National Dress Day 2023(US)- Date, History, How to Celebrate

On National Dress Day 2023 (March 6, 2023), wear one of your favorite dresses and let’s celebrate our dearest dress memories together.

Ashley Lauren– a renowned business woman, fashion designer, and founder of TEAMfabulous started National Dress Day in 2011. She said “I remember the dresses I wore to my prom, first job interview, first date, competing in a pageant, my first red carpet event, the list goes on. This is a fun day to cherish and celebrate those memories.”

Women are encouraged to be a part of National Dress Day 2023 and celebrate their femininity and treasure memories of wearing dresses.

National Dress Day 2023 Summary

Title National Dress Day 2023
Date March 6, 2023
Day Monday
Who started National Dress Day? Ashley Lauren
Activities to do Wearing your favorite dress, fun activities with your friends or family, sharing photograph on social media
Official website

National Dress Day 2023 Date

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” – Edith Head

Check below upcoming National Dress Day date and plan your day in advance.

National Dress Day 2023 Monday, March 6, 2023
National Dress Day 2024 Wednesday, March 6, 2024
National Dress Day 2025 Thursday, March 6, 2025
National Dress Day 2026 Friday, March 6, 2026
National Dress Day 2027 Sunday, March 6, 2027

National Dress Day History

We have been wearing dresses for hundreds of years. Fashions are subject to change and therefore we find dresses in different shapes and designs. From mini, long, fit and flare to ballgown and a-line, you can celebrate National Dress Day 2023 in many ways.

Though, we are seeing drastic change in dress designs still they are worthy and capable to give you an eye-catching look.

Year 2011: This was the year when first celebration of National Dress Day took place. This day is dedicated to women and their amazing dresses. Ashley Lauren- a renowned business woman and fashion designer started this day to encourage women to celebrate dress memories.

“Because, Dresses won’t change the world, the women who wear them will.”

11th Century During 11th Century, women in Europe wore dresses that used to be similar to men’s tunics and loose. Later, at the end of 11th Century, these dresses started featuring a tighter fit on women upper bodies and arms.

16th century-

  • In starting the 1550s, women from middle and upper class in Europe used to wear dresses that include stays, smock, kirtle, forepart, gown, sleeves, and ruff. They didn’t wear undergarments underneath.
  • Queen Elizabeth had dictated the categories of dress a woman in England can wear.
  • French women used to wear Spanish-style bodices and ruffs.
  • Women in Italy used to wear ropa and semarra.

17th century

  • Holland was a major centre for textile production during 17th
  • Women used to wear stomachers in Spain and Portugal.
  • Multi-piece dresses used to be also popular in the British colonies.
  • The three-piece dress including a bodice, petticoat and gown was popular until the last 25 years of the 17th

18th Century

  • During 18th century, women used to favor Large, triangular silhouettes.
  • Skirts used to be wide along with hoop underskirts.
  • The popularity of one-piece gown was until the middle of 18th
  • Women in Colonial America used to wear gown and petticoat very often.

19th Century

  • Women’s dresses had started getting categorized based on purpose in the 19th
  • Russia women dresses were influenced by Classicism.
  • Dresses of the Victorian era’s were tight-fitting with rouching, pleats, and frills decorated.

National Dress Day Celebration

The celebration of National Dress Day 2023 must start with wearing a dress that make your feel empowered. You can also invite your friends wear their favorite dresses and together you can plan fun activities and share it on social media platforms.

National Dress Day is calling, where are you gorgeous ladies! Are you well-prepared for the day?

  1. Understand the crucial importance of Dress

Dresses are an essential part of our life and hence must be treated accordingly. We should be thankful for dresses which increase our charm and help us to look differently. Find your old photos and remember your favorite dresses you wore on different occasions. You may also create a college of your old photographs and share it on social media.

  1. It is a day to wear your favorite dress

Giving a special attention to your favorite garment could be the best way to celebrate National Dress Day 2023. You should wear your favorite dress and even you can invite your friends to wear their favorite dresses and together you can perform various fun activities.

  1. Celebrate your day with family or friends

Ask your grandma and mom regarding their favorite dresses. You may also ask your friends on social media to share photos in their favorite dresses.

  1. Encourage other women become a part of the celebration

You may know a woman who is less aware of National Dress Day 2023. You can encourage her and schedule a celebration along with her. It will make both of you happy and the day will be full of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is National Dress Day 2023?

National Dress Day is all set to be celebrated on March 6, 2023

Who started National Dress Day?

National Dress Day was started by Ashley Lauren- a leading business woman, fashion designer, and founder of TEAMfabulous.

Why do we celebrate National Dress Day?

This day encourage women to create memories with their favorite dresses.

What do you think about National Dress Day? Share it through the comment box below and let others know the crucial importance of this day.

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