National Newspaper Carrier Day 2023: Date, Theme & Celebration

Every year September 4 is celebrated as National Newspaper Carrier Day to honor all the newspaper carriers and their efforts to deliver our newspaper everyday on time even before we get ourselves out of sleep. The day also commemorates the hiring of first newspaper carrier, a 10-year old boy named Barney Flaherty in 1833 on the same day by the paper publishing company The New York Sun.

National Newspaper Carrier Day 2023 Date

National Newspaper Carrier Day 2023September 4, 2023Monday
National Newspaper Carrier Day 2024September 4, 2024Wednesday
National Newspaper Carrier Day 2025September 4, 2025Thursday
National Newspaper Carrier Day 2026September 4, 2026Friday
National Newspaper Carrier Day 2027September 4, 2027Saturday

National Newspaper Carrier Day 2023 Overview

EventNational Newspaper Carrier Day
DateSeptember 4, 2023
Observed inUSA
PurposeTo honor all the newspaper carriers and their efforts to deliver our newspaper everyday on time.

Significance of National Newspaper Carrier Day

Newspapers are an integral part of our daily lives and even before we get up from our beds, we like to see what’s going on around the world. Thanks to the paper delivery boys, we get our papers before properly waking up.

They put hard efforts to deliver national and international news at our doorstep every day without a break. One can also find newspaper carriers standing around the corners of the street selling newspapers in any and all kind of weather. To honor all the hard work of these newspaper delivery guys, National Newspaper Carrier Day is observed every year on 4th of September.

History of National Newspaper Carrier Day Observation

The history of first ever celebration of National Newspaper Carrier Day is not known but we do know that it celebrates the hiring of the first ever paper delivery boy (also called as paperboy) on September 4 1833. The Sun‘s publisher Benjamin Day printed an advertisement looking for steady men to deliver newspapers but instead a 10-year old boy answered the ad. The ad read the following- “A number of steady men can find employment by vending this paper.

A liberal discount is allowed to those who buy to sell again”. The boy, Barney Flaherty, impressed the newspaper editor by his sincerity and was hired for the job, thus becoming the first ever paperboy. In his honor, the National Newspaper Carrier Day began to be observed on September 4.

About The Sun Newspaper

The Sun newspaper began its publication in New York on September 3, 1833 under the guidance of Benjamin Day. The newspaper came with the slogan “It Shines for All” and was priced at mere one penny, as opposed to normal newspapers that cost five cents to purchase. Not only this, at that time, newspapers was all about politics or reviews of books or the theater and didn’t bring any news related to ordinary man.

However, The Sun was first of its kind and reported going on with working-class readers. Crimes and personal events such as suicides, deaths, divorces, etc were published in this newspaper which changed journalism forever. The Sun was responsible for making the newspaper an integral part of the community and a part of the daily lives of the readers. Barney Flaherty, a 10-year old boy, became the first paperboy for The Sun.

Theme & Celebration of National Newspaper Carrier Day

Almost every person start their day by reading the events all around the world and behind every such person, there is a paperboy to be thankful for. In their honor, celebration of National Newspaper Carrier Day 2023 will be carried out on Monday, September 4, 2023. You can celebrate this day by simply offering some nice gestures towards your paper delivery guy.

Give them a thank you card or a simple gift that shows how much appreciative you are to them for their services. Offer them a generous tip and let them know that their hard work is not something you take granted for and is highly appreciated. If you are a paper delivery boy, you can take this day as an opportunity and the social media as a platform to tell stories of your day-to-day hardship as a paperboy. Kindly note that there is no theme for celebrating the National Newspaper Carrier Day in any year and there are only general celebrations held all around the states.

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When do we celebrate National Newspaper Carrier Day?

September 4

Is there any theme for celebrating National Newspaper Carrier Day 2023?


When was the first National Newspaper Carrier Day celebrated?

The date of celebration of first National Newspaper Carrier Day is not known.

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