World Hello Day 2023: Theme, History, Celebration

World Hello Day is observed annually on November 21 in more than 180 countries all over the world. The day aims at expressing the fact that conflicts can be better resolved through communication rather than the use of force. World Hello Day highlights the importance of personal communication in preserving peace and encourages everyone to verbally greet at least ten people as a step towards achieving world peace.

World Hello Day 2023 Date

I have mentioned the day and date of world hello day for 5 years:

World Hello Day 2023November 21, 2023Tuesday
World Hello Day 2024November 21, 2024Thursday
World Hello Day 2025November 21, 2025Friday
World Hello Day 2026November 21, 2026Saturday
World Hello Day 2027November 21, 2027Sunday

World Hello Day 2023 Overview

EventWorld Hello Day 2023
DateNovember 21
Observed byInternational observance
PurposeTo raise awareness of the importance of personal communication in preserving peace.

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Significance of World Hello Day

November 21 is celebrated as World Hello Day every year since 1973 in response to the Yom Kippur War that took place in the same year. Things that could have been solved with proper communication between two countries often take the form of armed violence whereas if tried they can fix their differences through communication. World Hello Day spreads the message to the world leaders to adopt communication over violence and encourages individuals to say hello to at least ten people.

World Hello Day has been proved quite significant in preserving world peace and even Nobel Prize winners, at least 31 of them, has valued the importance of this special day. Many authors, entertainers and world leaders support the observation of this day and admire its contribution in creating peace in the world.

History of World Hello Day

Observation of World Hello Day begun in response to the armed conflict that arose between Egypt and Israel in 1973 fought from 6 to 25 October. The conflict is known as Yom Kippur War, or Ramadan War, or the October War, or the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, or the Fourth Arab–Israeli War.

The day was founded in 1973 itself by McCormack brothers Brian and Michael, a Ph.D. graduate of Arizona State University and a graduate of Harvard University respectively. The brothers encouraged worldwide participation of governments and individuals to celebrate in the World Hello Day. For this, they mailed 1,360 letters in seven languages to government leaders. In its first year, only 15 countries took part in World Hello Day celebration. Currently, more than 180 countries have shown their active participation in the celebration of the day.

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Celebration of World Hello Day 2023

What started as a simple effort to greet hello to each other to prevent violence and promote communication is now celebrated with great enthusiasm all around the world. World Hello Day is a day of international observance and anyone can take part in the celebration by greeting ten or more people. The idea is to promote communication over violence in resolving any kind of conflicts to preserve world peace. To celebrate the day, simply greet everyone you meet with a sweet hello and a smile on your face. Be it your friends, family, colleagues, peers or even a stranger, greet at least 10 people and encourage them to do so as well. By doing so not only you will be promoting world peace but you will be surprised to know how many new friends you make. The day also has its own website where you can go to learn more about this day.

There is no particular theme for World Hello Day celebration 2023. The day is observed without any specific theme and simply encourages people to greet each other. Also, no official holiday is observed on the occasion of World Hello Day in any part of the world.


How was the word hello invented?

Thomas Edison put the word hello into common usage. He urged the people who used his phone to say “hello” when answering.

What is the purpose of World Hello Day?

People around the world use the occasion of World Hello Day as an opportunity to express their concern for world peace.

Is there any holiday observed on the occasion of World Hello Day?

There is no holiday observed on the occasion of World Hello Day in any part of the world.

Who started World Greeting day?

World Greeting Day or Hello Day was created by Arizona State University graduate Brian McCormack and Harvard graduate Michael McCormack.

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