Daughters Day 2023: An appreciation day for the daughters of the nation

Daughters Day 2023 will be celebrated all over the United States on September 25. On the occasion of this day, parents honor and appreciate their daughters and show them how much they are loved. Observed in the US, National Daughters Day is different from International Daughters Day which is celebrated by countries all over the world.

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National Daughters Day 2023 Overview

EventNational Daughters Day
DateSeptember 25, 2023
Observed byUnited States
Purpose of celebrationIn honor and appreciation of the daughters in the country

Daughters Day 2023 Date

National Daughters Day 2023September 25, 2023Monday
National Daughters Day 2024September 25, 2024Wednesday
National Daughters Day 2025September 25, 2025Thursday
National Daughters Day 2026September 25, 2026Friday
National Daughters Day 2027September 25, 2027Saturday

Significance of National Daughters Day

National Daughters Day provides an opportunity to cherish and celebrate the daughters who bring so much happiness in their parent’s lives. Although parents always appreciate their children, National Daughters Day offers a platform to openly show that feeling by giving the daughters some special gifts, materialistic or non-materialistic.

Daughters are a blessing from God who are not only capable of taking care of household work and family but if given the right support and opportunity can run a business, go to space, and do every other task that was earlier supposed to be for sons.

Thus, National Daughters Day is also a special day of reflecting on the value of an equal and fair upbringing that will enable daughters to spread their wings and thrive in their lives.

History of National Daughters Day Celebration

There is no detail on how the celebration of National Daughters Day began in US but it is inspired by the celebration in the developing countries. In most developing countries, daughters are considered inferior to sons, and therefore to remove this stigma, the observation of Daughters Day came into existence. Developed countries also adopted the observation but mainly celebrate the joy of having a daughter in their lives.

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Why is Daughters Day celebrated in the US?

The US is considered one of the most developed countries in the world but here also women were treated inferior to men. They did not have voting rights and daughters were only meant to perform household work. Rising from the obstacles and doing some work of actual significance didn’t come easy. The country is still fighting for equal pay for women in many areas of the profession.

Thus, National Daughters Day began celebrating in the US to help people realize that daughters are as much capable as sons and need to be appreciated equally.


People celebrate National Daughters Day by treating their daughters to something special. Many parents take their daughters out for a family picnic, dinner, or movie to celebrate the occasion.

You can also gift something special such as cards with hand-written messages to your daughter to let them how much you appreciate their presence.

The day also provides an opportunity to learn about daughters of the nation who have contributed their lives to the betterment of society. Reading books or watching movies about them are the best way to learn about the great women of America.

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Other Similar Observation

Many countries in the world celebrate their Daughters Day on the fourth Sunday in September to coincide with International Daughters Day. In some countries, it is observed on September 28 and on October 1 in some others. Similar observations include a National Sons and Daughters Day celebrated on August 11, Father–Daughter Day on the second Sunday of October, and International Day of the Girl Child observed on 11 October.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Daughters Day celebrated?

September 25 every year

When do we observe International Daughters Day?

International Daughters Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in September every year.

Is there any theme to celebrate Daughters Day 2023?

National Daughters Day is observed without any theme.

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