World Bonobo Day 2024: Date, How to Participate, and Important Facts

World Bonobo Day 2024 falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day. Kaylee, our bonobo keeper, shares her thoughts on the group often. It’s no accident that Valentine’s Day also happens to be World Bonobo Day. When it comes to family dynamics, bonobos are the most laid-back of the four great apes.

Due to the dominance of females in the group, conflicts are usually resolved through non-aggressive behavior. The males in the flock are ranked lower than the females, and they work together as a family rather than with a single male domineering leader. A group of hippy apes chooses to “make love, not war” rather than engage in conflict.

World Bonobo Day 2024 Date

February 14 is World Bonobo Day. It promotes the survival of man’s closest surviving kin by raising awareness of their presence and ensuring their survival. It’s hard to think of a more peaceful species than the bonobo, one of nature’s playful big apes.

These animals are some of the most affectionate, so it is only right that they share a festival celebrating love. Sadly, these docile creatures are on the verge of extinction because of human activity.

Event nameDayDate
World Bonobo Day 2024Wednesday14th February 2024

The goal of World Bonobo Day 2024 is to raise public awareness of these nocturnal creatures and the dangers they confront. Let’s take a walk into the woods of knowledge to discover more about it.

A chronology of the events leading up to World Bonobo Day

Because of their small size and lack of habitat, bonobos, also known as pygmy chimpanzees, are considered an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Bonobo Project was started by conservationists with the goal of conserving bonobos and increasing their number. Since the conflict in the Congo left humans in dire need, the apes were forced to seek new meat sources. Previously inaccessible by boat or bush aircraft, industrial logging gave hunters access to the bonobo’s habitat.

The bonobo ape, a diurnal ape, was one of the last to be discovered. They were formerly thought to be a subspecies of chimpanzees because of their morphological and living similarities, but in 1933 they were recognized as their own species because of their distinct characteristics.

Despite the fact that bonobos are predominantly herbivores, they will occasionally eat insects and tiny antelopes, as well as bats, flying squirrels, and small antelopes.

The Best Ways to Take Part in World Bonobo Day 2024

  • The best way to commemorate this special day is to learn more about these affectionate animals. In addition to conducting your own research and watching instructive films, you may also share your results on social media.
  • There is a pressing need for money for the preservation of the endangered bonobo. Donating to appropriate organizations that safeguard them is a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion while also helping to ensure the survival of the species.
  • In comparison to other members of the ape family, bonobos are less well-known, yet their declining number means that they must be protected. In order to protect these animals, it is vital to increase awareness of their plight.

Important facts to know

  • In addition to mixing and eating medicinal leaves, bonobos are known to self-medicate by creating medicines from various plants.
  • When it comes to regulating social groupings, Bonobos have a matriarchal system where the females are in authority.
  • When it comes to simple items like umbrellas and mattresses, bonobos are the clear winners.
  • Like gorillas, bonobos are thought to be our closest surviving cousins. They have 98.7 percent of our chromosomes.
  • Only 10,000 to 20,000 bonobos remain in the wild, according to current estimates. Unless we take action, the entire species will be gone in the next several decades.
  • Great apes like bonobos don’t murder each other in the wild. They are gentle and peaceful creatures. Females watch out for one another; they feed and care for their young. For all of these reasons and more, we should work to keep this species from going extinct.
  • There is a strong mother attachment among bonobos. She creates an unbreakable link with her offspring since she is completely responsible for their well-being; young bonobos are extremely devoted to their moms and can be traumatized if taken from them early.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate World Bonobo day?

On 14th Feb

What is the habitat of bonobos?

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s woods south of the Congo River are the only places where wild bonobos may be found (DRC). As a distinct species, bonobos weren’t officially recognized until 1929.

How many bonobos are left in the world 2024?

Estimated between 15000 to 20000

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