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Books and Authors GK Questions with Answers

Books and Authors GK Quiz

One of the important topic from which GK questions are asked in competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Banking, etc is ‘Books & Authors’. A large number of questions can arise from this section and therefore it is important that the aspirants of the competitive exams prepare this topic well. This article presents a few best […]

GK Quiz for Class 5 Students: Questions and Answers

gk questions for class 5

Eplore below some interesting GK Quiz questions for class 5 students which will help them to prepare for various school level entrance tests and general quizzes. Improving general awareness not only makes kids genius but also enhances their academic performance. If your child is 10 years old then here is the dedicated set of GK […]

Class 6th GK Quiz Questions and Answers

class 6 gk quiz

Here is the list of GK Quiz questions every class 6 student should know. Students are encouraged to appear for various general quizzes for class 6 and in that case this set of General Knowledge questions will be highly beneficial. Here in this article, we are giving strong focus on GK questions for 11 years […]

World GK Quiz Questions and Answers

World Gk Quiz

World GK is one of the sections of General Knowledge/ General Awareness subject included in a variety of exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Bank PO, Clerk, UPSC, etc. This section is considered high-scoring and it aims to test the candidates’ knowledge/ awareness about various topics related to the world. There is no fixed pattern […]

GK Quiz for Class 4 Students (9 Years Old)

GK Quiz for Class 4th

Explore 100+ GK Quiz questions with their answers here. This GK questions set is prepared by keeping in mind the syllabus of class 4 students. Our set of GK questions for class 4 will excite kids of 9 years to explore new world of knowledge. We have covered a majority of topics like animals, plants, […]

Class 3 GK Quiz Questions and Answers (For 8-Year Children)

GK Quiz Questions and Answers for Class 3

Check below the list of GK Quiz questions for class 3 with their answers. This set of class 3 GK questions will boost general awareness of 9 years old kid. A strong general knowledge makes students confident and capable to score outstanding in different general quizzes. GK Questions for Class 3 Here is the list […]

Football GK Quiz Questions and Answers

Football GK Quiz

Come and let’s explore various quiz questions on Football with answers. Questions are varied in domain including FIFA World cup, player’s record worldwide and many more. You might be surprised to know that Football is one of most recognized games played by more than 250 million players worldwide. You have so many things to uncover […]