Top 12 Workbooks for Kids: Activity Books for Preschool, Elementary, Kindergarten, Homeschool

Gifting amazing workbooks to your kids is a classic way to keep them engaged. No matter your kids are on a summer break or having any other vacation, a good workbook can help them hone their reading and writing skills. The concept of home or online schooling has raised the importance of Workbooks because parents often find it difficult to keep their kids occupied after online classes.

A lot of great workbooks are available in the market. Some are classics which being published for decades while others are the latest workbooks having modern teaching methodologies. This post is going to help you a lot if you are looking for the best workbooks for your children. Here, are putting together the top 12 workbooks for kids.

List of 12 best workbooks for Children (Preschool, Elementary, Kindergarten, Homeschool )

  1. Math Skillbuilders

Author – Golden Books

This workbook is carefully planned to help your kids learn Mathematics in a systematic manner. The book contains colourful pages with over 70 colorfulstickers. Through this workbook, kids will be able to learn solving basic math problems including addition, subtraction, fraction, money, etc.

  1. The Ultimate Workbook for Children 3-4 Years

Author – Team Pegasus

This is an awesome book having more than 300 fun activities. The best thing about this book is that it enhances classroom learning in an exciting manner. The book includes activities from various subjects like English, Mathematics, etc. We are quite sure that your kids will love this book the pages are quite colourful with catchy images.

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  1. Colouring Book of Shapes: Creative Crayons Series – Crayon Copy Colour Books

Author – Wonder House Books

One of the best ways to let kids learn about shapes is through the fun of colouring. The workbook “Colouring Book of Shapes” is going to help your kid identify shapes like triangle, circle, square, etc. This workbook is also helpful in the development of mental ability, creativity, and imagination of kids.

  1. Little Artist Series People Around Us

Author – Wonder House Books

This one is also a colouring book through which children can learn while enjoying the joy of colouring. The good thing about this workbook is that the designs of colouring patterns are not that simple. The book will hone colouring as well as observation skills of your child by many folds.

  1. Anger Management Workbook for Kids

Author – Samantha Snowden MA

It is often observed that kids these days are getting more jittery and irritable. So, it is a smart idea to let them know about Anger Management skills at a young age. This workbook is going to do just that. The activities available in this book, let kids know about Assorted exercises (Doodle, meditate, craft making) and Feel good habits.

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  1. Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids

Author – Kelli Miller LCSW MSW

This workbook is one of the best sellers around the world. The book consists of 60 fun and entertaining activities for kids to learn Self-regulation, focus, and succeed in life. This book also going improve various skills of your child such as executive functional skills, anger management, staying focus, etc.

  1. My First Learn to Write Workbook

Author – Crystal Lake

If you have a young child who just learning to write then this workbook can be a perfect gift for him/ her. This book contains numerous activities such as connecting dots, fill in the blank, etc. to improve writing skills of the child. Plus, the book is full of colour exercises as well that can help your child to boost up his creativity and imagination.

  1. Trace Letters: Alphabet Handwriting Practice workbook for kids

Author – SujathaLalgudi

Good handwriting is loved by all. If you want your kid to write beautifully then you should let him practise. Trace letters is a magnificent workbook that contains fun activities that act as complementary to the school curriculum. The activities present in the book range from basic dot to dot tracing to simple sentence writing.

  1. 200 Must-Know Sight Words Activity Workbook

Author: Smart Kids Notebooks

An impeccable vocabulary can turn your kid not only into a good speaker but also he can be a good writer. The workbook “200 must-know sight words activity” is for children from the age of 5 to 8 years. The book is fun to read and it containsthe 200 most common words that kids should learn.

  1. School Zone – Get Ready for Kindergarten Workbook

Author – School Zone, Joan Hoffman, Shannon M. Mullally, etc.

This book can turn your kid into a complete all-rounder. It has more than 256 activity pages ideal for 5 to 6 years old kids. The book focuses on a variety of topics including Alphabets, Letters, Tracing, Printing, Numbers, Early Maths, Shapes, Pattern, etc.

  1. Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook (Highlights Big Fun Activity Workbooks)

Author – Highlights Learning

Prepared by the experts of Highlights Learning, this work aligns perfectly with the school standards. It has got more than 250 pages full of activities including puzzles, hidden pictures, Skills practice, humor, etc. The book is designed to supplement what kids are learning at school.

  1. Jumbo Kindergarten Workbook (Dk Workbooks)

Author: DK Publications

A child can learn the best if he enjoys the learning. This is the motive behind Jumbo Kindergarten Workbook from DK Publications. The book contains a range of fun content based on various subjects including Mathematics, Science, Geography, Spelling, Language Arts, etc. With more than 250 activity pages, it can keep your child engaged for a long time. These are few activity books for kids. Hope you’d like it.

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