Volleyball GK Questions & Answers

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Volleyball GK Questions & Answers

Ques: How many teams will participate in FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022?

Ans: 24 teams

Ques: Where is the Volleyball Hall of Fame located?

Ans: Holyoke, Mass.

Ques: What is it called when a player passes up a spike from their opponent?

Ans: Dig

Ques: Who was the first collegiate coach to reach the 900 win mark?

Ans: Al Scates

Ques: “Libero” is related to which game?

Ans: Volleyball

Ques: Who invented Volleyball?

Ans: William G. Morgan

Ques: What is the name of the international organization that governs volleyball?


Ques: In 2003, beach standout Kerry Pottharst decided to retire from the game. Where is she from?

Ans: Australia

Ques: Which collegiate team had such great players as Kerri Walsh, Kristin Folkl, and Logan Tom?

Ans: Stanford

Ques: What is it called when the server steps over the serving line?

Ans: Foot Fault

Ques: How many total players are allowed on the court at a time?

Ans: 12

Ques: In professional matches, who referees the matches in a tournament, besides the up referee?

Ans: Hired officials

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Ques: When was volleyball introduced to the Olympics?

Ans: 1964

Ques: What year was the libero internationally introduced?

Ans: 1998

Ques: Deuce is a term used in?

Ans:  Volleyball

Ques: Volleyball was previously known as?

Ans: Mintonette

Ques: Volleyball was created in the same college as what other sport?

Ans: Basketball

Ques: Which country was the first to win three consecutive gold medals in women’s volleyball?

Ans: Cuba

Ques: What are the two referees in volleyball called?

Ans: Up Referee & Down Referee

Ques: How does the up referee know if the ball is in the court or out of the court?

Ans: Line judges

Ques: Where does the setter move to (in a 5-1 rotation) after their team serves the ball?

Ans: right border mark at the net

Ques: In what year was beach volleyball introduced into the Olympics?

Ans: 1996-Atlanta

Ques: Volleyball was invented in what year?

Ans: 1895

Ques: Every time the ball is sided out you get a point. This is a certain type of scoring called what?

Ans: Rally

Ques: What is it called when you’re up at the net, and you prevent the other team from spiking the ball?

Ans: Blocking

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Ques: Given that the very nature of the parent game is a “6+6” sport, which place listed below is usually cited as where the sport originated?

Ans: Santa Monica, CA, USA

Ques: Which one of these is not a type of serve used in volleyball?

Ans: Speed Float

Ques: What is a libero?

Ans: A back row specialist

Ques: In what country was volleyball invented?

Ans: USA

Ques: When the outside hitter hits the ball cross court near the ten foot line, the ball has traveled to which position?

Ans: Left back

Ques: What is another name for the left side front row position?

Ans: Outside Hitter

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