World Migratory Bird Day 204: History, Activities, and much more

May 13 is celebrated everywhere on World Migratory Bird Day, so it’s time to relax your feathers! Approximately 40% of the world’s bird population migrates, representing at least 4,000 distinct species. They’re all after food, of course.

These birds migrate twice a year to warmer climes during the winter and then return to their breeding grounds in the spring. We can all agree on the importance of the following food over the world as a species. Today is National Bird Day, a day to honor our feathered companions.

World Migratory Bird Day 2024 Dates

On May 13, 2024, the world will celebrate Migratory Bird Day 2024. Bird migration is celebrated in the United States. In Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, people commemorate the day of the bird by holding celebrations. In the United States and Canada, it occurs on the second Saturday of May. This holiday is observed in October in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Event nameDayDate
World Migratory Bird Day 2024Monday13th May 2023

History of World Migratory Bird Day

As numerous species of birds migrate each year between habitats, the term “bird migration” has been coined. The duration of the day has a significant impact on when birds start migrating. Migrating birds use a combination of astronomical signals from the earth’s magnetic field, and, most likely, mental maps to find their way. Many species have been endangered by human activity.

Because of the large distances birds travel during their migration, conservation efforts need collaboration across governments. Hunting may have a significant impact on one’s health and well-being.

Migrating birds have been reported to be affected by structures like power lines, wind farms, and offshore oil rigs. Habitat degradation by land-use changes is a major danger, and shallow wetlands provide stopovers and wintering areas for migrating birds.

The Reasons why one should celebrate International Migratory Bird Day

  • They’re evolutionary wonders. In addition to the fact that they are closely related to dinosaurs, they are the only species on the earth to have feathers. As a result of that final one, birds have long been the object of human admiration. On Bird Day, who wouldn’t want to stretch their wings and fly?
  • During migration, birds’ capacity to locate and orient themselves is an even more intricate process. It’s important to note that birds undergo molting and metabolic changes in preparation for long-distance flights in order to save enough energy to complete the trip.
  • Other species benefit from migration as well. For example, as birds migrate throughout the planet, they may help manage insect populations in the areas they visit, as well as aid in the pollination of flowers and the elimination of carrion waste. In addition, their feces is rich in nutrients that aid in the growth of plants.
  • It takes a tremendous amount of energy to move from one place to another. The drive to migrate is a genetically determined one. Even in birds that don’t have to migrate, this fundamental characteristic has emerged.

How to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day

  • Take a stroll in the woods or a nearby park. Make an effort to learn about the birds that inhabit your region by getting to know the ecology. Determine which birds are native to your region and which have migrated in from other parts of the United States.
  • Put up bird feeders. You may either go out into nature or bring nature to you. Feeders placed outside your home will attract a wide variety of birds that are on the lookout for something to eat.
  • Observe the change of seasons and see if you can identify the species that depart and those that enter. Keep a notebook to track your progress and observe how things change over time.
  • Sugar water may be provided as well as any other kind of food. Just watch out for the neighborhood cats and squirrels.
  • Become a member of the Audubon Society. The Audubon Society’s mission is to protect and enhance the well-being of birds of all species. There are more than 500 local chapters around the country, and each one is engaged on several fronts in the struggle to rescue the birds. Look for a location near you, and see if you can assist our feathered companions to grow in any way.

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The International Migratory Bird Day 2021 focused on what?

A worldwide effort to raise awareness of migrating birds and international collaboration to protect them, this year’s theme for World Migratory Bird Day is “Sing, Fly, Soar—Like a Bird!”

Do you know who founded World Migratory Bird Day?

The UN established International Migratory Bird Day (IMDB) in 2006 to increase awareness of birds’ ties to other places. Since then, 118 nations have participated in the event.

Does a migratory bird go to India?

Many Siberian birds, including Siberian Cranes, Greater Flamingos, and Demoiselle Cranes, spend the winter in India, as well as countless other bird species from throughout the globe. During the cold and warm months, these lovely birds fly to India for feeding, breeding, and nesting.

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