Alex Jones Net Worth 2024- Sandy Hook Shooting Litigation, Bankruptcy, -$1 Billion Net Worth

Alex Jones is a far-right and alt-right radio show host known for his show ‘The Alex Jones Show’ and his website InfoWars. Jones is also a conspiracy theorist and promotes his conspiracy theories and fake news through InfoWars. He also owns and manages other websites namely NewsWars and PrisonPlanet that serve the same purpose. Jones’ theory about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School landed him into legal trouble the past year after claiming it falsely as a hoax. After this, he was ordered to pay almost $1.5bn (£1.2bn) to the families of victims. In response, Jones has filed for personal bankruptcy. Alex Jones net worth 2024 is close to over -$900 million.

Alex Jones Salary & Net Worth 2024

NameAlex Jones
ProfessionRadio host
Known forInfoWars
Net worth-$1 billion (est.)

Alex Jones Personal Biography

Alex Jones was born on February 11, 1974, in Dallas, Texas, to Carol and David Jones. His father was a dentist while his mother was a homemaker. When Jones was in sophomore year, his parents moved to Austin where he went to Anderson High School and briefly attended Austin Community College before dropping out.

Alex married Kelly Jones in 2007 and the couple together has three children. In 2015, they got a divorce and in 2017, Kelly sought sole or joint custody of their children due to Jones’ behavior. Kelly was awarded the right to decide where their children live with Alex maintaining visitation rights. His son, Rex, has even worked for InfoWars. In 2017, Jones married Erika Wulff Jones and together they have one child.

Full nameAlexander Emerick Jones
ProfessionRadio host
ShowsInfoWars The Alex Jones Show
Age49 years
Date of birthFebruary 11, 1974
Marital statusMarried
SpouseErika Wulff (2017 – present) Kelly Jones (2007 – 2015)
No. of children4
Place of birthDallas, Texas, U.S.
ParentsCarol Jones (father) David Jones (mother)

Early Career of Alex Jones

Jones started working on a live, call-in format public-access cable television program and later switched in 1966 to radio, hosting a show named The Final Edition on KJFK (98.9 FM). Influenced by radio host William Cooper, Jones began to broadcast about the New World Order conspiracy theory on KJFK and was fired. After his firing, Jones began to broadcast his own show from his home. In 2001, his radio show was syndicated on approximately 100 stations which increased to 129 stations in 2016. In the words of Jones, he had a daily audience of five million listeners and his video streams had topped 80 million viewers in a month.


InfoWars is a conspiracy theory and fake news website founded in 1999 by Alex Jones. The website operates under Free Speech Systems LLC and regularly published fake stories  linked to the harassment of victims. InfoWars has been banned from many platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube iTunes and Roku for violating their terms of service. For his conspiracy theory on the shooting of 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school, charges were pressed on both Jones and InfoWars. Amidst this lawsuit, Free Speech Systems filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July 2022.

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Alex Jones & Infowars Bankruptcy

For his defamatory falsehoods about the Sandy Hook shooting, the juries in Connecticut and Texas imposed a fine of $1.487 billion on Jones in 2022. the amount is to be paid in damages to a first responder and families of victims. Jones who claimed his net worth is only $2 million is clearly unable to pay for the damages and has declared bankruptcy in November 2022. The parent company of his website InfoWars where he introduced these theories, Free Speech Systems, declared bankruptcy earlier in July itself. Since he lacks the funds to pay his fine, Jones might have to release the rights to his personal assets, including a significant real estate portfolio owned by him.

Contact Details


*Alex Jones has been banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the net worth of Alex Jones in 2024?

Answer: -$1 billion (approx)

Question 2: What is Alex Jones famous for?

Answer: Alex Jones is best known for InfoWars, The Alex Jones Show and his conspiracy theories.

Question 3: What did Alex Jones say about Sandy Hook?

Answer: Alex Jones called the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax and that it was “staged” by the government so they could “go after our guns” and “start a civil war.”

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