World No Tobacco Day 2024: Theme, Date, History, Meaning, Impact, Messages

It’s World No Tobacco Day 2024 on May 31st, and the goal of the day is to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco usage. As a result of the yearly campaign, individuals will be more aware of how to cut down on their usage while also protecting their own well-being. Many programs, organizations, and events are held on this day to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. Quitting smoking has both instant and long-term health advantages.

Every year, the World Health Organization supports World No Tobacco Day to raise awareness about the dangers of cigarettes use and to urge countries to enact measures to decrease cigarette smoking as well as other tobacco-related behaviors. Tobacco usage destroys over 8 million people annually, according to the World Health Organization. All tobacco smoking decreases lung capacity and worsens existing respiratory conditions.

World No Tobacco Day 2024 Overview

Event World No Tobacco Day 2024
World No Tobacco Day 2024 DateMay 31, 2024
विश्व तंबाकू निषेध दिवस थीम 2024“Protecting children from tobacco industry interference”
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World No Tobacco Day History

The WHO declared 7th April 1988 as “World No Smoking Day” in a resolution approved in 1987. People were encouraged to abstain from smoking for at least 24 hours after the law was enacted as a result of it. World No Tobacco Day was first celebrated on May 31st, 1988, when the organization adopted a new resolution.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco advertisements and promotions attract adolescents. By 2008, the WHO prohibited all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion.

Meaning of Tobacco

Tobacco is a shrub that is cultivated across the globe as field crops. The fact that smoke is a central nervous enhancer that disrupts biochemistry and neurotransmitters function is something you may not have considered.

Its leaves are loaded with nicotine, a highly addictive substance that is bad for you. Leaves of the plant are often consumed by tobacco consumption, cigarettes, and pipes, or by immersing and chewing tobacco, or by breathing it as snuff, or by applying it to the gums.

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Impacts on Health

  • Tobacco smoking may have short or long duration health consequences.
  • Ulceration, dental discoloration, diseases, dental cavities, and tooth loss are some of the short-term health effects of tobacco use.
  • It may also lead to poor breath, oral aches, and even difficulty eating.
  • It may occasionally render the tongue useless, preventing the sufferer from tasting their meal.
  • Tobacco usage produces disorientation, which leads to a general sense of exhaustion.
  • Smokers are at an increased risk of developing serious health issues including cancers, respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease, and strokes because of the long-term effects of tobacco usage.
  • Oral cancer may be caused by chewing tobacco.
  • Leukoplakia, which is white spots within the mouth that may develop into cancer, could be caused by this medication.

 World No Tobacco Day Important Facts

  • Did you know that tobacco is made from the stems of Nicotine shrubs that are still green?
  • Originally from the United States, it was brought to the French court in the 16th century by Jean Nicot and became widely popular across Europe after that.
  • It quickly gained popularity and became a valuable crop for commerce.
  • Certain medical studies conducted in the 1900s revealed that smoking raises the risk of developing health issues such as heart disease, dementia, cancer, and other ailments.
  • Various forms of tobacco are consumed, including tobacco, cigarettes, bidis, slobber snuff, powder, gutkha, and so on.
World No Tobacco Day

 World No Tobacco Day 2024 Messages

  • If you laugh now instead of puffing on a cigarette, you’ll substitute tomorrow’s sickness with health and pleasure. Stop using cigarettes before it takes your life! We must increase metabolism all day, not just while we smoke!
  • Tobacco usage is a leading cause of cancer and a condition that almost always results in death.
  • It’s necessary to teach adults and kids alike about the dangers of tobacco use since it causes more deaths than every addiction.
  • Tobacco just causes illness, which leads to death and sorrow for the person who used to smoke it. Quit smoking to save your health and the health of your family.
  • Commit no to cigarettes and nicotine if you care about your family. Eliminate tobacco out of your plan to help No Tobacco Day more significant. Tasting An Ashtray Is Like Embracing A Smoker. Once you stop smoking, you’ll have a healthier heart and a brighter grin.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is World No Tobacco Day 2024?

It will be observed on May 31, 2024.

When was world no tobacco day created?

The day was created in 1987.

Why is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated for raising awareness about the worst affect of tobacco usage.

What is world no tobacco day 2024 theme?

“Protecting children from tobacco industry interference”

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