Years
47Jo Bo Ah31 Years
48 Jung Ryeo Won42 Years
49Lee Jin-Kyung29 Years
50Choi Ji Woo48 Years
51Kang Han Na34 Years
52Kim Min Ji31 Years
53Kim Ah-Young30 Years
54Yoo Ye Bin31 Years
55Yoo In Na41 Years
56Cho Yi Hyun23 Years
57Choi Yoon-so38 Years
58Go Min Si28 Years
59 Kim Yoo Jin42 Years
60Dana36 Years
61Jang Do Yeon38 Years
62Jessica Jung34 Years
63Lee Ha-na40 Years
64Grace Park49 Years
65Ryu Hye Young32 Years
66Seo Cho Won27 Years
67Wang Ji Hye37 Years
68Yeri24 Years
69Lee Hanee40 Years
70Jeon Boram37 Years
71Joo Da Young28 Years
72Jin Seo Yeon40 Years
73Kim Ok Vin36 Years
74Park Sun Young (Luna)29 Years
75Lee Min Young32 Years
76Ock Joo Hyun43 Years
77Park Ah-In38 Years
78Park Ju Hyun28 Years
79Ryu Hyo Young30 Years
80Seo Eun Soo29 Years  
81Seo Hyo Rim38 Years
82Shin Bo Ra36 Years
83Taeyeon34 Years
84Ahn Sol Bin25 Years
85Bae Geu Rin34 Years
86Park Chae Rim44 Years
87Jung Eun Bi26 Years
88Go Eun Ah34 Years
89Hani31 Years
90Horan44 Years
91Jang Na Ra42 Years
92Kwon Nara32 Years
93Lee Ga Ryeong42 Years
94Lim Kim29 Years
95Nancy23 Years
96Oh Yeon Seo36 Years
97Qri36 Years
98Shin Eun Soo20 Years
99Yoo Ara30 Years
100Shim Eun Jin42 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Korean actresses who have made a successful transition to Hollywood?

Yes, several Korean actresses have successfully made their mark in Hollywood. For example – Kim Yoon Jin, Bae Doona, etc.

Can you recommend some good movies/ dramas starring beautiful Korean actresses?

Yes, you can watch movies like “Crash Landing on You”, “Goblin”, “The Handmaiden”, etc.

How do Korean Actresses maintain their beauty?

It varies for different actresses. However, most of them follow a strict diet and stay hydrated.

Who is considered the most beautiful Korean actress of all time?

Well, it depends on the perception of different people. Still, beauties like Son Ye-Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, etc. are often called timeless beauties.

Is IU an actress as well?

Yes, IU is also a famous actress apart from being a renowned singer.

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