World Farm Animals Day 2023: Theme, Significance, History & Celebration

World Farm Day or World Day for Farmed Animals is celebrated with the aim to raise awareness for farm animals and to find out ways to stop cruelty against them. Farm animals are hurt in many manners, with unhygienic living condition to getting slaughtered for meat, they suffer a fate that goes from bad to worse.

To draw worldwide attention to this, World Farm Animals Day is celebrated every year on October 2. The date coincides with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a great Indian freedom fighter and politician who was an advocate of non-violence for all, humans and animals alike.

World Farm Animals Day 2023 Date

Below mentioned are the upcoming dates for World Farm Animals Day for the next 5 years.

World Farm Animals Day 2023October 2, 2023Monday
World Farm Animals Day 2024October 2, 2024Wednesday
World Farm Animals Day 2025October 2, 2025Thursday
World Farm Animals Day 2026October 2, 2026Friday
World Farm Animals Day 2027October 2, 2027Saturday

World day for Farm Animals 2023 Overview

EventWorld Farm Animals Day, World Day for Farmed Animals
DateOctober 2, 2023
Declared byFarm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
Purpose of celebrationTo raise awareness for farm animals and to find out ways to stop cruelty against them.

World Farm Animals Day Significance

Everyone loves their pets but when it comes to farm animals, they are among the worst treated creatures and seek our support for betterment of their condition. World Farm Animals Day provides an opportunity for groups and individuals to come together to raise their voice against the prolonged suffering that the farm animals have been subjected to, including their brutal slaughter to provide meat at our table.

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Animal lover or not, the day encourages everyone to work together and create a compassionate world where animals are not treated as mere products but as a living being.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.’ It is important that we stop treating farm animals with cruelty and slaughtering them ruthlessly just for food because we are better than this. On the occasion of World Day for Farmed Animals, celebrations and gatherings are organized where animals and their rights are highlighted and people are requested to treat animals with love and compassion.

World day for Farm Animals Observance History

The World Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA) was founded in 1983 as a part of Farm Animal Rights Movement campaign. Since its inception, the day has dedicated itself towards the elimination of unnecessary cruelty on farm animals and will continue to do so until animals are no longer seen as a commodity, a product, rather than a living being.

The World Farm Animals Day was adopted to be observed on October 2nd in honor of India’s Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. The day also commemorates the birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi, an advocate of non-violence towards human and animals alike.

World Farm Animals Day 2023 Celebration

Nations all around the world observe World Farm Animals Day with great enthusiasm with many events and seminars organized for promoting the day. Many charities, government organization and NGOs work towards the betterment of condition of farm animals and invite participants to donate their money or time or both.

You can visit or join any such organizations on World Day for Farmed Animals and work towards helping farm animals. If there is nothing located nearby, you can send over some donation to help the animals.

You can visit a nearby farm and see for yourself the condition of the farm animals and get friendly with them. You can try quitting meat and dairy based products starting this day to support the goal of World Farm Animals Day or at least quit for the day. Another way to celebrate this day is by spreading awareness about farm animals and their condition among people. Ask others to do the same until the sentiment of love and compassion for farm animals brews in all hearts.

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When will we celebrate World Farm Animals Day 2023?

October 2, 2023

Is there any theme for celebrating World Farm Animals Day 2023?

2023 theme is yet to be released.

Does any nation observe holiday on World Day for Farm Animals?

No. There is no holiday and only general observation on the occasion of World Farm Animals Day.

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