Small Industry Day 2023: Check Date, History, Aim and Significance

National Small Industry Day is an annual event celebrated on the 30th of August in India. The aim of this special day is to recognize the contributions of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the country’s economy. These businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy providing employment opportunities for millions of people and driving economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship.

On National Small Industry Day, we celebrate the resilience and hard work of SMEs across the country as well as the critical role they play in driving economic development. Small and medium-sized businesses are integral to the Indian economy, accounting for more than 40% of industrial output. Despite the challenges faced by small industries they continue to thrive and contribute to India’s growth and success.

Small Industry Day 2023 Highlights

Name of the dayNational Small Industry Day 
Date30th August 2023
AimTo encourage the rise and development of small-scale industries in India

History of National Small Industry Day 

The history of National Small Industry Day dates back to the early 2000s when the Indian government recognized the need to support and promote small businesses. On 30th August 2000, the government introduced a new policy aimed at creating a favourable environment for small businesses to grow and thrive. This policy included a number of measures to support small businesses such as tax incentives, access to credit, and technical assistance. This meeting took place in New Delhi. 

In 2001, the government declared August 30th as National Small Industry Day with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of small businesses to the Indian economy. The government also provided various awards to recognize the individual who is working for the betterment of Small Scale Industries (SSI) in India.

Aim and Significance of this special day

The aim of Small Industry Day is to promote and support the growth of small businesses in India. These businesses play a critical role in driving economic development at the grassroots level.

Small businesses make up a significant portion of India’s economy employing millions of people. However, these businesses often face a range of challenges including limited access to finance, lack of infrastructure, and regulatory hurdles.

Small Industry Day 2023 will be significant in promoting the growth and development of small industries in India and encouraging new entrepreneurs to start their own small businesses, ultimately contributing to the country’s economic growth.

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Types of Small-Scale Industries in India 

Here are the different types of small-scale industries in India:

Handicraft These are industries that produce handmade products like pottery, textiles, woodwork, jewellery, and leather goods.
Food Processing This includes businesses involved in processing and packaging food products like snacks, beverages, dairy products, spices, and more.
Garment manufacturingThis is a popular industry in India that produces a wide range of clothing, from traditional Indian clothing to Western styles.
Cottage industriesThese are small-scale industries that are run from homes or small workshops, producing products like candles, soap, and paper.
Chemicals and pharmaceuticalsThese are industries that produce chemicals, drugs, and pharmaceuticals. India is a major producer of generic drugs, which are sold at a lower cost than branded drugs.
Engineering productsThis includes industries that produce machinery, equipment, and tools used in various industries like agriculture, construction, and manufacturing.
ElectronicsThis is a growing industry in India that produces electronic products like computers, smartphones, and consumer electronics.
Printing and PublishingIndustries that produce books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials
Leather productsThis includes industries that produce leather goods like shoes, bags, and belts.
Automobile partsIt includes industries that produce parts and accessories for the automotive industry, which is a major industry in India.

Ways to Celebrate Small Industry Day 2023

Check out a few ways to observe the small industry day. 

  1. Support small businesses: Visit local stores, restaurants, and other small businesses in your community, and show them your support by making a purchase.
  2. Share your favourite small businesses on social media: Use the hashtag #SmallIndustryDay to share your favourite small businesses with your friends and followers.
  3. Attend a local small business event: Many cities and towns host events specifically for Small Industry Day, so check your local calendar and attend an event to show your support.
  4. Write a positive review: If you’ve had a great experience with a small business, take a few minutes to write a positive review online. This can go a long way in helping them attract new customers.
  5. Volunteer: Offer your time and expertise to small businesses in your community to help them grow and succeed.

Important Ministries of Small-Scale Industries 

NISIETNational Small Industries Extension Training Institute at Hyderabad
NSICNational Small Industries Corporation Limited
IIEIndian Institute of Enterprises in Guwahati
NIESBUDNational Institute of Enterprise and Small Business Development at Noida
SIDOSmall Industries Development Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small Industry Day?

Small Industry Day is an annual event that celebrates small businesses and their contributions to the economy.

When is Small Industry Day 2023?

 Small Industry Day is observed on 30th August.

Who can participate in Small Industry Day?

Small Industry Day is open to all small businesses regardless of industry or location.

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