World GK Quiz Questions and Answers

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[41] The World’s largest coral reef system ‘Great Barrier Reef’ is located at?

(A) India

(B) Malaysia

(C) New Zealand

(D) Australia

Answer: D (Australia)

[42] ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ is the highest civilian order of which country?

(A) Italy


(C) Sweden

(D) England

Answer: B (USA)

[43] International Woman’s Day is celebrated on

(A) 2nd January

(B) 5th April

(C) 8th March

(D) 15th September

Answer: C (8th March)

[44] Which island was previously known as ‘Formosa’?

(A) Hong Kong

(B) Taiwan

(C) Bali

(D) Sri Lanka

Answer: B (Taiwan)

[45] Where the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense “Pentagon” is located?

(A) Arizona

(B) Virginia

(C) Ohio

(D) Washington

Answer: B (Virginia)

[46] World Environment Day is observed every year on?

(A) 13th January

(B) 26th August

(C) 30th September

(D) 5th June

Answer: D (5th June)

[47] Which city first observed the Earth Hour (turn off non-essential lights for one hour) on 31st March, 2007?

(A) San Francisco

(B) Paris

(C) Sydney

(D) Rome

Answer: C (Sydney)

[48] Which animal is in the logo of WWF (WorldWildlife Fund For Nature)?

(A) Tiger

(B) Bald Eagle

(C) Bull

(D) Giant Panda

Answer: D (Giant Panda)

[49] 1st American President to win a Nobel Peace Prize

(A) Theodore Roosevelt

(B) Woodrow Wilson

(C) Barack Obama

(D) Jimmy Carter

Answer: A (Theodore Roosevelt)

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[50] ‘Sofia’ is the capital city of which country?

(A) Hungary

(B) Poland

(C) Romania

(D) Bulgaria

Answer: D (Bulgaria)

[51] How many countries have border with the Black sea?

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 6

(D) 8

Answer: C (6)

[52] Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in the city?

(A) Bern

(B) Lisbon

(C) Oslo

(D) Berlin

Answer: C (Oslo)

[53] All Nobel Prizes except the Peace Prize is given at the city?

(A) Oslo

(B) Stockholm

(C) Bern

(D) Zurich

Answer: B (Stockholm)

[54] Which one is the largest country by population in African continent?

(A) South Africa

(B) Nigeria

(C) Algeria

(D) Tunisia

Answer: B (Nigeria)

[55] Which one is the first constitutional republic in Asia?

(A) Hong Kong

(B) Brunei

(C) India

(D) Taiwan

Answer: D (Taiwan)

[56] Which country has the highest density of population in the world?

(A) Singapore

(B) Bangladesh

(C) Monaco

(D) Bahrain

Answer: B (Bangladesh)

[57] The island ‘Bali’, famous as tourist spot, is a part of which country?

(A) Indonesia

(B) Malaysia

(C) South Korea

(D) Sri Lanka

Answer: A (Indonesia)

[58] La Paz is the capital city of

(A) Bolavia

(B) Chile

(C) Venezuela

(D) Brazil

Answer: A (Bolavia)

[59] Which one is the most populous city in South America?

(A) Brasília

(B) Lima

(C) Sao Paulo

(D) Santiago

Answer: C (Sao Paulo)

[60] Sultan Ahmed Mosque is located in

(A) Istanbul

(B) Karachi

(C) Macca

(D) Dubai

Answer: A (Istanbul)

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