54 Thrones Shark Tank Net Worth 2023- Details about the renowned beauty brand entrepreneur Christina Funke Tegbe

Christina Funke Tegbe is known for her multiple businesses in the fields of technology, beauty, and local service industries. Her most successful venture is the beauty brand 54 Thrones which she founded with the aim to create modern skincare experiences through traditional African beauty rituals. In 2021, she even pitched her 54 Thrones business idea to the popular reality show Shark Tank for investment. Read this article for more information on 54 Thrones Shark Tank’s net worth in 2023, 4 Thrones Shark Tank update, etc.

Christina Funke Tegbe net worth

Newlin Net Worth 2023

NameChristina Funke Tegbe
Net worth (as of 2023)$3.25 million

Christina Funke Tegbe Personal Biography

 Christina Tegbe was born and raised in Austin, Texas but remained close to her African heritage through her aunt who used to send shea butter from Nigeria. In 2015, Christina’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer following which she decided to change her life and took off on a trip to Nigeria, Ghana, and Morocco. During her trip, she got inspired to create a beauty product-based business of her own. Not many details related to the personal life of Christina Tegbe are known to the public.

Full nameChristina Funke Tegbe
Years active2016 – present
Age39 years as of 2023
Place of birthAustin, Texas

Christina Funke Tegbe Business Ventures

Christina Tegbe, who worked as a management consultant, quit her job and decided to create her own business. She started a local business that offered services such as housekeeping, janitorial, maintenance, etc. These services were provided to businesses as well as residents as per the demand. Additionally, Christina also offers consulting services to business owners involved with different local service industries. The area of focus remains brand vision, execution, and strategy, and acquisition and retention of customers.

Richest Sharks on Shark Tank

Three years later, Tegbe launched another company in 2019 named AvailVA, a task outsourcing agency based in the US. AvailVA allows niche industry business owners to outsource tasks such as scheduling, hiring, etc. to their trained professionals. The company makes it easier for local service business owners to scale-up by handling their daily operational tasks. Similar to AvailVA, Christina also co-created the company ZiggyVA which provides on-demand customer support for local service businesses. However, she exited from the company in 2021.

Shark Tank 54 Thrones

In 2016 Christina launched a company named 54 Thrones that dealt with skincare through  the richness, diversity, and culture of the African continent. All the ingredients for the 54 Thrones’ products are handcrafted in Africa thus contributing to the uniqueness of the products as compared to other brands. The brand has been featured in top magazines such as Vogue,  Pop Sugar, Essence, Elle, etc. To create opportunities for the women of Africa,  Christina has partnered with women-run cooperatives based in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, and Uganda. In 2021, 54 Thrones was chosen as part of Sephora’s Accelerate company, and its products were also launched in Sephora stores later that year. Apart from Sephora, the products of 54 Thrones can be found on Nordstrom, Goop, and Sweet July.

In 2021, Tegbe entered Shark Tank in episode 1303 (season 13 episode 4) in search of investors for her beauty product company 54 Thrones. She was seeking $250,000 for 10% stakes in her business. Although Nirav and Kevin on the show agreed to enter the deal with Christina, the 54 Thrones Shark Tank deal never closed.

Awards & Achievements

54 Thrones is the winner of the Oprah Magazine O-ward for Best Face Oil 2020. The same year the product was also chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2020.

54 Thrones Shark Tank on Social Media

Personal websitehttps://www.christinategbe.com/
Official websitehttps://54thrones.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of 54 Thrones Shark Tank in 2023?

The net worth of 54 Thrones founder is $3.25 million (approx.)

Who is the founder of the beauty company 54 Thrones?

Christina Funke Tegbe

Why is the company named 54 Thrones?

The name of the brand, 54 Thrones, represents the 54 countries of Africa.

What is the estimated revenue of 54 Thrones?

As of 2021, the company had an estimated revenue of $1.3 million.

Where is the headquarters of 54 Thrones?

Houston, Texas

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