Is Your PC Slow: Know the 8 Proven Ways to Speed It Up

fix slow pc

Struggling with a slow PC? Not able to find ways to get it fixed? Are you looking for a local technician who can fix this issue for you? Not anymore! Here are some proven ways that can speed up your slow computer and make it ideal even for gaming purposes. A slow computer is capable […]

Top 15 Largest Data Centers in the World in 2023


With millions of terabytes of data and information getting exchanged everyday there is a need of data centers bigger than ever. There are many projects being carried out in past few decades to manage this heavy volume of data. Many data centers have been developed with size more or around a million square feet to […]

Sri Lanka Independence Day 2023: Date, History, Celebration, Wishes

Sri Lanka Independence Day

Sri Lanka Independence Day 2023: National Day, also known as Independence Day, is a national holiday in Sri Lanka that is recognized annually on February 4th to celebrate the country’s political independence from British rule in 1948. A ceremony of flag-raising, performances, demonstrations, as well as other public displays are held throughout the nation to […]