World Tuberculosis Day 2024: Theme, Meaning, History, Significance, Messages

On the 24th of March, we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day in an effort to raise awareness about the deadly infection. A deadly illness, tuberculosis, is among the most common causes of death worldwide. Because of this, millions around the world celebrate this day to promote awareness of tuberculosis and the difficulties in eliminating it.

10.6 million people fell ill with Tuberculosis (TB)  in the year 2021.

1.6 million people died in 2021 due to this deadly disease.

74 million lives have been also saved because of the global efforts to end TB

World Tuberculosis Day 2024 Date

EventWorld Tuberculosis Day
Also Knows asWorld TB Day
DateMarch 24, 2024
Theme‘Yes! We can end TB!’ (current year’s theme will be announced soon)

Meaning of TB

Tuberculosis is a disease that can be treated and avoided. Through the air, tuberculosis is transmitted from person to person. When individuals with tuberculosis cough, sneeze, or split, bacteria are released into the air. A person gets sick if he or she inhales a handful of these bacteria.

Let us inform you that approximately one-third of the planet’s population has latent tuberculosis, or individuals who’ve been afflicted with TB germs and haven’t yet developed symptoms and are unable to spread the illness. Another factor to take into account is that individuals infected with tuberculosis germs have a 10% lifetime chance of contracting the disease. Individuals with compromised immune systems, such as those infected with HIV, anemia, or insulin, or those using cigarettes or are at a greater danger.

World Tuberculosis Day History

The revelation of Mycobacterium by Dr. Robert Koch in 1882, which causes tuberculosis, unlocked the way towards the diagnosis and treatment of the illness. The fact that tuberculosis (TB) is still the world’s greatest infectious killer is something we must face head-on.

First at UN High-Level Conference in September 2018, national leaders came together for the first occasion to speed up the reaction to TB in nations and make pledges to eliminate the disease.

World Tuberculosis Day Significance

Treatable and preventive, tuberculosis most often attacks the lungs. When the infected individual coughs or sneezes, the illness spreads via the air. It is possible for a healthy individual to get sick by inhaling those germs.

It’s estimated that every day, over 4,000 people die from TB across the world and another 28,000 get infected, as per the World Health Organization. From the year 2000, TB prevention and treatment initiatives have improved the lives of 63 million people.

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World Tuberculosis Day 2024 Theme

World TB Day 2024 Theme: Yet to be announced

World TB Day 2023 Theme: ‘Yes! We can end TB!’

World TB Day 2022 Theme: ‘Invest to End TB. Save Lives’

“The Clock is Ticking” was the theme for World TB Day in 2021, signifying that clock is running out for world leaders to fulfill their promises to eradicate the terrible illness.

The World Health Organization recently issued a call to action on this day, urging everybody to uphold the commitment:

  • Diagnose and treat 40 million individuals with tuberculosis (TB) by the year 2020, particularly 3.5 million children and 1.5 million adults with drug-resistant tuberculosis.
  • For each and every dollar spent in the fight against TB, USD 43 is repaid to society in the form of a healthy, well-functioning society. That’s what the WHO hopes to achieve by mobilizing USD 13 billion in funding each year.
  • Former president Ram Nath Kovind addressed World TB Day last year, praising NTEP for its outstanding accomplishments in spite of the challenging conditions.
  • The year 2020 marked a turning point in Indian healthcare, as well as healthcare provision worldwide. The COVID-19 epidemic served as a sobering reminder of the value of a comprehensive healthcare system that is available to everyone. Combating COVID-19 was a top priority for the whole National TB Elimination Program (NTEP). They have shown remarkable dedication to combating the COVID epidemic while also working to eradicate tuberculosis, the president added.
  • A better and brighter future for future generations should be our goal on World Tuberculosis Day, the UN official said. We should redouble our attempts to accomplish “Health for all.”

World Tuberculosis Day 2024 Messages

  • Let us swear an oath to eradicate this illness from the lives of everyone else in order to prevent disease from taking our loved ones away.
  • We are the only ones who have the ability to take control of our own life. Let us not take illnesses lightly; we must fight them with all of our might.
  • We will never be defeated by even the most devastating illness. All we need is the willpower to battle it off with tenacity and courage. Separation is difficult, but separation with tuberculosis is a fantasy that not everyone can achieve.
  • The government must implement a disease-fighting programme that is available 24/7, which is not realistically feasible in many areas of the globe.
  • We can defeat illnesses such as tuberculosis if we combine healthy living with a positive attitude. Each individual want to lead a healthy lifestyle, and the secret to living a healthy lifestyle is to refrain from engaging in any harmful behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is World TB Day 2024?

We observe World TB Day on March 24 every year.

What is the theme of World TB Day 2024?

The theme of World Tuberculosis Day was ‘Yes! We can end TB!’, last year.

When was World TB Day first celebrated for first time?

World Tuberculosis Day was launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 24, 1982.

Which days are marked as global public health campaigns other than World TB Day by WHO?

Other days are- World AIDS Day, World Health Day, World Patient Safety Day, World Chagas Disease Day, World Hepatitis Day, World Blood Donor Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, World Malaria Day, and World Immunization Week.

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