World Storytelling Day 2024: All Facts you need to know

Since 2003, World Storytelling Day has been a worldwide celebration of the art of oral storytelling. Every year, on or around the equinox of March 20th, it is commemorated.

Today, storytellers all around the world are energizing their audiences and establishing a sense of community via the telling of classic tales and local stories as well as epic tales that are both beautiful and terrifying. A storyteller’s heart is full of fantastic tales to bridge our divisions and remind us what it means to be human, and each one is delivered in an original and captivating way.

World Storytelling Day 2024 Date

World Storytelling Day is an annual event in which people all around the world participate by reciting their favorite gripping tales. There are many places where you may participate in the good times brought about by a day planned with words.

Storytelling has its origins in prehistoric times. A wealth of knowledge has been gleaned from the cave paintings, sketches, and messages that have appeared over the years. It’s a way to learn about the past through the preservation of antiquated information. Every time a human being looked at a cave wall, he was reminded of the stories that were written there. After each recounting, the art of storytelling began to develop.

Event nameDayDate
World storytelling DayWednesday20th March 2024

History of World storytelling day

There was a time when Story Telling Day wasn’t universally observed. It was dubbed Alla Berättares Dag (All Narrators Day) in Sweden in the early 1990s. A global “celebration of oral storytelling” was born out of the holiday’s rapid adoption by storytellers all over the world. There has been a theme linked with each event since 2004, ranging from strong women to dreams to neighboring water.

From historical and cultural stories, people can transmit them all over the world, or they can come up with their own. Storytelling is regarded as a unique means of conveying information. It has the ability to traverse through time and space while yet being relevant today. As long as it’s a good story, it doesn’t matter what language or form it is delivered in. It has the ability to affect the way people think and feel, as well as inspire new ideas.

As the population grew and individuals began traveling across boundaries, their stories were passed down from generation to generation, preserving their experiences. As time passed, the number of stories grew exponentially, as each successive generation brought with it a new set of life experiences to share.

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Storytelling Facts That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Storytelling is the only art form that has existed from the beginning of time.

  • Everyone is an expert at developing and delivering tales for their own purposes, even if they aren’t excellent at it on stage.
  • We tell stories 65 percent of the time. 65% of our discussions are tales, therefore we’re actually telling stories all the time.
  • We are influenced by stories that are told to us.
  • Modern storytellers use personal tales or political/cultural criticism to influence others in their stories about heroes, which are commonly referred to as “legends.” Legends teach us about heroes who inspire us to live our best lives and achieve our goals.
  • Storytelling and story-writing follow a set of rules and guidelines. The identical pattern repeats itself again and time again in each storybook you pick up.

Activities for World storytelling day 2024

  • Go to a storytelling occasion. Throughout the day, storytelling events of various sizes will take place, from the massive to the intimate. Attend a gathering and take in the speaker’s narrative.
  • Set up a story-sharing event. Children or friends can write and read you short tales. Write or create a narrative and read it to someone else to get the same effect
  • It is the goal of World Storytelling Day to honor the art of oral storytelling by bringing together as many people as possible from all over the world to tell and listen to stories in their native languages.
  • Fictional stories were also written by people, in addition to those that were based on their own experiences and knowledge. This is a realm of fantasy and make-believe. The art form of storytelling has been around for more than a few decades, and each genre has a distinct position in our lives.


What is the purpose of this annual celebration?

The narrator and the listener both select a story to tell, which is then shared. People may use it to tell their own stories, or even invent something completely new, and it’s always fun!

Is narrating a narrative an art form?

By the National Storytelling Network, the art form of Storytelling is described as “old” and “precious.” The term “storytelling” is frequently used in a variety of contexts due to the importance of stories in so many artistic genres.

Where is the National Storytelling day derived from?

Alla Berratares Dag’ (Swedish for “All Day for Stories”) was established by the Swedes in 1991 as a day to honor storytelling. The founders of this day have died away, but their loyal followers have taken up the reins, and it has now become a global phenomenon.

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