Dave Whelan Net Worth ($ 210 million in 2023)

According to estimates, Dave Whelan’s net worth is almost $ 210 million. Everybody wants to know about Dave Whelan’s life. So this article provides all the information about Dave Whelan’s net worth and life.

Dave Whelan is the most prominent English former football player who played for Crewe Alexandra and Blackburn Rovers. Dave Whelan has been regarded as the most beloved and successful player who has gained much popularity. Despite his soccer or football career, he is also a well-known businessman. After a lot of struggles and injuries, Dave Whelan got success in his football career. Today, he is the highest-paid athlete in this world.

Furthermore, he earned a lot of money through his hard work and also developed his business on his own. Also, Dave Whelan got many awards in his life, which made him more famous. When it comes to the list of football players, he always comes at the top list. That is why his popularity is rising day after day. Let’s take a look at Dave Whelan’s life, biography, career and other significant details.

Dave Whelan’s Net Worth

According to Wikipedia and Forbes, the net worth of Dave Whelan is $ 210 million. He earned a load of money from his football career, endorsement deals and business deals. His annual income is more than $ 10 million, and his monthly income is more than $ 1 million. He spends loads of money on purchasing a variety of properties. Check other Riches footballers in the world

Here is the record of Dave Whelan’s net worth from the previous years, such as below.

  Net worth in 2023  $ 210 million
  Net worth in 2022  $ 190 million
  Net worth in 2021  $ 180 million
  Net worth in 2020  $ 170 million
  Net worth in 2019  $ 150 million

Dave Whelan’s career highlights

There are various career highlights of Dave Whelan, such as below.

  • In 2007, Dave Whelan was awarded the freedom of the Borough of Wigan by Wigan Borough Council.
  • Dave Whelan was awarded the honorary degree of DBA (doctor of business administration) in 2015.
  • He also has won the FA cup, the second and third division with Wigan Athletic.
  • Dave Whelan’s sports retail chain is the 2nd biggest in the UK.
  • Dave Whelan was the chairman of Wigan Athletic for more than 20 years.

Dave Whelan Biography

  Real Name  Dave Whelan
  Nickname  Dave
  Date of Birth and Place  November 24, 1936, UK
  Nationality  England
  Height   5’10”
  Spouse  Pat Whelan
  Number of kids  2
  Name of children  Jayne Best, Paul Whelan
  Source of wealth  Professional soccer player
  Net worth  $ 210 million

Dave Whelan’s early life and career

Dave Whelan was born in 1936 in Bradford and developed in Wigan. He showed less information about his earlier life. Dave Whelan attended high school in Wigan. When he was a child, he was interested in football. He started his career with Blackburn Rovers. In 1977, Dave Whelan obtained JJB, a fishing and sporting store in Wigan, which converted into a successful sporting goods store. 

In 2013, he also beat Manchester City in the FA cup final and got a trophy. He played 78 times, but sadly he got an injury to his leg. He suffered from pain and serious injury, which is why he stopped playing. But after recovery, he played football and played continuously before finally retiring. Check here Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Dave Whelan movies

  • My Left foot
  • Watch Now. The tailor of Panama
  • Breakfast on Pluto
  • The boxer
  • In the name of the father

Dave Whelan’s personal life

Coming on to his personal life, Jayne Best, Paul Whelan married Pat Whelan. They were blessed with two kids named Jayne Best and Paul Whelan. Today, they lived in expensive houses and enjoyed their life.

Dave Whelan’s Contact Details


Final words

It is clear that Dave Whelan is not only successful but also a rich man. He got much name and fame from his football career. Being a good businessman, he achieved much success and motivated a lot of people. After getting injuries, he was never disappointed and played continuously. That is why he became the most talented footballer in his earlier years.


How much does Dave Whelan earn monthly?

Dave Whelan makes more than $ 1 million per month.

What is the current age of Dave Whelan?

Currently, Dave Whelan is 86 years old.

How much is the total net worth of Dave Whelan nowadays?

Nowadays, Dave Whelan has almost 210 million net worth in 2023.

What is the maximum yearly income of Dave Whelan?

Dave Whelan’s annual income is more than $ 12 million.

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