Top 15 Schools in Assam 2024: Some of the Best Educational Institutes in the State of Assam

There are numerous good schools found in the state of Assam, especially in Guwahati, the biggest city of the state. Parents who wish for a brighter future for their children can enroll them in any of the top schools in Assam. Given that the number of schools in the state can go over thousands, the process of finding the right school can be a bit overwhelming. To help parents with this, a list of the top schools in Assam in 2024 has been provided in this article.

15 Best Schools in Assam 2024

The table below presents a list of the best schools in Assam along with their location, year of establishment and board of affiliation.

School nameLocationYear of establishmentBoard
NPS International SchoolGuwahati2005CBSE
St. Francis De Sales Higher SecondaryGuwahati1998CBSE
Don Bosco SchoolGuwahati1948CBSE
South Point SchoolGuwahati1960CBSE
Delhi Public SchoolGuwahati2003CBSE
Faculty Higher Secondary SchoolGuwahati1982CBSE
The Assam Valley SchoolTezpur1995ICSE
Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary SchoolGuwahati1993CBSE
Spring Dale International SchoolGuwahati2006CBSE
Royal Global SchoolGuwahati2012CBSE
Gyan Educational InstitutionGuwahati2002CBSE
Sarala Birla Gyan JyotiGuwahati2004CBSE
Delhi Public SchoolNumaligarh1997CBSE
International SchoolGuwahati2014CBSE
Army Public SchoolTezpur1994CBSE

Assam’s 15 Best Schools 2024

Find below some more interesting details about the 15 best schools in Assam in 2024.

1. NPS International School, Guwahati

Located in the midst of serene surroundings and spread over an area of 15 acres, NPS International School is one of the best schools in Assam. Equipped with outstanding modern facilities, the school prides itself on providing an all-round education in a secure and stimulating environment. Students at the school are taught in a personalized learning environment with focus being given to the needs of every child individually.

2. St. Francis De Sales Higher Secondary, Guwahati

St. Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School aims to bestow high-quality education and moral values among its students. An exceptional educational environment along with space and opportunities for young minds to inculcate critical thinking, crucial learning, and value-driven life skills is provided here at the school.

3. Don Bosco School, Guwahati

Don Bosco School Guwahati imparts holistic, life-long learning which empowers the children to be the architect of their own life. It is a student-centered organization that aims at fostering the holistic growth of its pupils by developing their physical, intellectual, and emotional potential. Established as an all-boys school, the school was changed to a co-educational school in 2009.

4. South Point School, Guwahati

The main aim of the South Point School is to train students to be honest, cooperative, and disciplined. With an infrastructure that supports excellence in all areas, the school provides a wide array of facilities in academics, sports, information technology, and visual & performing arts. The school is spread on a sprawling campus of 3 acres in southern Guwahati.

5. Delhi Public School, Guwahati

The Delhi Public School Guwahati aims to impart value-oriented quality education with an emphasis on developing children as good human beings who have well-rounded personalities and a global outlook. The development of a student is focused across the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and aesthetic levels at DPS Guwahati.

6. Faculty Higher Secondary School, Guwahati

Faculty Higher Secondary School was established in 1982 with the goal to nurture an engaging environment through a progressive curriculum and joyful learning environment. The school aims at maintaining high standards in terms of scholastic and co-scholastic achievements. Faculty Higher Secondary is ranked sixth in the list of top schools in Assam in 2024.

7. The Assam Valley School, Tezpur

The Assam Valley School prides itself on being an educational institution that motivates students to become the best version of themselves. The school also promotes education beyond classrooms and offers multiple co-curricular activities for students to select from. Assam Valley School is primarily focused on bringing out the greatness in every child by providing holistic education.

8. Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School, Guwahati

Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School helps its students attain their fullest academic potential by imparting holistic education to them. The infrastructural design and wide range of facilities offered by the school address the physical, cultural, and academic needs of the students. To nurture the multiple capabilities of students, the school emphasizes individualistic attention to every student.

9. Spring Dale International School, Guwahati

Spring Dale International School (SDIS) is a well-established, reputed, co-educational, international school affiliated with CBSE. The main objective of the school is to provide holistic education to the youth and to mold them into responsible citizens of our country. Special importance to activities that enhance the qualities of academic learning is provided at the school.

10. Royal Global School, Guwahati

Royal Global School is one of the finest educational institutes in Assam which offers a serene learning environment. Modern architecture blends with traditional values at the school which makes learning more meaningful. To impart knowledge through a sound academic framework in a conducive environment is the mission of the school.

11. Gyan Educational Institution, Guwahati

Quality education along with proper weightage to all developmental criteria is provided at the Gyan Educational Institution, Guwahati. Established in the year 2002, the school aims at the mental, physical, scientific, spiritual, and moral growth of the children. Advanced infrastructure with modern facilities and well-educated teachers are employed at the school.

12. Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati

Established in 2004, Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti School (SBGJ) aims at offering holistic educational opportunities to its students. For this, the school relies on a team of teachers who are dedicated, have rich experience, and are trained to handle modern-day educational requirements. The school is one of the premier institutes in the city and one of the top schools in Northeast India.

13. Delhi Public School, Numaligarh

The Delhi Public School, Numaligarh is focused on providing quality education to students from Nursery to Class XII. Apart from academics, the school pays special attention to the latent talents of its students for their all-round development. Students at the school are provided the option to choose from a wide range of extra co-curricular activities.

14. International School, Guwahati

A well-rounded education that includes not only academic subjects but also extracurricular activities is provided at the International School, Guwahati. The school provides a balanced education that helps students develop into well-rounded individuals who are equipped to face the challenges of the real world. Established in the year 2014, the school is affiliated to CBSE.

15. Army Public School, Tezpur

The mission of Army Public School is to develop young minds with a creative sense of understanding and compassion for others. Life skills are also developed in the students so that they not only excel in the scholastic and co-scholastic domains but develop their moral, social, and emotional insight as well. The list of 15 best schools in Assam in 2024 concludes with Army Public School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best school in Assam in 2024?

NPS International School

Which is the best ICSE school in Assam?

The Assam Valley School

Is there any age limit to apply for the best schools in Assam?

Details of eligibility criteria can be found on specific websites of schools.

Important details related to the 15 best schools in Assam are provided in this article. Total care has been taken to provide correct details about these schools to the parents. However, in case there remains any kind of error in this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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