Murli Dhar Gyanchandani Net Worth 2023 – Meet the richest Man in Uttar Pradesh (UP)

There are a few millionaires in India who like to keep a low profile and keep themselves away from the media’s limelight. One such millionaire is Murli Dhar Gyanchandani. With a net worth of more than Rs. 12000 crore, he is the richest man in Uttar Pradesh. His brother Bimal is in the third position on this list.

If you don’t know who Murli Dhar Gyanchandani is then we would like to tell you he is the owner of RSPL Group. This prominent group manufactures many popular products like the Ghadi detergent bar, Xpert Dishwash bar, etc. Coming from a humble background, the success of Gyanchandani is a testament to sheer hard work and dedication.

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani’s Net Worth in 2023

According to reports, Murli Dhar Gyanchandani’s Net Worth in 2023 is around Rs. 12000 Crore. Apart from this, his brother has a net worth of Rs. 8000/-. Despite his growing age, the assets of Gyanchandani are constantly increasing. Last year, his net worth was only Rs. 9800 crores. So, we can say that his net worth increased by more than 20% in just one year.

The biggest chunk of Murli Dhar Gyanchandani’s income comes from his detergent brand Ghadi. This brand has the second-largest market share in India just behind Unilever’s brand known as Wheel. Apart from this, he is also the owner of the shoe brand Red Chief.

His group RSPL has ventured into many other businesses including the dairy business, dish wash bar, and more. With all these business ventures, Murli Dhar Gyanchandani is the richest man in UP.

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani’s Biography

Full NameMurli Dhar Gyanchandani
Date of birth20th November 1946
Father’s NameDayaldas Gynchandani
BirthplaceKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Sources of IncomeManufacturing Consumer Goods
Marital StatusMarried
Place of residenceKanpur

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani was born on 20th November 1946 in Kanpur, India. His father Dayaldas Gynchandani was also a businessman. However, the business of Dayaldas was not a large scale. Murli Dhar and his brother were interested in business from a young age.

Their father Dayaldas Gyanchandani used to make soap from glycerin. Two brothers decided to expand this business. They started a bigger factory near the Fazalganj fire station and started making detergent powder.

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They named this factory Mahadev Soap Industry. Later on, they renamed their detergent powder “Ghadi”. This completely changed the fortune for them. As time passed by, Ghadi became the market leader and generated hundreds of crores in revenue.

Ecstatic by the success of Ghadi, Murli Dhar along with his son ventured into the shoe-making business. They launched their shoe brand Red Chief and got instant success. They also launched a dishwash bar called Xpert in the late 2000s.

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani’s son Manoj is also a staunch businessman. He is also doing well in the dairy business. A few years ago, he launched his brand called “Namaste India”.

 All these factors combined to make Murli Dhar ultra-rich. But, the good thing is that he likes giving back to society. Recently, he opened a charity hospital along with his brother in the name of his parents.          

Struggle and Delivery on Cycle

The life of Murli Dhar Gyanchandani is inspirational, to say the least. He is a prime example of how hard work and courage can change the fortune for you.

Initially, Murli Dhar along with his brother Bimal Gyanchandani used to deliver soaps locally and to shops by foot and bicycle. Despite the hard work, both brothers continued to run their businesses with full dedication.

It was very difficult for them to survive at that time because the market was full of known brands such as Nirma and Wheel. It was impossible to compete against them just by making soaps. So, they decided to follow a different route and started manufacturing detergent powder and the rest is history.

Success of Ghadi and Famous Tagline 

Ghadi completely changed the fortune of Murlidhar Gyanchandani. When he launched Ghadi, other detergent powders were either Yellow or Blue in colour. However, he offered his detergent powder in White colour.

Apart from looking different, Ghadi was also offering better quality and affordability. This resulted in a very high demand for Ghadi. The famous tagline “Pehle Istemal Kare Phir Vishwas Kare” also became very popular.

Another strategy followed by Gyanchandani was to attract sellers. He offered higher commissions to sellers as compared to other companies. In this way, he was able to gain a stronghold in the market. Gradually, he built small units and depots every 200-300 kilometres resulting in low transportation costs.

Sons are Managing the Business

Even though Murli Dhar is still associated with the RSPL group, his sons are managing the core business. His son Manoj is the official owner of the brand Red Chief. On the other hand, his nephew is managing the marketing.

In the year 2015, they added a sanitary napkin brand Pro-Ease to RSPL. They are now focusing on a sports footwear brand called Furo Sports.

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Frequently Asked Questions         

Who is the wealthiest man in UP?

Murli Dhar Gyanchandani.

What is the net worth of Murli Dhar Gyanchandani?

Rs. 12000 Crore.

Is Murli Dhar Gyanchandani on social media?

No, he is not present on social media.

What is the birthplace of Murli Dhar Gyanchandani?


Are red chief shoes and Ghadi detergent related to each other?

Yes, they are companies of the same group i.e. RSPL Group

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