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How to Add Medical Information to Android Phone

Add Medical Information To Android Phone

Today we use smartphone not just for calling and messaging purposes instead it has become an integral component of personal healthcare. Several fitness tracking apps have made our life easier by tracking our daily physical activity, heart rate, sleep time etc. But, do you know that your android phone can save your life in a […]

Top Antivirus for PC in India 2022: Paid and Free, Best Price

Top Antivirus India

When it comes to your digital existence, the most important factor is security. You need security from internet dangers, be it your personal or professional information. Investing in a good antivirus for your laptop is the simplest method to protect your online presence. The finest antivirus software protects you from all sorts of internet dangers. […]

5 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

Lock applications for Androids have been increasingly popular in recent years as a means of ensuring privacy. The problem is that many individuals forget their passwords and patterns when they try to unlock their devices. You don’t have to be an Android specialist to use tech competence to unlock the locked Android smartphone! How can […]

Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Gold-plated iPhone 4s Elite

Today, there are a number of high-end and attractive phones that are worth using; these topmost costly phones provide a great user experience, allowing people to feel at ease. In order to execute their jobs well, many individuals aspire to own the world’s most costly phone. While on a trip, many individuals like taking and […]

5 Best Lock Apps for Android Smartphones

The DoMobile Lab AppLock

Smartphones are now a necessity, and as a result, they hold a great deal of personal information. As a result, the data must now be more secure. It’s possible that you’ve had to share with someone else for some reason. You’re hesitant to hand over your cellphone to others because of the sensitive information on […]

5 Best Vacuum Cleaner in India

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

As a result of Covid-19, the entire country was put under lockdown, which was unprecedented. Most Indian families are struggling to balance domestic responsibilities, professional obligations, and childcare without the help of maids. It’s made us understand how important it is to have a vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher, regardless of whether you hire a […]

Stadia Pro Games List January 2022

Stadia Pro Games List September 2021

Five Stadia Pro Games are to be added for January 2022 including Cake Bash and others. Google is all set to add more Stadia Pro Games for January 2022. However, these are some amazing additions going to entertain gamers for sure over the coming weeks. Stadia Pro members are entitled to get 5.1 surround sound […]

Best PDF to Word Converter Apps for Android

pdf to word converter apps

How can I get my PDF files into Microsoft Word on Android? You’re likely having a difficult time getting this to function, at least without the use of any additional tools. On the Internet, there are choices for conversion. But unfortunately, nothing can necessarily be implemented at home locally. Do not despair, though; there are […]

List of 5 Best Air Purifiers in India

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Air pollution is a hazard to your health if you live in any major city in India. More than half of the world’s 20 worst polluted cities are located in India, according to the World Health Organization. So, air purifiers have become mandatory. In order to do their jobs effectively, these air purifiers must be […]