Vishu 2023: Date, When & How To Celebrate It?

Vishu 2023: Vishu is a festival that marks the beginning of new year in the state of Kerala, Tulu Nadu region in Karnataka, Mahe district of Pondicherry and neighboring areas of Tamil Nadu. According to the English calendar, this day falls in the second week of April.

To celebrate this auspicious day, people create Vishukkani and watch it the first thing when they wake up. Fireworks, crackers, gifts and great food are other specialties of this day which makes it even more popular among little children. Let us know more about this festival and how it is celebrated.

Vishu 2023 Overview

Festival Vishu festival
Also Known as Malayali New Year
Category Harvest Festival
Date15th of April
Day Saturday

Vishu 2023 Date

Every year, Vishu falls in the middle of April in the Gregorian calendar usually on 14th or 15th of the month.

In the year 2023, the Vishu will be celebrated on 15th of April (Saturday).

Significance of Vishu Festival

According to Malayalam Calendar, Vishu is the first day of the new year coming ahead. This is a day of new hopes and there is an excitement among all, young and old, about this day. People create Vishukkani, offer prayers to Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Krishna and ask for peace, prosperity, health and well-being of their family and others.

It is also said that on this day that Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura.

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Vishu Celebration

Following are the rituals performed on the day of Vishu that marks the celebration of this auspicious day:

  1. Setting up a traditional Vishukkani

The day of Vishu begins with watching the Vishukkani which is generally prepared by the female members of the family. Vishukkani is made by placing items like rice, coconut, mango, banana, flowers, betel leaves, sacred books, gold coins, nine different seeds, konna flower, etc in a plate. Traditional oil lamps with 10 wicks are also lit in every house. After watching the Vishukkani, people move ahead with offering prayers at their homes and temples.

  1. Pooja at Home & Temple

People perform pooja in their homes and also visit temples of Lord Vishnu where special prayers are held on the occasion of this festivals. At home also, people perform many prayers and rituals and ask the Lord to fill their lives with happiness and prosperity. Temples like Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple, Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple and Kulathupuzha Sree BaalaShastha Temple have a ‘Vishukkani Kazhcha’ (viewing) in the early hours of the day which attracts a large number of devotees. At temple, people also feed the poor and needy so that no one sleeps on a hungry stomach on this auspicious day.

  1. Feasting on Delicious Food

Many kinds of food items are prepared and eaten by people to celebrate this day. Among all others, a dish named Sadhya related to this day is particularly famous A typical Sadhya can have about 24–28 dishes served as a single course in which the main dish is plain boiled rice, served along with other dishes collectively called Kootan. This may include dishes like, sambar, rasam, kichadi, koottukari, mango pickle, lime pickle, plantain chips, banana, plain curd, buttermilk, etc.

  1. Lighting Crackers and Exchanging Gifts

The main attraction of the Vishu festival is the ritual of lighting crackers in the night. People dree up in the best of their clothes and exchange gifts with each other. Elders give their blessing to their younger ones. Then they all gather up where children light up some crackers in the sky before they happily go back their homes, feed themselves the delicious food, thank God for His blessings and then go to sleep.

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Some Interesting Facts about Vishu Festival

Check out some interesting facts that you may not know about Vishu 2023 given below:

  • It is believed that the Vishu festival have been celebrated since 844 AD, i.e., from the reign of Sthanu Ravi, making it one of the oldest festivals.
  • There is a tradition of buying of new clothes for this occasion, called as Vishukodi. Also, elders give money to younger ones of the family, called as Vishukkaineetam.
  • This festival is celebrated in the other parts of the country as well, but is referred to by different names.
  • Vishu is also the first day of the month of Metam (Aries) in the Malayalam calendar.
  • Some important practices to the Vishu festival include Vishukkani (an auspicios setting), Vishu Sadhya (a special dish), Vishu Padakkam (fire crackers) and Vishukonna (the flower of the Vishu festival, commonly known as golden shower).
  • Lord Krishna who is worshipped on the occasion of Vishu is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


Vishu, also known as Malayali New Year, is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala, Tulu Nadu region of Karnataka, and Mahe district.

The festival marks the beginning of Medam- the first month of the Malayalam Calendar.

Waring new clothes and eating ‘Sandhya’ is quite common on this day.

Vishu is also recognized and celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs as Vaisakhi in north and central India, Puthandu by Tamil people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vishu date 2023?

Vishu falls on 15th of April.

What does Vishu mean?

Vishu means Equal.

In which states Vishu is celebrated?

It is a popular Hindu festival celebrated majorly in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry.

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