Tips for Choosing a Good School for Your Child

We all know how important education in a person’s life is. In fact, educated citizens are the backbone of a good society and nation as well. This is the reason why parents are becoming more and more conscious about choosing the perfect school for their children. These days, the topmost priority for most parents is to provide quality education and learning environment to their kids.

With the growing number of schools especially in metropolitan cities, it has become quite a hectic task for parents to find the best fit school for their little ones. To sort this out, we are putting together some tips and factors that you must keep in mind while choosing the perfect school for your child.

10 best tips to find the best school for your child in India

The point of view of Indian parents toward education is changing rapidly. They are now focused on the holistic development of children instead of focusing just on marks. That’s why choosing the best fit school now is far more difficult than it was ever before. Here are some tips by which you may narrow down your choices.

  1. Location of the school

Some parents tend to ignore it but the location of the school should be a huge factor while choosing the right school for a kid. No parents really want their kids to waste a lot of time travelling to and fro to school. Keeping this in mind, many schools also have policies of giving first preference to the children from neighbourhood at the time of admission. Plus, if you have small kids it will be far easier for you to pick and drop your child at the school. It is often recommended that the travelling time for a kid to the school should not be more than 20 minutes.

  1. Provided Facilities and Infrastructure

The modern-day education needs a modern infrastructure as well. Today, schools are using innovative teaching methodologies like projector, activity-based learning, iPad tutorials, etc. It is advised that parents must have look at what teaching aids the school is using. Plus, the basic facilities like a playground, library, labs, medical rooms, etc. should be there.

  1. Curriculum

The school must be affiliated witha recognized board like CBSE, ICSE, or other state boards. Plus, you should do your own research to know the curriculum of which board matches the most with your child. If the school is following its own curriculum for the smaller classes then you should have a look at it before enrolling your ward. These days, many schools are providing foreign language classes as a part of their curriculum. So, you must inquire about it at the time of admission

4. Extra-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are equally important as academics. Good schools always give equal emphasis to these activities along with the academic syllabus. For a good holistic development of your child, he/she should take part in activities such as yoga, swimming, sports, fashion designing, music, dance, singing, debate, etc.

  1. Teacher to student ratio

Student Teacher Ratio

Well, this is one of the major things that you must keep in your mind while selecting a school for your kid. It is true that a teacher can’t focus on too many students at a time. So, it is important for you to ensure that your kid got the required attention. Make sure you ask the school about the teacher-student ratio before admission. The ratio of Teacher to students should not be more than 1:35.

  1. Campus safety

Every parents want his/ her child to be safe. The campus of the school must be safe and secure for students. No outsiders should be allowed to enter the school premises without permission. The CCTV cameras should be placed at the school gates and other areas. If the school has a swimming pool then trained lifeguards should also be there. We recommend you to have a visit to the school and look at the security arrangements available there.

  1. Discipline

Proper discipline not only helps a person during his/ her student life but also in every other aspect of life. It is necessary for a school to have a good vibrant yet disciplined environment. You may have a chat with the school’s current students and teachers to know more about how disciplined the school is.

  1. Previous results of the school

The previous year’s board exam result can give you a very good idea about the teaching standards of the school. You may visit the education board’s official website to know the results of all the affiliated schools. A pass percentage of more than 90% is considered very good. In case, the board exam’s result of any school is bad then we recommend you to avoid it.

  1. Affordability

Knowing the fee structure of a school is also important at the time of admission of your child. Especially, if you are a salaried employee or someone from a middle-income group to know and understand the fee structure deeply. Ask schools about all the charges that you might have to pay during an academic year. Our recommendation is that you should avoid schools that charge a hefty amount from the parents because there are many schools offering good education at a very affordable fee.

  1. Overall reputation

Last but not the least, if the school has all the nine qualities that we have mentioned above then there is a good possibility that this will also have a good reputation. There are many ways by which you may know about the reputation of any school such as online reviews, etc.

These are the things you need to keep in your mind while choosing a good school for your ward.

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