Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth 2023 and Biography

Silvio Berlusconi’s net worth is estimated to be almost $ 7.1 billion. This article will not only give you all the details about his net worth but also describe Silvio Berlusconi’s bio and career.

Silvio Berlusconi is one of the most prominent former prime ministers of Italy, a media tycoon and an entrepreneur. Silvio Berlusconi was the most influential and powerful politician in Europe. Now, he is regarded as the wealthiest and most famous politician on the European political scene. Silvio Berlusconi is most popular for Bunga parties . Also, he is the owner of Italian football, A.C Milan. Silvio Berlusconi is the longest-serving post-war prime minister in Italy, who is widely recognized for being a convicted tax evader and frequent criminal defendant.

In addition, Silvio Berlusconi served as prime minister of Italy in 4 governments, and he was also a member of the chamber of deputies. Silvio Berlusconi is the controlling shareholder of Mediaset. He ranked as the 190th wealthiest man worldwide in 2018. In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Silvio Berlusconi and other details.

Silvio Berlusconi Net Worth

The net worth of Silvio Berlusconi in 2023 is estimated to be almost $ 7.1 billion. He made his net worth through his talent and dedication. He is the greatest businessman as well. More so, Silvio Berlusconi has three private jets and seven helicopters. His net worth is rising each year due to his successful career.

Here is the record of Silvio Berlusconi’s net worth from the previous years such as below.

  Net worth in 2023  $ 7.1 billion
  Net worth in 2022  $ 9 billion
  Net worth in 2021  $ 8 billion
  Net worth in 2020  $ 7 billion
  Net worth in 2019  $ 6 billion
  Net worth in 2018  $ 5 billion

Silvio Berlusconi Early Life

Silvio Berlusconi was born on September 29, 1936, in Italy. He grew up in a middle-class family, and he was the 1st of 3 kids. His mother was a housewife, and his father was a bank employee. Silvio Berlusconi completed his study at Salesian college, where he studied law. Then in 1961, Silvio Berlusconi graduated and moved towards his career. He also worked as a singer in nightclubs and on cruise ships. Check Richest Politicians in the world

Silvio Berlusconi Biography

  Real Name  Silvio Berlusconi
  Nickname  Silvio
  Date of Birth and Place  September 29, 1936, Milan, Italy
  Nationality  Italian
  Height  and weight  5’5″ and 70 kg
  Spouse  Veronica Lario (1990-2014), Carla Elvira Lucia (1965-1985)
  Number of kids  5
  Name of children  Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Barbara Berlusconi, Luigi Berlusconi, Eleonora Berlusconi, Marina Berlusconi
  Source of wealth  Member of the European Parliament
  Net worth  $ 7.1 billion

Silvio Berlusconi Career

Silvio Berlusconi began his career in the construction industry in the 1960s. He oversaw the construction of small-scale projects in the city of Milan, and Silvio Berlusconi won the chair of Prime minister. In 1973, Silvio entered the media world by establishing the small cable TV company known as Telemilano. Then he began to accumulate a fortune via Fininvest.  

In 1993, Silvio Berlusconi 1st appeared on the political scene as prime minister, and he has served almost four times as Italy’s prime minister. From 1994 to 2009, Silvio Berlusconi was the leader of the centre-right party Forza Italian. He served nineteen years as a member of the chamber of Deputies in 2013. But in 2013, he was convicted of tax fraud by the court and sentenced to 4 years in prison. 

Silvio Berlusconi Personal Life

In 1965, Silvio Berlusconi was married to Carla Elvira Dall. His wedding was a great social event as he was a successful entrepreneur during his marriage. They have been blessed with two kids named Peter Silvio and Maria Elvira. He had an affair with Veronica Lario, who was an actress. They had blessed with three kids named Luigi, Eleonora and Barbara. They got separated in 1985, and in 1990 they married Lario. He was ordered to pay $ 48 million per year in the divorce settlement.

Final Words

It is clear that Silvio Berlusconi is a famous person who has a net worth of almost $ 7.1 billion. He was from a middle family but earned a lot of money. Silvio is the wealthiest person in today’s world. Silvio Berlusconi has properties in Italy and many other properties. He had a long garage which is full of expensive cars. His net worth and fame are rising every year.


What is the height of Silvio Berlusconi?

He is 1.65 m tall.

How much is the net worth of Silvio Berlusconi nowadays?

Nowadays, Silvio Berlusconi has almost a $ 7.1 billion net worth in 2023.

What is the maximum salary of Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi’s salary is $ 1 billion yearly.

What is the current age of Silvio Berlusconi?

Currently, Silvio Berlusconi is 85 years old.

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