National Symbols of India – Know various National symbols of India – Flag, Animal, and Currency.

The national symbols represent the culture of a country. Our country India has numerous national symbols such as national bird, flag, emblem, etc. These symbols infuse a sense of honor and pride in the heart of every Indian. These symbols were picked up at different times. As Indians, we should know about these symbols. It is even more important to know about these symbols if you are a student. Questions are often put up from a list of National Symbols of India. In today’s post, we are going to share the list of National Symbols of India.

What are the National Symbols of India?

The list of national and official symbols of India is given below.

Symbol Name
Official Name of the country Republic of India
National Flag National Flag of India
National Emblem State Emblem of India
National Motto Satyameva Jayate
National Anthem Jana Gana Mana
National Song Vande Mataram
National Days Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti
Oath of Allegiance National Pledge
National Currency Indian Rupee
National Calendar Indian National Calendar
National Cockade Indian Cockade
National Animal Tiger
National Heritage Animal Indian Elephant
National Aquatic Animal Ganges River Dolphin
National Reptile King Cobra
National Flower Lotus National Flower
National Tree Indian Banyan
National Bird Indian Peacock
National Fruit Mango
National River Ganga

Important National Symbols of India Overview

  1. National Flag of India – Our national flag consists of strips of three equally sized deep saffron at the top, white in the middle, and India green at the bottom. In the center, there is a navy blue wheel with 24 spokes.
  2. National Emblem – The national emblem of India is the lion of Ashoka at Sarnath. It consists of four lions facing four directions.
  3. National Motto – Our national motto is “Stayameva Jayate”. It is taken from “Manduka Upanishad” the concluding part of Hindu Vedas.
  4. National Anthem – The National Anthem is “Jana Gana Mana”. It is by written Rabindra Nath Tagore. Originally, it was composed as Bharoto Bhagya Bidhata.
  5. National Song – The national song of India is Vande Matram. It is taken from a Bengali Novel Anandmath written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.
  6. National Days – India has three national days – Republic day (26th January), Independence Day (15th August), and Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October)
  7. National Flower – Lotus is the national flower of India. Its scientific name is “Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn”. The flower is also considered an auspicious symbol of Indian culture since time.
  8. National Currency – The currency of India is Indian National Rupee. The symbol of rupees is designed by Udaya Kumar. Its design is based on the Indian Tricolour.
  9. National Tree  – The national tree of India is Banyan Tree. Its scientific name is Ficus Bengalensis. This tree is considered immortal and is an integral part of the myths and legends of India
  10. National Animal -The Tiger or Panthera Tigris species is the national animal of India It is a form of a specific population of the Panthera Tigris subspecies that is native to the Indian subcontinent.
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