World Wind Day 2024: A day that celebrates the power of wind energy

Every year World Wind Day is observed on 15 June with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of wind as a renewable source of energy. Also, known as Global Wind Day, it is a day to discover the actual power of wind energy and the possibilities it holds to reshape energy systems all over the world. The day is observed with events and activities organized all over the world. Find out more details about World Wind Day 2024 such as why it is celebrated, its history, observation and much more from this article.

World Wind Day 2024 Date

Find below the important dates for upcoming events of World Wind Day in 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027:

World Wind Day 2024June 15, 2024Saturday
World Wind Day 2025June 15, 2025Sunday
World Wind Day 2026June 15, 2026Monday
World Wind Day 2027June 15, 2027Tuesday

World Wind Day 2024 Overview

EventWorld Wind Day 2024
Other namesGlobal Wind Day
DateJune 15
Declared byThe European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
Observed byWorldwide
Purpose of celebrationTo raise awareness of the importance of wind as a renewable source of energy.

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Significance of World Wind Day

World Wind Day is a day to celebrate wind energy, its power and all present and future prospects it may hold. It is a day to educate people, especially children, about the importance of wind energy. As the global climate crisis deepens and political attention towards climate increases it becomes even more significant to observe Global Wind Day. Proper use of wind energy can help decarbonize economies and boost jobs and growth and therefore more and more companies are encouraged on this day to turn to clean, reliable and cost-effective wind energy to power their businesses.

History of World Wind Day Observation

The first Wind Day was organized by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in 2007 but it was only in 2009 that the EWEA teamed up with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and turned it into a global event. The aim was to encourage people across the world to make the most out of wind energy.

Observation of World Wind Day

Various events in the promotion of wind energy are organized by the European Wind Energy Association and the Global Wind Energy Council on the occasion of Global Wind Day every year. Many national wind energy associations and companies involved in wind energy production also hold events all across their countries. Information campaigns, visits to onshore and offshore wind farms, demonstrations of turbines being set up in cities, wind workshops and wind parades are some popular events held in different countries on this day. Other fun activities like wind farm open days, workshops, regattas, photo exhibitions, drawing competitions, kite flying competitions, etc also form an important part of the World Wind Day celebration.

Interesting facts about Wind Energy

On the occasion of World Wind day, let us learn a few interesting facts about wind energy:

  1. Wind energy is among the most efficient as well as environmentally friendly sources of energy.
  2. Windmills have been in use since 2000 BC.
  3. However, it was only in the 1940s that the first modern wind turbine was built in Vermont, USA.
  4. Wind energy provides more than 20% of total electricity generation in 11 states of the USA.
  5. The largest wind turbine that stands 20 stories tall and has blades the length of a football field is located in Hawaii, USA.
  6. The most installed capacity of wind energy is in Germany.
  7. German physicist, Albert Betz, was the pioneer of wind turbine technology.
  8. Wind turbines may look simple but actually have around 8,000 different parts.
  9. If the wind blows over 130 km per hour, the blades stop turning as a safety precaution.
  10. Wind energy is the fastest-growing mode of electricity production.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we celebrate World Wind Day?

June 15 every year

Is there any theme to celebrate World Wind Day 2024?

World Wind Day is observed without any specific theme in any year.

Which US state generates the maximum wind energy?


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