World Press Freedom Day 2024: How to celebrate this day of Freedom?

On May 3 of each year, people throughout the world celebrate the freedom of the press. Today is National Journalists Day, and it commemorates the invaluable work that journalists do. The United Nations established this day to honor and promote press freedom all throughout the globe.

Journalists and supporters of democracy throughout the globe unite every year on May 3 to commemorate and protect the rights to free expression and information as well as the autonomy of the news media, all of which are under continual threat. Reporters who have been murdered while doing their jobs are also remembered on this day. To celebrate this day, let’s point anyone interested in learning how to become advocates for others in the direction of relevant educational resources.

World Press Freedom Day 2024 Date

On May 3, media professionals and journalists throughout the world pause to consider pressing topics. Journalists have a crucial role in keeping the public informed, uncovering hidden truths, and keeping power structures accountable. Journalists are often attacked and many are killed because they are a nuisance to the powerful and opponents of democracy.

Event nameDayDate
World Press Freedom Day 2024Friday3rd May 2024

The Importance of Celebrating World Press Freedom Day

  • Journalism is a vital part of our society, and we recognize its importance. Honor this day with great pride. This demonstrates the high regard in which we hold the public service that is given by honest, upstanding journalists.
  • In this way, democracy is strengthened. Countries that ban or oppress the press are targeted on World Press Freedom Day. As such, it poses a significant challenge to totalitarian regimes.
  • It’s a way to remember the departed and show respect for their legacy. We should observe World Press Freedom Day in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the public informed. To put it simply, it assures that their sacrifice was not in vain and pays tribute to their memories.

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World Press Freedom Day in the History of the World

In 1991, during a UNESCO meeting in Windhoek, Namibia, a delegation of African journalists made an impassioned plea. The “Windhoek Declaration” was written with the goal of creating a platform for a free and autonomous media environment that welcomes diverse viewpoints. It was established in 1993 at the behest of the signatories to the Windhoek Declaration during the 26th meeting of the UNESCO General Meeting.

UNESCO’s key value for the week is press and expression freedom, which facilitates mutually beneficial dialogue and understanding, the cornerstones of modern peacebuilding. The day serves as a warning that publications critical of the ruling elite in dozens of nations still face censorship, fines, suspensions, or even closures. Sadly, many people actively seek out and target journalists, sometimes even to the point of death. The assaults on journalists towards the close of the mid-twentieth century in Africa prompted them to take action.

It is also a day to show solidarity with the media outlets that have been targeted for press censorship or outright elimination. Journalists who were killed while covering a story are also remembered on this day.

World Press Freedom Day 2024: How to celebrate?

  • Promote the day by holding conferences. The United Nations offers resources for spreading the word and researching the event. Take advantage of World Press Freedom Day by using the resources provided here to host events and encourage conversations with loved ones and colleagues.
  • Pay tribute to investigative reporters by checking their sources. Everyone would benefit from developing the habit of researching topics in-depth and double verifying all of their facts.
  • Don’t forget the people who made a difference. There have been many shifts and changes in recent history that have been brought about by the power of the press.
  • The excellent work they did lead to the downfall of governments, the end of wars, and the birth of movements. Remember today the sacrifices made by individuals whose efforts to inform the people of the truth ultimately led to their deaths.

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World Press Freedom Day 2024 Facts

  • Only 35% of individuals in the West who hold populist ideas value press freedom.
  • Over 90% of Greeks believe it is critical that news outlets operate free from government interference.
  • Just 28% of Lebanon’s population places a high value on press freedom.
  • When it comes to free and independent media, Norway, Finland, and Sweden are at the top of the list.

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Q. Why do we commemorate World Press Freedom Day?

Ans. Every year on May 3rd, people all over the world come together to honor those who died while doing their job as journalists, to evaluate press freedom in different parts of the world, to protect the media against attacks on their independence, and to remember the principles upon which the profession of journalism was founded.

Q. Where does India sit on the World Press Freedom Index?

Ans. India’s ranking of 142nd in the 2020 World Peace Index (WPFI), down two spots from 2019, has been the topic of significant discussion and controversy between media professionals, political parties, governments, and users.

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