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List of Continents in The World and Their Countries

List of Continents in The World and Their Countries

Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania/Australia, North America, South America and Antarctica are the seven continents under the first continent system. There have been many revised continent system, some marking Europe-Asia as Eurasia, whereas in other Europe, Asia, Africa are combined to form Afro-Eurasia. Due to its uninhabitable environment, sometimes Antarctica is removed from the classification of […]

List of All Countries with Capital, Currencies and Language

List of All Countries

For the proper functioning of the economy, all countries around the globe have their own currencies. With the help of currencies, people in a particular country carry on their day-to-day transactions and businesses. At the same time, all nations have their capitals as well. Having capital is important so that proper legislation and administration can […]

World GK Quiz Questions and Answers

World Gk Quiz

World GK is one of the sections of General Knowledge/ General Awareness subject included in a variety of exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Bank PO, Clerk, UPSC, state PSC etc. This section is considered high-scoring and it aims to test the candidates’ knowledge/ awareness about various topics related to the world. There is no […]