Sri Lanka Independence Day 2024: Date, History, Celebration, Wishes

National Day, also known as Independence Day, is a national holiday in Sri Lanka that is recognized annually on February 4th to celebrate the country’s political independence from British rule in 1948.

A ceremony of flag-raising, performances, demonstrations, as well as other public displays are held throughout the nation to mark the occasion. The main event is traditionally conducted in Colombo, when the President hosts the nation’s flag and delivers a speech that is aired live on television across the country.

Throughout Sri Lanka’s history, several national conflicts have been waged. All of this is remembered and celebrated on the occasion of the Independence Day. The independence struggle against the British, on the other hand, is particularly remembered.

He emphasizes the accomplishments of the administration over the previous year, discusses key problems, and calls for future growth in his speech, which is available online. Besides that, the President stays true to Sri Lanka’s great leaders, conducts 2 minutes of silence in their respect, & vows to get rid of the island country of extremism. Furthermore, there will be a large military parade. In recent years, it has served as a demonstration of the might of the Army, Naval force, Armed Forces, Police, and Federal Police Force. It is in the thoughts of people that they recall the dedication, courage, national unity, and desire to bring about peace. They appreciate the organizations and individuals that sacrificed themselves for the country’s sake and died in battle.

Sri Lanka Independence Day 2024 Date

DaySri Lanka Independence Day
Date4th February 2024

Sri Lanka Independence Day History

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, was a key commercial centre and harbor for the British, who gave it semi-independent “dominion” title in 1948 when it gained independence from the United Kingdom. Sri Lanka gained its independence as a complete republic on May 22, 1972, and is currently known officially as the Socialist Democrat Realm of Sri Lanka. Don Stephen Senanayake, popularly regarded as the “Father of the Nation,” was Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister and the country’s founding father.

In 1972, William Gopallawa was elected as its first President of Sri Lanka, taking over for the Governor of the British Empire. Sri Lankan diaspora groups in other countries, such as France, Canada, England, Singapore, and  U.S.A commemorate Independence Day on August 15. (Fun fact: Sri Lanka was home to Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the world’s first female head of state in the modern era, who was chosen in 1960 and ruled for three years.

Sri Lanka Independence Day Celebrations

There’s also songs & dances that highlighted the nation’s unity and heritage. Parades are indeed conducted at different religious sites throughout the nation, with blessings for the nation, its inhabitants, as well as the tri-forces’ development and peace. In addition, the national media works to instil in the minds of the public concepts such as courage, confidence, devotion, nationhood, nationalism, patriotism, harmony, civic duty, and a knowledge of national history.

Religions across the world commemorate Independence Day by conducting religious rituals at their individual shrines and temples throughout the week leading up to February 4. Visitors visiting Colombo may take part in a wide variety of festivities that are varied and ethnic in nature, such as Buddhist pirith reciting at Independence Square and Hindu puja rituals at prominent temples (temples).

The Sri Lanka Navy traditionally salutes the country with a 21-gun salute from the traditional artillery gun installation at the Colombo Lighthouse, which is a national symbol. A Google Doodle, which was visible exclusively in Sri Lanka, commemorated the event in 2013 and has been shown constantly till 2017.

Sri Lanka Independence Day 2024 Wishes

  1. Feeling honored to be a member of such a magnificent country. Here are my warmest greetings on this momentous occasion. Happy Independence Day, Sri Lanka!

  2. Say a few quiet blessings for all those who have created the opportunity for us to believe in free nation on this day. Happy Independence Day, Sri Lanka!

  3. Let’s all celebrate in our good fortune and enjoy the festivities. Saluting those who helped to make it possible. Happy Independence Day, Sri Lanka!

  4. Let this day serve as a motivation for us to remain tall and proud. Be pleased to call yourself a Sri Lankan. Happy Independence Day, Sri Lankans!

  5. This is the product of several courageous people’s efforts and hardships. Therefore, let’s all commemorate these heroes. Happy Independence Day, Sri Lanka!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Sri Lanka celebrate its independence day?

Sri Lanka celebrates its independence day on 4th February.

Which day Sri Lanka got independence?

4th February 1948

Which Independence Day is 2024 in Sri Lanka?

76th independence day

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